A doubt about necklace+weapon ornament

Discussion in 'Spellweavers' started by Nethielle, Nov 21, 2021.

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  1. Nethielle

    Nethielle Advanced

    Hi everybody :)

    So far mages has 2 builds: ice and lighting.

    Now I use Kinghill Necklace (crafted for full hit points and ametists) and Sigrismaar's Eternal Grasp (full crafted with onyxs and critical hits)

    I dropped the Ancient Battle Adornement (lingering memories weapon ornament) and I think it's very good, with a unique +24% crit hit spell and +16 on damage wisdom talent.

    I would like to use it and Kinghill Necklace, in order to get a general "way-to-play" that fits very settings, but at the same time I know that for ice build Q9 necklace+ Q8 weapon ornament is the best (but using them isn't the best choice for lighting build)

    So, a couple of questions:
    1) which is your ideas about my doubt?
    2) using uniques that add an extra +XX% spell is a good idea and the right way on a long-term playing, with the biggest gems in the game so far? (please note that now I don't have such big gems...)
    3) any ideas others than that?

    Thanks! :* :)

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