"All connection attempts have failed"

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by avidgolfer_gp, Mar 29, 2015.

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  2. Tsetse

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    This is happening on test server too so I guess it is not a problem with the current release. Perhaps some system work has been going on with the servers, like a patch/upgrade to the network operating system?
  3. Elektro88

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    I imagine that it is a problem with the current release, but the bug did not spread as hard or manifest like this prior the release of the current version in the test servers, because they have not patched it very recently and it does not contain a fix for this (correction; test server seems to have been patched today) but still does not seem to contain the fix. I also haven't been able to access the test servers during this time. If u read my post about what I have done to try and get the game running after getting this on my computer u might understand.
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  4. Problems 30th of March

    On server Heredur the character selection service was not down but loaded in a continuous loop.
    In other words, the character selection service was hanging. Players who were already in the game
    did not experience this problem. However, players that had just logged in or wanted to switch
    characters were partially unable to do so since the character selection service was hanging.
    Usually the character selection service would restart automatically if the service
    was interrupted and down. However, since it was in a continuous loop it was not actually
    down and thus did not restart.

    Status update:
    The issue is not currently present but the developers
    are looking into the cause – as the cause for the continuous loop is yet unknown.

    CM Greg and the DSO Moderators
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