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Discussion in 'Discussions on Current Topics' started by HellenicMacedonian, Aug 3, 2018.

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  1. heror

    heror Forum Baron

    The only problem is the essence drops and thats the whole problem. The drops are decent it doesnt matter if you have ess shorten the evenn from 3 to 2 days but give us farmable ess.
  2. Phyrix

    Phyrix Count Count

    Friday night 6 pm till Saturday morning 1 AM
    Server Agathon
    Players in group Gourex (dragonknight)and Soulsight (ranger)
    They always group together
    First 3 rounds in fbi mec chests
    round 4 and 5 spellweaver chests
    Round 6 magic a dragonknight chest
    Open it an got a manual
    (on painful it cost 360 essence to open the chest) <- that is with 27k damage 80% crits at 2 attacks per second and 295% critical damage
    Okay not a biggy spend all your ander on essence
    Do that next round ranger chest yes got a rune frag (ron)
    We went to stonekeep and got dk chests 5 times in a row I blasted that 1860 essence like nothing
    I got zero rune fragments, soul got 3 feynya frags
    After that I had to give up
    We went to go try farming essences too <- drops of 3 on pain 4 on excr and 5 on fatal
    This must have been a very rude bad psycho joke on your players
    So not only does no rune fragments drop if you killed the chest for your class
    You dont get essences to open more
    How nice???
    Even if those runes has the slightest potential in the very least the difficulty and the drop rate of both rune fragments and essences killed it before it was born.
    I would have to farm 7 years to maybe be lucky enough to get one rune
    Not only that with the essences dropping not only extremely rarely but in such small quatities if I farmed 72 hours straight I would have enough essence to go at a chest on painful twice.
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  3. Jocom

    Jocom Forum Apprentice

    Thought I might be able to do this event as a solo player....nope. Thought it was weird that the event notice ingame said the chest had to be opened by a suitable class, but found out the hard way that this wasn't an event for solo players. Went into Upperworld Stonekeep Painful and cleared the map, killed the sentinel, and tried to break the seal on the chest but no dice. Soon portals opened and the area flooded with enemies. I was waylaid and had to defend myself. I left when I realized resistance was futile. Gave up on the event right there.
  4. KingKrazy1

    KingKrazy1 Active Author

    Quick event feedback::

    Short idea: Remove spirit essences and make the event chest into a cursed amphora type item that can only be opened by one class. Defeating the spawned boss that can be damaged by all classes in 30 seconds gives a guaranteed rune fragment.

    Negative: Too grindy, costs real money to get even the smallest reward, poor rewards, random rewards, no new content other than runes, makes me very concerned for the future of the game.

    Positive: Sadly, none.

    Why I cannot give positive feedback::

    I started to write that it is a positive thing for the developers to simply add more stuff, but I believe that considering the context of the release of this event, this "positive" thing is actually negative. Bear with me if you wish.

    I have played DSO for about 5-6 years. Despite that, I still have a relatively weak lvl 55 DK (I only fight on Painful and Excruciating). The main reason for this is that I have earned most of my progress solo. In the past year I have gotten my wife to bring a SW into the endgame and we are currently going through the PW bosses and having some fun. I really like the wisdom and group play updates as they give steady progress and more options. I love this game. I read the forums, Facebook page, and Instagram page regularly (on average once per day). I have never posted anything, but because this event is so disappointing to me, I feel compelled to post something. As I have said above, I am very concerned for the future of this game. I want to keep playing it. I want to spend money on this game to support it, but this event tells me (and others have come to a similar conclusion) that this game is not making money and the devs need to put in cash grabs to keep the game afloat. They must have known that no one could get a lesser rune without spending a considerable amount of andermant, and yet they put the event up anyway. My real concern is that this action will end up destroying the game because now someone like me, a long time player who would have been comfortable buying Deluxe or premium for a longer period of time, or andermant on gems, or even, if I am really happy, on a pet or a costume, won't do this. I am skeptical this game can survive the wait time for the new and updated content (as the june 22 facebook post said was coming). We haven't seen any substantial new or updated content in over a year. We had the dragan event twice this year, yet nothing was done to fix the mini event grind (made obsolete by defeat the undefeatables)

    Short version: Instead of updating good events (Dragan, Infested, Essences, Dwarf Heist) we get a cash grab that might indicate DSO is losing money and dying.


