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    So guys,this is already more than hundreds of times that we have Sargon event. Event where we farm "Marks" as entries for the most important Boss in the game "Mortis". This event comes every often so players need to play it a lot. Every time this event comes people have only one thing in their heads "Again this motherf.... laggy sh... event"!!!! Theres no single player in this game with atleast more than 200+hrs that has another reaction on this event. So every single time when event comes, event maps are not fixed, Im like; Is it possible?
    I dont know do you have anybody who is testplayer, who writes down all the bugs that are destroying game slowly, do you have anybody like that??? If you dont have Ill accept your offer as test player like right now. Im spending anyways a lot of hours playing this game because I love it for some reason, but you guys are destroying that feeling for everyone with ignoring all of the bugs or you just dont give a duck. Now after so many times of doing the same cycle(reasling bugged and lagged map as event for xxx times, not fixing single line of code) I decided to write here and ask you guys for real whats going on in your heads?? IS IT REALLY THAT HARD TO FIX THAT TWO MAPS(LOADING TIME, LOADING MAP ERROR, PACKET LOSS AND TERRIBLE LAG WHEN MAP IS LOADED). Please guys wake up, its a good game, it could be bigger than Diablo 3 atleast 10 times, only if you focus on making really good game, playable and enjoyable.

    I have read somewhere on forum that you are struggling with outdated engine. Why you dont start a game with another engine from begining with all the same mechanics but better graphics(not browser based, even though you say its not any more, but it still is :).), fully optimized game that can run smoothly on 144fps with 144hz screens(I have high-end PC and it struggels sometimes with DSO to keep up 60fps, LOL). You can easly split your devs team in two, one half to prepare all accounts to be switched to another engine game, another half to start with game making. And you just keep up with events as you did untill now. Make enjoyable game thats the point! At the moment for I dont know which time Dragon event is again unplayable! Cmon guys its really not that hard.
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