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Discussion in 'Discussions on Current Topics' started by HellenicMacedonian, Aug 3, 2018.

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  1. HellenicMacedonian

    HellenicMacedonian Active Author

    This "all for one" is an event?

    What kind of event is it?

    I spent 600 ess (fatal) to open the box and the 100 of them I had to buy them.

    Just to try it out!

    It is the worst "event" I've ever seen in my life...

    ....Is for garbage.

    "Congratulations" to the designer but also to the one who has allowed this "monstrosity" to surface.
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  2. ghostmagicus

    ghostmagicus Forum Pro

    In my opinion cannot be named an event, just an attempt to make some rich kids to spend useless their money buying ess. . They are just proving how much desperate or incompetence they are.
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  3. nvmind

    nvmind Forum Inhabitant

    I spent 550 ess for one chest. It was my first and last.
  4. Shansurri

    Shansurri Active Author

    Yep. Just found that out. Add to that drops of 3 essence (an insult) and the daily chest only given to one toon per day.

    Fastest event I've ever abandoned. XD
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  5. BigHink

    BigHink Forum Inhabitant

    Thanks to all of these rich kids or we would not have a game. This is an easy "event" to just skip if not want to play it.
  6. thouvou000

    thouvou000 Forum Expert

    Oh yea nice reply there, pretty reasonable and mature. So because there are rich kids they have to waste their money on crap events and not on useful stuff right? There are rich kids that dont pay for things like this event you know. Also, please refrain from saying " skip this or skip that if you dont like it". Skipping an event should not even be an option under normal circumstances. Events are supposed to be at least decent, especially the new ones that the players want them to be good as they are really dissapointed with the current state of the game and they are asking for something good and they bring this?

    I think Bigpoint doesnt care about hiring the right people to the right posts or so it seems because, what most players have been seeing ever since greg and haruki left is incompetent people that all they do is the right things to lead this game to its doom. You should ask yourselves there in Bigpoint: you really pay these people to bring an event like this?Basically what happened is that you wasted your money to pay staff that has no idea how not to waste precious time and im not referring only to this event. We have been waiting all this time patiently for improvements and what we get? All we see one after another is bad updates that offer little to nothing to the players, especially the newer ones that are in so much need of good stuff. And not only these updates are bad but "guys" that are working on the game are soooooooo SLOW that this only is enough to make the players frustrated. Waiting for something good is not bad, on the contrary its good. But having the players waiting and hoping for good stuff and instead get 80% bad stuff, sorry guys but this is not how it should work. Sorry fellas but whatever you are doing over there in BP and in Dso is not good.
    Im sorry if some of what i said is too harsh for you, if this post is not deleted of course, but im afraid its the truth and you should take it in already, in hope of maybe bringing something good to this game at last.

    P.S: Btw, i can create an event like this all alone from scratch in 1 day and make it even better than it is. Thats how bad this events is
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  7. Novadude

    Novadude Commander of the Forum

    costed me about 110 ess to open the chest on my mech. not really worth it but there are ways to conserve your ess or even do it with no ess, with the tradeoff being time.

    on my mech I just lined up two machine guns (I have about 17.4k-21.5k damage, with 60% crit and x3.10 crit damage (+210%)) and then switched to blue ess to deal with the spawns. So I could conceivably get 12 or 13 so opens with my mech on painful.

    However, I can see a dk burning right through the ess supply rather easily.
  8. HellenicMacedonian

    HellenicMacedonian Active Author

    There are better ways for someone to spend his/her money.

    This event has nothing to offer.

    Even someone who "puts" money in the game has no incentive to do it in this event.

    I made a random team with all the classes, just to check the event.

    Me and another member of the team we spent about 600 ess οn the Fatal.

    We decided to go to the painful and it was the turn of a guy who obviously was a new player.

    This brave new player spent 1600 ess.

    Αll together we decided that this event is not for us.

    End players and new players have come to the same conclusion.