    I am not giving up on the game yet, but I am, as everyone else I know who is playing the game, giving up on this event. I really would like some encouraging words about the future of this game from DSO, and also an explanation from the devs or someone at DSO on how to play this event without spending andermant. I have ideas on ways for DSO to get more money which I will post in CC asap.
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  5. Novadude

    Novadude Commander of the Forum

    Use 0 essence skill that have damage talents. Examples: mech's rocket pack with damage talent and dk's banner of war with the damage/burning talent plus dk's final shout with the damage talent.

    It will take a long time.

    I agree with all this. I did 2 runs on my mech and stopped, as did everybody in my guild. I will not do it on my DK or my test server ranger (although it is over on the test server)

    Some other suggestions: make the chest damageable by all in the group if every character type in map and in group; or make a rune drop automatic with each chest. The result could be a lot of characters with pretty full sets of t2 or t3 runes who could stuff them into a switch belt. And if they open up the gear options could stuff them into switch gear.
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  6. sairabá

    sairabá Forum Greenhorn

    advise in advance that the event would be paid. Yes, I paid. There is no other way to acquire the special essence only in the store. on the maps where the drop occurs the amount scares. So giving time to harvest the essences before the event would be a good intention for everyone to really participate in the event. Another complaint: the anticipated offer of the rune and 1k of essential essence has to extend to all the characters of the account and not to only, after all if the objective is to make money ... bad event. What to expect from the anniversary event?
  7. Shansurri

    Shansurri Active Author

    I'm not sure I can explain this well enough. And it probably won't matter, because I doubt DSO management actually listens to peons.

    If you want to cause more spending of money and therefore more revenue in a game, you must do the following:

    Make the free-to-play experience really awesome. Create a sense of 'Christmas' when people log in-- they should never know what will drop, but they should know that whatever it is, it'll be fun (and maybe even functional!). THEN make the rewards even more awesome for those who want to play, and take it to the next level by paying a bit.

    Making a game or event miserable unless players pay is NOT the sort of method that works in gaming. We abandoned this event after five runs. Bury it, let it die peacefully. And then go find something that players can do in which ALL players reap awesome rewards, and the pay-to-play players reap even more awesome rewards.
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  8. Nobs

    Nobs Forum Apprentice

    Question.....was this event made for high power lvl55's only? cause at lvl52 me and some others can't beat the swarm of endless mobs that keep spawning or is there a trick to this maddness?
  9. KingKrazy1

    KingKrazy1 Active Author

    I am not sure if they listen or not, but posting has been cathartic. I agree with your assessment of monetization except that I want to know what I get. I am really against the randomness even if some of the outcomes are great (like at the work bench).

    Another fix to the event would be to put the chest in the same location as the sentinel. Why make us run all over the map for no reason?
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  10. HellenicMacedonian

    HellenicMacedonian Active Author

    To keep us in good physical shape

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  11. KingKrazy1

    KingKrazy1 Active Author

    Before All for None event

    After you have sold your soul, organs, and everything else for andermant to open one chest. [​IMG]
  12. ThukMohl

    ThukMohl Forum Apprentice

    "The player will benefit from the rune effects even when not in a group. Group effect bonuses (from the group tree) will be applied on top of the bonuses gained from these runes."

    ---- this could be also use in PVP right? Correct me if i'm wrong.

    So that is,

    1. 20% Health Points per second for Steam Conductor group effect every 30secs with 5 supreme runes

    2. 46 Steam for Tactical Turret group effect with 5 supreme runes ( +1 coz you get a default 1 steam even you're not in group). This is if they fixed the bug on this group effect. Right now you always get 20 even if you max it. Does this rune really works???

