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Discussion in 'Dragonknights' started by Khozi, May 15, 2020.

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  1. raider

    raider Forum Pro

    "Good" to see OP DK builds too although idk how effective and how much time they need compared to other classes..
  2. Phyrix

    Phyrix Count Count

    I would have kind of done it the other way around, meaning ghost shield because its crits with rage attack and smash that generates the buff and secondly the sargon mace has much higher base
    ofc there is also the new years jewel to take into consideration
    lets see what level 60 does xD
    also: since block is kind of useless in higher modes crafting a shield with pure hp is good too
  3. kuwabaraz

    kuwabaraz Forum Duke

    Seen before the image disappeared, great endgame build.

    But it is very disappointing that the game is not balanced otherwise your efforts would have led you to play alone at the highest level or at most give up some damage to improve the defense.

    When they did the new inf5-6-7, I saw what kind of result they proposed for the Dk, the impact is almost nil and the class works on that, the same block value. Development is so low that I have stopped, I admire those who want to develop 1h builds but the results are very disheartening when you go to try them, to say the least!
  4. Phyrix

    Phyrix Count Count

    and this "class" can solo maps no problem? or would they be dependant on other players?
    meaning they cannot even do solo leaderboard...
  5. raider

    raider Forum Pro

    Well image is still there for me.

    Apart from Block strength (and no-end Damage) his all Stats (& Wisdom) are at max so I assume he will survive long enough against Bosses?!
    Unless Boss decides to 1-hit him somehow as they randomly do for whatever reason?!

    I mean even if that's not the case, how "enough" is 80k Dmg with 4 Attack speed? (Remember, DK skills have less Dmg output than other Classes and not Ranged)

    On a side note, if 1H can reach these values, I wonder how much 2Hs do reach?

    Btw, the symbols below a Boss/Mob's HP bar mean the abilities/bonuses they have?
    I wish mouse-over would show what they are..
  6. Асото

    Асото Forum Apprentice

    at max my ass, for inf6 u need 75000 block rate to be at 80% not gonna tell u for inf7, whit this stat u are dead on every single hit from boss on inf7 if u dont block.
    The truth is for inf6/7 u need to be at full tank stat to survive (higt armor, hp, resists, blockrate)
  7. raider

    raider Forum Pro

    Soo the triple of this guy has, and maybe x2 more for i7 :D
    Is that even possible lmao.

    what a game. no wonder there is no "tanks" left
    but how's 2H poor DK's doing if this doesn't survive nothing smh?! ..
  8. kuwabaraz

    kuwabaraz Forum Duke

    Forgive my bad English as a translator!

    If the class was balanced you could play as the lv45 with 1h and 2h without big differences.

    You can do the rankings alone even in lethal or inf1 with 1h but the time it takes is double or triple, excluding the other classes that have more damage and do better times.

    Let's say you have that chance but you are already penalized with the 2h q7 and everything else is worse.

    With a good Dk 2h alone, you play up to inf4 and manage in inf5, from inf6 you start to lose all the damage, defense, use of skills related to impact and damage, so you can at most do certain bosses with some death and with different problems others simply not, in inf7 it is not playable by the bosses, in the maps some champions if they hit you it is certain death.

    As a group, excluding friends and guilds, I stopped playing. It is chaos right now. The class has less damage and has been replaced in support skills, as well as 1h-2h tank skills at all levels. A summoned guardian or the one of the Dragan ring resist better than a dk in inf7 this is simply ridiculous.
    Last edited: Aug 31, 2020
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  9. Phyrix

    Phyrix Count Count

    Whhich is why i have repeatedly been advocating that the devs allow 2h idoti lines on 1h weapons
    I have been asking his over and over and over because there should only be a 25% base damage penalty for using 1h and not 50% like in the case of dso.
    and if you give 360 idoti on 1h you do exactly that without taking the main dps from 2h but allowing 1h to compete with 2h on every level.

