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Discussion in 'Questions about Getting Started in the Game' started by Iselda, Feb 1, 2019.

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  1. Iselda

    Iselda Advanced

    Hi, just noticed this today and I'm kinda puzzled :(

    When I hoover over any piece of equipment with stones inside I see this:

    But when I hoover over that particular flawless stone (no matter if it's via workbench or directly in backpack), the value is different...

    This "visual issue" applies only to the flawless amethysts, but I'm not even sure if it's only "visual" :(
    Checked on Wiki and the value should be +143 for a Ranger. So why the displays are different? And which is the correct one then?
  2. Akageshi

    Akageshi Forum Duke

    That's very strange. I checked it in-game and it seems to be displayed correctly for me, so +143 hp wherever the gem is placed.


    Can you please do a little test for me?

    1. Wear only one piece of gear (put everything else off).
    2. Insert one flawless amethyst into it.
    3. Make a screenshot of the entire description box of this piece of gear.
    4. Send your pet away for a while, so there's no pet bonus.
    5. Tell me what your wisdom bonus on HP is.
    6. Make sure you have no daily challenge HP bonus, no group HP bonus, and no potion HP buff. If you have HP bonuses and buffs, tell me what they are :]
    7. Once you do 1-6, give me your total HP.
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