    Right now dwarfs is being tagged as OP already, imagine if we add those. Yeah we can say, good luck to those people who will even try. Remember that this is a recurring event and this could be run solo. What if, just what if there are players out there who didn't care about their money. Getting a 1% Heal from a lesser rune I think is already a boost. It's tempting for me.

    Good luck again trying, coz there's a future plan on PVP rebalancing. So the runes will be completely thrashed in the future. When is it again the future PVP balancing? Is it next year??? No one knows right? No one ever knows the plan of DSO.

    [EDIT - irrelevant]

    The people behind DSO are not dumb, stupid or brainless. They're very clever. They know what they're doing.

    This is how they do it.
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  13. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    that's a new even for bp in the standards for events

    an achievement
  14. Arr

    Arr Forum Expert

    you guys are wasting 2 pages of this forum giving a feedback to something dont even deserves a comment
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  15. Akageshi

    Akageshi Forum Duke

    I don't play this event. I think it's pointless :/

    Though I think the basic idea of having events where all 4 classes play a vital role is good. But it'd need to be something way different than this particular event :]
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  16. KingKrazy1

    KingKrazy1 Active Author

    I agree with you, but as I said
    They need to start winning back trust and commitment from long time players in order for the game to survive. Other video games have done it and I have a small hope it can be done here. I see this thread as both a cathartic exercise and a last ditch effort to call on BP/DSO devs to save this game.
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  17. Nobs

    Nobs Forum Apprentice

    I hope the Devs have been watching everything that has happen in the pass two days with this game., this Event was to be a group effort but you don't have too many groups or players to team up with they need to start selling this game again if they want it to go on, i'm also a long time fan of it, But what I think they could have done with the runes was make them so we could craft the ones we need and not the useless ones of skills we don't use , You have ask Us what skills would we like change and now you made runes of some of the same skills we don't use? Then why as us about them if you Never had no plans of changing anything if you all keep this up more will leave the game, but that is just me thinking out loudly
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  18. radiantsapphire

    radiantsapphire Forum Apprentice

    First of all, I don't like the event. I'm a SM.
    Here's how I played the event. I went solo to fatal and used about 200 essence, using my normal play-style. At this point I think that I'm screwed, but I changed my play-style to use less essence. The second time I used about 30 essence.
    Then I started to play with my guild mates, we only look for SM chests because I use the least amount of essences, but then we found out that the rune part dropped was all the same, so we started to actually think about how to make useful to group skills to add damage (or less CD...etc) to the different class hitting the chest. We also thought of which skills use less essence, or no essence at all. One class does not have a skill that deals damage to the chest without using essences, that is the SW (using the dragan set with laser beam is another way tho) . At the end I get four rune parts to craft one rune (that is useless to me) and that's about it, end of event because my SW friends don't have any essences left.
    I think the goal of this event is to get us thinking about our group skills, the alternative ways to play, trying to get people to know what other classes are all about. I also think giving us 500 essence daily and almost no drop on mobs is to let us try the event, but not let ANY player get too many runes. People will try the event, find that it's impossible, and return to their regular routine. No harm done, no hard grinding, no fight between players blaming others of not having enough essences or helping to open the chests. Not even fights on this thread arguing about the event. Everyone seems to agree that this is the worst event ever.
    Well, those are my thoughts, but I still don't like the event.
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  19. Nobs

    Nobs Forum Apprentice

    OK, I had a problem telling witch chest is for who, this was my first time seeing this event also, I play the SM also but finding others to do it with was a pain but the part the got me was the endless mobs that keep spawning when the chest is not for your class i think that was stupid very stupid so i give up on it also
  20. Fugnuts

    Fugnuts Forum Master

    This is the balance that BP was trying to class to play events and use 30 essence per run and the others to use 300-400.Thank god for this new skill tree that made farm equal for all in terms of resource costs/ speed per kill/run and so on.I wonder when will BP realise that them dwarf turrets should cost at least 40-50 essence to be deployed.

    True.Instead of making 1 type of chest that dropped all type of runes, they had to make 1 different chest for each class so that u couldnt go in a group with a different class.They said that next week we will have this event again and hopefully it will suffer some changes.
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