    Literally, this event is for garbage.
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  9. ΣMiwel

    ΣMiwel Forum Ambassador

    Ranger and SW wouldn't have that easy time too... but that doesn't really matter.

    Let's look at it once more.
    You have to spend a lot of really limited resource to open a chest...
    ...then you have a chance (quite a small one) to get a part of the rune from it...
    ...then you need luck to get four different rune fragments...
    ...then you get a random rune out of three possibilities...
    ...then, to use the rune, you will (unless you are a player so new that you don't have them) have to take out the resistance runes from your belt...
    ...then for one class all the runes are completly useless, for another only one could be of any use, for another two, and for the last all the three...
    ...while that last class 1. needs res the most 2. has to waste the most of the resource to open the chest.

    So all added together:
    • lots of effort
    • randomness cubed and stacked beyond the reason
    • you have to trade a valuable state to utilize the rewards
    • utterly useless rewards - for everyone
    Now, why to even create such a thing?

    If the essence had a much better drop rate, the runes could go to any defensive item and the chest dropped (at least had a chance of dropping) spirit stones, this could be an event worth taking a look at. As it is, it's the worst event ever created by BP (that's quite an achievement I think). Especially for mages, who have two utterly useless group effects and one that can only be used to support others - while DK and dwarf have all 3 working on themselves (and ranger has 2).
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  10. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Believe it or not I have found a useful purpose of this "event".
    You don't need special essences or anything ... you just stay there in fatal and wait until the room gets overcrowded with mobs. Then the party can begin ... FREE FAST XP and leveling up. You don't need to change a map ... the monsters are spawning continuously just don't kill the portals.
    Other than that ... it is most useless event ever made in history of gaming.
    I thought Dunes of Desolation is the peak of stupidity.
    Yeeeehaaaa! I was wrong :D
  11. nvmind

    nvmind Forum Inhabitant

    I'm missing something here. How to do it with no ess ? How even to conserve essence ?
  12. silverseas

    silverseas Count Count

    I'm a strong proponent of the "sandwich" method of feedback. Unfortunately, the bread in this particular "sandwich" is almost nonexistent. So here goes...

    I liked that they colour coded the skull on the map so you can know immediately which class is needed to break the seal on the chest.

    As for the rest of the so-called event, it's garbage. The runes for SW are particularly trashy. I pull off some unusual moves in my playstyle and get pretty creative what I want to do; but even so, I can't find a practical use for the 3 middle SW group talents. Since I've maxed out the left and right side, I just ignore putting points in the middle - what's the point? Frost Nova is conditionally useful, based on the number of bodies around me. Guardian is more useful alive as a source of extra dps or blocking attacks than it is dead, which is what the effect requires.:rolleyes: Destruction has been rendered useless except in a few very select situations, and the only team member likely to hit is the DK, who least needs the effect. (Oh, and to add insult to injury, Destruction cannot hit the caster, so you will never benefit from the group effect anyways.) So... let's give some runes to the 3 trash skills, because adding a bit of sparkle to it will make it all good, right?

    Actually, r211 was pretty much boring. I just played the same way as I was playing before, except less, because I am bored.

    And, ah yes... I was supposed to finish off the sandwich with something positive. Ok, well, thanks for a little bit of free blue ess! It really makes a difference when I have 300,000++ to add another 500 to the collection! :)
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  13. lovebee12

    lovebee12 Forum Greenhorn

    This has got to be the dumbest event I have seen in 4 years. I'm convinced whoever creates this content has never played this game. After about 20 chests ranger chests i opened, i noticed that ranger chests were all giving the same rune. So this cannot even be completed if you do not have someone from every class in your party? Not to mention, the chest seems to scale hp with the party. So ideally you would want to have 1 person of every class? Yet only one person can do damage per map to a chest, wasting a ridiculous amount of essence that has to be purchased. Yes, PURCHASED, because who is going to farm 5 hours for 100 ess that will be used in half a painful mode boss. ALL IN A TIME SPAN OF 2.5 DAYS. Okay, i can get over the cost of essence only if i could actually complete this event myself. But you have to rely on finding other players that meet certain requirements. In a dead server where it is hard to find a steam mech, SW, or 2h DK with ess, that can solo a painful boss. Believe it or not, it is not that easy to find.
  14. ThukMohl

