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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by akatsukijay, Jan 5, 2014.

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  1. akatsukijay

    akatsukijay Forum Greenhorn

    Since we are a new guild there are no requirements to join as of right now. However, it is strongly recommended that you are able to speak the english language. Addition to the fact we are a new guild, we are need of player ranks. Join us to see if you're worthy. If you are interested in joining please send AkatsukiJay, AkatsukiRay, or ThorinBloodBeard a message ingame. If we are not online, reply to this thread and we will send you an invite when we online again.
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  2. Killmymen

    Killmymen Forum Greenhorn

    Hey I have a spellweaver level 22 spellweaver and I'd like to join. His name is 5fivewishes
  3. Reven81

    Reven81 Forum Greenhorn

    Hello I have a lvl 35 Ranger, named Revanious
    and need a English speaking guild. would appreciate a invite Thank you
  4. DarthShogun

    DarthShogun Forum Apprentice

    Are you in Heredur?? I was in a ''top'' guild but left...just didn't feel right...judging from the name Akatsuki - im guessing it would appeal to Otaku?? also since it's relatively new, i'd like to join. start with a guild from the ground up ;) name's Yashiin - look forward to hearing from you guys.
  5. PsychoticBreaks

    PsychoticBreaks Forum Greenhorn

    Hello I would like to join your guild :) in-game name is "GodlyPsycho". I added but none of you were online.
  6. DrunkenMenace

    DrunkenMenace Forum Greenhorn

    LVl 10 spellweaver ..names "Deadlymenace" .. LF english speaking guild.. thanx
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