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Dear forum reader,

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    Hello fellow Drakensangers,

    It has been a while. I'm sorry we couldn't get back to you earlier, but we have been working hard on new features in the past couple of weeks. I hope that we can reveal our plans for the future of Drakensang soon.
    But, before we go into more details, let me thank you for your support, help and criticism.
    When we launched the PVP Rework earlier this year, we got a lot of feedback from you guys and gals and took it to heart, eventually reworking PVP over the span of 3 to 4 releases. Overall the PVP Rework was a great success, practically doubling the number of daily PVP participants. We hope that you still enjoy playing PVP and want you to know that we will continue improving it. PVP still has its share of problems and we're aware of that.
    We also launched our very first 10.000€ Grand Prize event, which, to be honest, we weren't very happy with. The system we designed was too fragile, had too many hurdles and was too confusing in general. This means: we are getting rid of it. The ranked teams will be deactivated in the near future.
    Nevertheless, congratulations to the Grand Prize winners! I hope the money has reached you by now ;)
    Although we will lose the ranked teams, Grand Prize Events are here to stay. We have completely redesigned the event and will relaunch it soon. This time it's an all inclusive event, giving PVE and PVP players a chance to win real money and in-game prizes. We will disclose more information about the event very soon.
    We have also worked on a fix depending our in-game economy. We are currently testing a new system that will allow us to estimate the worth of items more precisely. That means that in the future, selling prices as well as repair costs will be dependent on the item's rarity as well as the item's identification status (is it identified or not?).
    Last but not least: Premium Accounts are currently being finalized and should be available very shortly. Premium Accounts will grant you access to a whole bunch of convenience features that will make your life in Drakensang Online even more pleasant.
    Premium Account features you can expect:
    - More inventory space for Premium Accounts
    - Free identifications for all green (uncommon) and blue (magic) items
    - Free 40 Andermant resurrections
    - Auto pick-up for all currencies (Andermant, Gold, Ancient Wisdom, etc.)
    - Free travels
    - Free Daily Achievement re-shuffle
    - etc.

    Thank you for your support. We will see you in Drakensang Online.
    Drakensang Online Game Design
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