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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by nkwow04, Mar 16, 2015.

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  1. nkwow04

    nkwow04 Forum Greenhorn

    I am new to the game at level 26 currently with my steam mech. I am on the Tegan server and one would like to find an English speaking guild which I have yet to do. Also I have finally got to a place in the game where I am having trouble surviving, and that is fine I do enjoy a challenge but I want to make sure I am doing things correctly. Is it normal for someone at level 26 to still be wearing several level 15 blue items? It is not that I haven't found higher level items but the stats are still better on the level 15 gear. This just seems off to me. Should I stop and farm some better gear and if so can someone tell me where I should be farming. Thanks for the help, name is Pslamz on Tegan
  2. Lioness

    Lioness Forum Apprentice

    If you would like an english speaking guild my first suggestion would be to go to guild search here on the forum and leave a message there. As far as your gear if you are finding that the magic items you are currently wearing have good stats you can always level them up a bit using glyphs. Loxley caverns is a great place to farm at your level especially since Aracna drops a nice unique for all classes! Good luck and happy farming!:)
  3. BigPapa

    BigPapa Forum Overlooker

    Welcome Pslamz. The test to see if you need to upgrade gear and/or farm better gear is the one you are running into, can I kill and survive the next level dungeon? If no, then it's time to farm a bit for GOP to upgrade or find new items. Lower level gear can indeed have stats that surpass higher level items although the higher level items have better chances of being good. Over time you will find items as you level that will replace the things you have. When you get stuck and start to die a lot, its time to find better gear. You will repeat that process till level cap at which time the endless pursuit of better gear will be the never ending challenge. Gems can also give your gear a boost especially in the damage and speed department. Good luck and feel free to look me up on Tegan if you need an assist.
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  4. cdeepal

    cdeepal Forum Baron

    Another important thing is what stats are better.
    When I started on the game it was quite confusing for me to decide which stat was better.
    Should I get some more armor, hit points, resists? damage?

    What I have learned during the past few months is that, it is better to get damage, crit gear (rings, amulet, etc.) on your left side as much as possible.

    On your right side give a higher priority to armor, then to health and finally to resists.
  5. nkwow04

    nkwow04 Forum Greenhorn

    Thank you all for the info. I am struggling along trying to find better gear. I made it to 28 and actually have found 2 legendary lvl 25 pieces so far. My next question would be do I continue to try and do quests in the lvl 27-29 areas where I die quite often or should I stay in prison of souls/liar's lair and try to get at least all lvl 25 purple or better gear. And if I do stay there is there any advantage to farming the boss kyahls for gear or do the normal mobs in the prior two zones have just as good of a chance to drop good items?
  6. BigPapa

    BigPapa Forum Overlooker

    Better gear will always be an advantage to help you survive, but being in a tough dungeon and dying a bit may force you to improve your skill to survive. If you are dying too much the advice is as stated in my previous post. When you are at the mid levels another options will be to simply level your toon. Another level will give you more HP and improve your crit chance against lower level mobs and generally make you harder to kill against the same mobs. That was always my tactic; level and grind, pick up gear along the way and keep going. Never needed to worry about finding a specific gear upgrade, just keep leveling and doing the dungeons you can handle. If you don't have any quests there then fight it out till you level and try the next one.
    Study your appropriate class threads in this forum. There will be great advise there and probably pics of peoples stats end game. I say this because there is not one particularly correct answer, it will change based on what gear you have and how you want to play. This is where the leg work to study a bit comes in helpful.
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