    However when saying that also note that this allows for much more offense crit wise as mages mecs and rangers can use offensive off hands with up to 8k crit in base

    It also allows for perfect cd and more hp in rings. <- because you can use cd runes in shield / offensive off hand, meaning even mages rangers and mecs can benefit from this

    should a 1h player then craft the shield with 80-100% increased hp dks could then easily attain 450k hp while maintaining all the offensive of 360% idoti including having 75k damage no buffs from belt of zeal or ghost jewels <- this is balanced as 2h players can easily push for 100k damage outside of ie q7 buff and 124k during buff

    hp and defense wise also allowing dks to tank hits on higher levels ofc.
    Lol not only tanks left but dps dks are leaving too * correction have left, dks is the rarest class in dso atm and a dying breed.

    The devs are unable to balance dks between pvp and pve and because of this theres 3 other classes crying when dks are strong in pvp.
    Few examples dragon hide was taken from 75% increased armor and resist to 11k more armor and resist during dragon hide <- this is a joke in the current pve standards.
    they increased the cooldown of mighty wild swing from 2 seconds to 3 seconds.
    they removed the increased attack speed from banner of war and made it a group skill, idk theres lots of nerfs dks got.

    In the meantime while they literally screwed dks, they increased mob damage and mob armor and mob resistances in some aspects
    they added variable armor on many many mobs.
    So ranged classes outperform dks in every aspect of pve
    on top of this dks have low base skill damage
    where the biggest spenders in dso used to be dks they are no longer.
    its like this other post from a guy saying dks use the least essences, i still wanna comment there and ask the guy wth are you smoking.
    imho in a balanced arpg half the players is ranged and half the players is melee.
    however due to the fact that dks is a dying breed in dso, all ranged classes outnumber dks by 3 o 1 so 3 rangers for every dk 3 mages for every dk and 3 mecs for every dk.
    now imagine all the years these many players and the once dominant class invested in their builds
    all gone because of whiners and an insane imbalance and nerf that was unjustified
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  10. Асото

    Асото Forum Apprentice
    this is the max block rate i can rich at the moment whit t8 showders, 2 buffs for block and pet
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  11. raider

    raider Forum Pro

    It's possible to make Stuns and stuff shorter in PvP but they can't balance other things (Durations, Cooldowns etc) like that?! Sounds like they just chose the lazy way and messed up!

    And now no one left to do PvP, are they (Whiners & Devs) happy?!
    1 whole minute cooldown for 8 seconds duration tho, that's the real joke :D

    Oh of course u can't use Defensive-Offensive Jump skill (that lasts a biiiig 3 seconds!) on some Bosses!
    Like what the hell that Skill got to do with PvP?! I don't know any decent non-DK opponent that won't teleport every second in PvP.

    I could make a whole topic for what skills to fix and stuff tbh..
    "DRAGON" Knight to .. Squishy Knight :D
  12. kuwabaraz

    kuwabaraz Forum Duke

    All this is sad and makes no sense!

    In the past I wanted an explanation from the bp for such a heavy behavior against a class, it was damage both for users and for themselves, going to lose a direct and indirect slice of income, between users who get angry and do not give them more 1 penny and those that go away and in any case impoverish the dso.

    I was hoping for new builds that would make sense, but nothing good came out here either.

    There is only one hope left in November, but I don't know what conditions they intend to reach in this state of affairs, probably in a while it will even be 1 dk for 10, 20 remote classes!
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  13. Phyrix

    Phyrix Count Count

    I think shares ownership has had a lot to do with it, lets see what the future brings though
  14. ΣMiwel

    ΣMiwel Forum Ambassador

    Hmm... and why was that? Ah yes, DK was literally the strongest class: able to solo everything and wanted by every dwarf as a tank.

    So what happened due to those "whiners" (read: people who were speaking the truth)? Ah yes, literally nothing. Class rebalancing meant some changes in all classes, but ultimately visible only for mages due to the FS becoming aimable and attack speed dependant.
    However, some completly unrelated changes made DKs' strongest sides mean literally nothing... and as I said elsewhere, those changes have to be reversed/compensated as the first step to balance.

    No, every class should be played by a similar amount of people. So only if half the classes is ranged and the other half melee what you've said would stand... unless there's a hybrid class that can be played as both of course. That'd be Ranger here, but guess what, it's even weaker than DK save for one OP set... and so most rangers play from distance.

