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Dear forum reader,

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  1. sairacas

    sairacas Forum Greenhorn

    Hello readers, it's been a long time since i have been here. I have been gone for probably 2 or 3 years. I decided to logg in and play DSO for a bit since i was very bored with my life recently and i actually got into playing it! :D

    I was a bit saddened to see my friend's list wich used to be filled with green bulbs gone entirely dead. The same happened to my guild wich used to have 45+ active players in it.

    So i had a bit of fun playing DSO the past 3 days. Often i was thinking to myself "what a EDIT game" and then i closed it, but for some reason i started opening my pc and logging in just to stare at my character in the city.
    I might start ranting in the game chat about how the game got ruined and how the dev's tricked and played us all. The game not having any depth, challenge, variation or skill to it.

    But whatever, that is just an opinion.
    I actually liked grinding Brigavik for some blood chests, i spent about 15 hours and i got the whole lingering memories set with good stats.

    I got wild and spent 55 euro's trying to gamble for jewels in the summer solstice event, specificaly the ingredient hunter jewel it was that i wanted to get my hands sweaty hands on.
    Sadly i did not capture it.

    So now i am here, i bought 2k passes to khalys to do the fast farm thing in q5 for multitools since i still want that ingredient hunter jewel.
    As anyone could've guessed, i am bored out of my mind and that's why im writing this message on the forum right now.

    The whole reason i got excited for the game was because i wanted to get the new OP dragan set that is certainly necessary to build a good warrior. i believe rangers and dwarve's don't really need it and mages might use it.
    For a warrior it is definitely needed to get top tier damage tho, that i can say for certain.

    I get Scared by looking at the grind that is required to get the black knight set, A bit maddened even thinking about how i used to have q7 set wich i grinded my EDIT off for.
    It got taken away and then put out of my reach somewhere i can't get it.

    If you came this far reading, congratz, you wasted 5 minutes of your life, let me carry on.

    I'd want to share opinion's about how to improve the game, but i think it has already gone into a coma, only the hardcore players who feel like they have too much invested still hanging on. or the players who kill some monsters for 30 minutes to relax and then logging off after having numbed their minds.

    It feels like there is a stream of new players getting in the game though, and i wonder where it is coming from.
    They will soon be disappointed just like all of the old players were, having their hard farmed items ripped off of them, their brilliant trapezoid gems crushed into shiny uselessness, and their runes made unnecessary.

    I used to be furious at the developer's of this game.
    Now i see that it is just like the cycle of life, things live and they die.
    Bigpoint milks and keeps milking, the playerbase that is.
    until there is nothing left but a dried up sad cow with gray skin.
    People playing this game have too much goodwill and are too naïve is what i'd say.

    I'm not sure how to end this message, so i will leave it at this.

    P.s. i hope i don't ruin the game for anyone, if you still enjoy it keep playing it definitely, just know what is coming for you.
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  2. Cheliro

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    I'm an old returning player myself. Same reason, was bored a bit lately. So re-rolled new characters because others were long since deleted.

    I've read the forum, aware of the opinions and the situations about losing gear and gems, etc, lack of development and the other issues, etc etc. There were always complaints back in the day about one thing or another. Never made sense to me, it's a free game after all. Beggars can't be choosers.

    Having to restart the grind when a new expansion comes out, isn't that more common than not? A certain very large and massive MMORPG that shall not be named, the same thing occurred back in its day and maybe was worse.

    Spend an hour waiting to gather with guildies and a few pick-up players to fill out the raid, for a giant intense session that could last maybe four hours or so with hardly any breaks, for a small chance to possibly get the missing elite gear piece to drop from the end-boss, fingers crossed that it is the correct character class, then maybe have it given to you by the raid leader if it was your turn to get new gear and it doesn't go to the other healer or tank or range or whatever--- in the next game expansion that elite gear or set would only last a few levels or so, then POOF! All that previous effort wasted. Useless. Pointless. Rinse, wash , repeat.

    Anyways, this free game still has some fun play left in it for a casual player like me. Mainly wanted to see some new stuff since I was last active. Bunnies' info and videos have helped. So, thanks Bunnie! (My apologies, I mean VelveteenDuck. You know who you are!)


    TLDR: The game is ok, but I won't spend money here anymore. Only a little bit of time...
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  3. silverseas

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    Hello. :p
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  4. sairacas

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    So, after a hard day of work in the real life and accomplishing all my tasks for the day I decided I had some time left and logged in to DSO.
    The only way to really improve my character atm (doing q5 runs for infernal passes and multitools) seemed way too daunting and boring to me so I went to solo run a couple of q’s and came up with a great idea.
    Why don’t the drops from the end chest in PW maps get scaled with the length of the quest? So players can have at least a little bit more freedom and variety in what to farm opposed to just running q5 over and over.

    there are so many great maps and locations in this game, it’s just that the whole approach the developers have to let players get their resources is wrong, why should we need to farm the same map a trillion times to get the best results? Just increase the variety of maps that players can play for good results and you will improve the game with so much!

    thx for reading
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