    ThukMohl Forum Apprentice

    Oh this event, "ALL FOR ONE". DSO really did a good job here. I think they spend a lot of time and effort coming up with this idea. As what the name of the event states, it calls for unity. Well all players are united now. Great job! Keep it up!

    Continue giving event like this in the future.
  15. Sunlight

    Sunlight User

    Dear Heroes of Dracania,

    We're excited to receive your feedback about All for One Event.​

    If you are unsure what sort of feedback is being asked for, please read this thread.
    Any off-topic posts/pointless rants will be deleted.
    Best regards,
    Your Drakensang Online Team
  16. rynkmarz

    rynkmarz Forum Greenhorn

    Id like to give feedback but its impossible to play this event on Balor server. Its very little players there for group events and with this kind of event (you need every class player in group for open chests) its totally impossible to do. Please think of this kind of problems next time before.
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  17. ThukMohl

    ThukMohl Forum Apprentice

    DSO is in desperate need to up their cash inflows downward trend. Well of course you need it, this is business after all.

    Hmmm k, lets pretend that there are players around that you can fool and this is the best way you can think of...

    How many andermants we could spend to craft 5 supreme runes? How much is that in terms of real money???

    Andermants is farmable. Then how much time a f2p player need to spend/waste to come up with that runes??? A lifetime????

    (Right now I couldn't stop my head shaking)

    The chest is locked by class specific seal and its random. So if we will do like 10 runs. Do all class spend same amount of essences?

    That event essence is dropping from 3 to 10 for the entire map cleaning. Should i say thank you for the generosity???

    BP/DSO how much budget you allocate in making this event? coz you don't mind lossing. How the hell on earth your management approved this. Pre-R209 you promised of a fun gaming experience. So this is it. There's more to come right?

    gg Drakensang
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  18. ghostmagicus

    ghostmagicus Forum Pro

    Nice words ThukMohl. This event is a calamity, is a shame for who developed such crap like this.
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  19. ScristineL

    ScristineL Active Author

    I am disappointed with this event. Bigpoint is always getting better at making something stressful. Turn Sargon!
  20. Claudiu

    Claudiu Forum Greenhorn

    Hi . My opinion about this event is extremely bad considering how you can optain these essence . I do not understand how anyone could do such an event without thinking from all perspectives. The game is largely abandoned by players who have invested and have stopped investing because they have realized that they are investing in nothing. With this event you do not get the impression but it's a hole in the DSO budget and that more can not be done by the DSO team. How could you put such an event on live? I am a player who has lost a lot of time on this game(8h-9h/day before) and I have not lost so long that some friends thought I wanted to make a career out of this.

    But the reason I spent my time on this game is a very simple one: "The game was really funny you had to do with groups." Lately, I can only see the daily mission for a clover and nothing else because I lost my interest .... There is nothing funny. This event was a good one if those maps could produce the essence with which we would destroy those boxes. In order to destroy the box once, we used 450 essences and on the map, a maximum of 5 essence drops. How could you think like that?!? The answer is simple from my point of view: MONEY.

    Soon the anniversary event ... That's a little better than that. In which you can do something to lose 30 minutes automatically to take a "stick". What do you see funny in that event? It does not matter how it goes from normal to infernal 3 monsters are very powerful. The waiting time for the monsters to appear is very high for each "flag" you activate. It would be good to leave the energy drinks, because this way I see a very close end to DSO that has already started to be boring.

    I hope I have expressed myself correctly and I am aware that there are many players who feel the same thing as me:BORED
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