    That change (banner of war attack speed removal) was a buff in PvE imo, since there's still an attack speed buff (default lower than prior to the change) that can be increased by the group effect runes... and of course when grouped it can be increased by the group tree (basic group effect value +runes works in solo play).

    Main thing would be making more skills attack speed dependent... so FotD, BWS, MWS... for the rest let's see what changes are they making in the expansion to the skills, since so far it seems like they're changing the skill system once more.
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  15. Phyrix

    Phyrix Count Count

    for every nerf there is a pvp reason
    dragon hide apparently is too strong in pvp both in duration and the amount of defenses it gives <- or so its claimed however those same nerfs was pre moba pvp.
    mws on only 2 seconds cooldown allows dk to regen too soon for players to keep up, or so it is believed.
    long ago it was discussed that mages only needed mana, well they got mana, and then some.
    anyways ig we are lucky there is no summoner class in dso <- there isnt a game where I havent seen people complain about the insane OPness of summoner classes, including summoner melee and summoner ranged.
    And ya bws doing 100% base and being attack speed dependant would be awesome, as for mws its too strong but not sure, maybe it could work <- very resource hungry skill though.
    fotd is getting auto aim and is kinda gonna be OP
  16. raider

    raider Forum Pro

    Idk how making those skills Attack speed dependent would do any help?
    They will be utterly useless until you have very high Attack speed, which requires a huge work

    Is anyone using FotD tho? (Ironic how latest 2 skills are useless)

    I wish Ground Breaker had a bit bigger radius. Like last upgrade could be 5 or 7 meters instead of 3 since that skill's angle is a bit hard to adjust.

    Also "Movement speed reduction" effects seem meh to me. At least in PvE.
    Can't really hit and run without taking Damage like other Classes so I rather would stay put and kill while healing a bit.

    So change them to "Attack speed reduction" or "Damage reduction" instead, maybe..

    Oh btw.. bleeding effects of DKs are meh as well.
    Last edited: Sep 1, 2020
  17. Phyrix

    Phyrix Count Count

    are you new to dso?
    I mean really, having bws AS dependant would be so damn awesome, well it would have to be at 100% base per hit too, however it would be a 15 frame skill, making you able to deal 100% base x5 @ 3.333 to everything around you
    now it doesnt seem like much at first but youre dealing 500% base per second x10 ie if surrounded by 10 enemies
    on top of that bws gives hp per crit atm so iow you would see your hp go up at 5x green numbers per second
    now mws is a total other baby it would have to be a 20 frame skill but if its base is boosted to 300% it would be OP because once again imagine this in banner of war and you healing per dmg per mwsfrom everything around you...
    with this I can agree if bleed happened at 100% base per second it would make bleed much more valid and the q4 set too as bleed would then happen at 150% base per second ofc 100% every 0.5 seconds might be too strong
  18. raider

    raider Forum Pro

    New and old both :p

    Well it's quite possible that I'm missing something (hence the question) but comparing Smash with Swings.. Smash is much slower :D
    Besides, anyone use Swing against Bosses?
    Dunno %100 but %25 %30 are joke numbers.

    Ps. MWS could use a bleed as well.
    Last edited: Sep 1, 2020
  19. Phyrix

    Phyrix Count Count

    swings only for regen and now, but if it was a frame base skill
    and no smash is a 20 frame skill, meaning with q7 at 2.9 attack speed smash happens @ 6 smashes a second
    whereas if not using smash you can do 4 smashes a second @ 3.637
    well imo 100% would kinda work and yes current bleed per second is joke numbers
    @raider I propose you get to know the game first and understand what works and what doesnt work
    see the image below these stats belonged to a friend of mine when t8 items was max
    So we are talking 104k damage in terms of t10 items
    you have quite a mountain to climb and you have a lot to learn about the skills their base values and how they can be utilized
    as such bear what you see in mind and work towards attaining it, and yes in dso it takes years

    there is literally players that has been grinding this game for 9 years
    do not think what they have attained has come to them easily.
    current meta is the set from q7 in parralel world
    get it save up glyphs get your gems as high as you can before CE on 24 nov because level 60 is gonna be a mountain I suspect
    once there get the new meta items asap and start building
    Last edited: Sep 2, 2020

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