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Discussion in 'Discussions on Current Topics' started by Mal3ficent, Aug 6, 2018.

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  1. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    It is unquestionably weighted randomness. Something can be weighted and still be random.

    It is really scummy to not share the odds to temper player expectations, but that's BP for you. I'd have thought with all the recent changes in the gaming community and laws passed about random loot in games that they'd be telling us by now, but I guess I'm expecting a little much from them.
  2. Aslandroth

    Aslandroth Regular

    Thanks for that insight. So it is random, but weighted. I suggest BP change the hover over message to include the word "weighted" to at least clue in the unwary.

    The biggest disappointment is how hard players have to work for their tokens and keys for a chance at something. I spend less time playing than the "hardcore" players, who devote so much time to this game, to not get some kind of guaranteed reward.

    As many other posters have noted, BP has given them back their summer and I certainly have played less. I know BP doesn't give two craps in a commode how much time I spend here, but if there are others like me, I would think BP is missing the $$$ I used to drop on ander.
  3. Moot

    Moot Active Author

    Same goes for all those lucky spheres, jesters and what not. The game is full of gambling scams which is especially fishy since they are mainly targeted at children...
  4. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    I would call them unlucky sphere, since almost always you get useless trash instead of the thing you need

    But yeah, it's bollock
    I missed the time when mounts were obtainable in events or buyable without gambling bollocks
    Also gambling bollocks didn't work with EA, i want to inform BP, when they tried too hard they started a EDIT storm
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  5. luishorus

    luishorus Padavan

    This event is a true wast of time, we should be reard by the time and eforts we spend in the game and not by luck,i remember the old events were we get the items when we colect the stuff we need in a progress bar.Now a days it doesn´t mate how hard we try or how much time we spent in the game becaus if we don´t have luck we can get allways the same usless stuff.
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  6. ThanosGr

    ThanosGr Forum Apprentice

    Finally the event ends. Hooray !!!
  7. SillySword

    SillySword Regular

    Just a little comment about event challenge, some eggs are next to the entrance or spawn position of map. When player is so unlucky, she/he has to revive the toon.

  8. rcch

    rcch Advanced

    Apparently there has been a bug that has provided possibility to do arena run in 3 minutes instead of boring 20min agony. I hope there has not been too much "bug users" this time.(They should just have given us the possibility to buy truncheons)
  9. ghostmagicus

    ghostmagicus Forum Pro

    Thanks god this mostruosity ended.
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  10. Aslandroth

    Aslandroth Regular

    Well, both the positive and negative feedback are documented here, with over 100 entries. I think any reasonable player, both casual and hard core can say this event was a letdown, and a fail of epic proportions. As this is a flagship event, and BP, wants to create the most enjoyable gaming experience for the community, I have no doubt they will take the feedback under serious consideration and spend the next 9 months developing a truly mind blowing experience for all of us come 2019.
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  11. Fugnuts

    Fugnuts Forum Master

    LOL xD ...Most likely the event will be even worse or suffer no changes in 2019 if the game will be around till then xD.
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  12. «.βεrry.»

    «.βεrry.» Forum Greenhorn

    2years ago we had a pinata bug and this year we had an arena bug ... thx :mad::mad::mad::mad:
  13. _G_R_A_M_P_S_

    _G_R_A_M_P_S_ Old Hand

    I have refrained from giving feedback until after this event had ended because i simply didnt have time to write anything. I have a fulltime job and family so i have only 2-3 hours of gametime a day. Now this event has 2 sides. Farm CoTs and farm the challenges. To get anything out of this event i had to choose to either farm cots and go for the rewards from the normal pinatas, or farm the challenges and get their rewards. Why in the world are we given so little time to do both? It would make more sense to leave at least one day between every challenge. After playing 7 challenges without a break in between i feel like having run a marathon and not wanting to play for days.
    I chose to not farm the arenas, but farm the challenges. Did i finish them all? yes. Did i get all the achievements? yes. Was it fun? no!
    The only way to do this for me was to skip literally everything. Skip mobs, leave loot, nothing to sell, nothing to melt, nothing to craft. And above all, ignore guildies and friends, because was no time to speak to them and definitely no time for group play. For a company trying to promote group play, you really did a horrible job on this one. I played solo for 2 weeks. And while not having enough time to play this event to the fullest, there s also the all for one event running. Not that i m happy about that one, but come on guys, think before you act.

    Most negative things have probably already been said so i ll skip to the part about how things could be changed.
    - Either increase the droprate of egg openers or decrease the amount needed to crack an egg.
    - Improve the system that makes the next wave spawn so an arena run can be done in half the time. or... insert a mechanism to give players control over how fast the next wave will spawn, or even an option to start 2 waves at the same time (or anything else that will speed things up). Another idea might be to spawn only 1 wave for each existing region instead of 2 (without decreasing the total rewards of an arena run).
    - change the rewards for opening pinatas. remove the horrible and useless dyespheres and 1 or 3 day costumes. my god, your player base is so angry about that. Even you would double the truncheon price to open a pinata, players would be much happier if they dont get that crap. Or even if we pay 2 times that truncheons but all possible drops truly have an equal chance... You wouldnt have all this negative feedback about it.
    - prolong the event. make it 3 weeks. 1 'free/arena' day, 2 days challenge, 1 free, 2 days challenge etc.
    - no wait... with the ridiculous amount of time/work needed for these challenges, a lot could be changed about that. Make it 3 days for a challenge. Less progress needed for a challenge. Dwarfs at every egg so progress can be obtained more easily and so it actually pays to play in groups. That way we might actually enjoy the challenge and also clear the whole map and go for the sentinels. Less challenges maybe? At least cut out the PW challenge. The PW already is sort of a summary of the game. On the other end, i did get 300-400k LB points while doing that challenge so that wasnt that bad really.
    - There should not be so much randomness in the rewards of the golden pinatas. Some people played all challenges, so much time invested, going through so much trouble, and you say that some of these people, by random selection do not deserver the rewards of the celestial dragon or the gold squire? And by random selection some people who finish only 1 challenge do deserve that reward? Dont you think that s kinda of a slap in the face and makes players angry? With 7 challenges, make 4 golden pinatas. 1 costs 3 golden truncheons and always contains the celestial dragon and some more predetermined rewards. the second costs 2 truncheons and always gives the pet and some other predetermined reward. The third costs 1 and..... you get the idea. No more crappy randomness.
    - That unique pauldrons... if you introduce something like that, a stand alone item, at least give it a unique line that is actually worth breaking other sets for. At least in some situations. 6.75% travel speed is nothing. I mean... in order to use this item, i break the wich set (some might break the defensive dragan set). So i loose too much offensive for just a little bit of travel speed. Then also this item is at t0, so we have to invest a lot of resources to make it a proper item. I might switch to this item for maybe pvp or certain challenges where travel speed is most important, only if the stupid t0 item would have 25% travelspeed.

    I think i wanted to suggest more, but i m getting kinda tired so i ll skip to the one positive thing. The rewards were quite alright. Yes, the amount of work needed was way too much, but if that would be decreased, the rewards are quite good. I see people complain about the rewards, but come on... Up to 20k red essences, 5k purple, 5k blue, 1-2k draken, some pets, some mounts, some costumes, some emotes, gems, 1 or 2 runes, some gold. And all that for a 2 week event. If that is not enough reward for you, then i think you ve gotten kind of spoiled. Dont you remember the days where the event rewards would be 1k red essences, 200 draken, some blue essences and 5 lockpicks and 50 cots?

    I dont expect, but do hope that the dsoteam will improve their events. But at least, after the bad event, i do enjoy the reward.
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