Are any other newbies feeling disheartened?

Discussion in 'Questions about Getting Started in the Game' started by EriduSerpent, Jun 19, 2021.

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  1. EriduSerpent

    EriduSerpent Forum Apprentice

    I really like the game due to the fact that I only need to use my mouse to play.
    I do not have the ability to remember a lot of other buttons needed on other games
    due to my disability.
    I have played an hour or two a day for about 3 weeks, I'm on level 29.
    After playing I feel let down, the items found in chests or dropped are almost useless.
    I killed Kalis and received nothing, in Tegans dungeon you get nothing for killing the head blood dragons.
    Even when you pay for chests which need lockpicks, the contents is really bad.
    I purchased around 20€ of andermant and have little to show for it.
    Level 30 seems so far away, the tasks are obviously repetative after you've completed
    them once, but you have to keep doing them none the less. Because you need them to level up.
    The boss Arachna is way to hard to beat, I have tried so many times. All I end up doing is wasting andermant. The game is fun but seems too unfair.
    In the 3wks I have got nothing really special as a reward, just a lot of cr*p sheilds,
    leather pauldrons and rubbish helmets!
    AND how do you get Draken? I want a pig to ride :eek:)
    Seems very hard to find.
    It would be nice to get at least one good item if you kill a stronger enemy.
    Is it too much to expect something good if you buy lockpicks, even in the chests costing
    more andermant you just get the same rubbish but more of it.
    I do not feel inclined to spend more real cash when being given complete dross in return.
    So does anyone else feel this way too?
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  2. silverseas

    silverseas Count Count

    I don't know which server you play on, but I'd suggest looking for some help if you're having difficulties with bosses. :) It is a MMORPG, after all.

    Loot on the lower levels does tend to be somewhat less rewarding, but that's because it's relatively easy to complete. Loot will be a lot better once you start being able to do higher levels.

    I would suggest only opening the chests that require lockpicks once you've leveled up. The loot scales to the difficulty/level of the map, so it's not really worth spending when you're level 29.
  3. dkarl

    dkarl Forum Duke

    It's true that drop frequency, quantity and quality was dramatically changed when the latest version of the game, Dark Legacy, was released last December. A few suggestions for you:

    1. Try going back to some of the dungeons you "mastered" previously, but enter in Painful difficulty mode. Drops aren't all that much better than what you're seeing currently, but the chance is slightly higher that you'll drop something useful. You'll also have a (low) chance of dropping Runes which are somewhat similar to gems, and can give you extra boosts. You might be able to tackle the earliest bosses on Painful; their loot may give you hope.

    2. Speaking of bosses, the devs did make them much harder than in previous editions of the game; don't beat yourself up trying to kill a boss when you first gain access to their room, as you, and almost all of us, are too weak initially ... wait to kill Arachna until you've leveled up to, say, 32 or so. By then, you'll probably have farmed more gems, perhaps a few better equipment items, hopefully gained a couple of Wisdom levels. In general, you'll be stronger, but she'll still be about the same strength as she is now.

    3. Oh, Wisdom is a game changer. When you hit level 30, that aspect of the game will open to you. Even the very first few points you put into your Wisdom tree will give you more confidence in your toon. I highly recommend you start by focusing on adding to the Crit Rate wisdom bucket (I forget what it's called ... it's on the left, middle row, middle box).

    4. Draken is an event currency. Most events are very, very, VERY grindy, and you won't be able to complete them. But, you can get your feet wet already. Try the Full Moon event (runs typically every month, sometimes twice), once you've built up enough Realm Fragments (the craggy, rock- or crystal-looking item that drops randomly from normal monsters). There are several precursor quests that take a couple of months to cycle through before you can get into the full impact of the event, so look for NPC Thabo (he's in every urban area) soon and start working through that quest-line. The rewards for the Full Moon and New Moon events used to include a few speed Runes; since BP removed the runes, most older players don't bother with those events. But they still provides some Draken rewards, and the mobs aren't super tough, so you could a good starting place for you to begin building up your cache of Draken. I'm not as fond of the New Moon event as Full Moon: New Moon is a longer slog with lower rewards than Full Moon.
    I hope you'll find the energy to push through your current wall within the game. I'm not saying there won't be other trying moments, but you're still early on in your toon's development. And, who knows? BP may tweak the game to be more generous in the future. ;)
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  4. Dragenstein

    Dragenstein Padavan

    Don't have to be a newbie to be disheartened. I've been playing since 2013. This is the third *expansion*. Each one is heartbreaking. So many people quit after each expansion. If you don't like the game now, it doesn't get any better. I levelled one character up to 100 with a lot of help from much stronger players. I'm assuming these stronger players spent a LOT of money. I'm willing to spend money on a game, but not the kind of money it would take to be really strong. I'm still not strong enough to play the parallel worlds like I did before the expansion. My advice to anyone is to stop playing now and invest your time in a better game.
  5. rjrichards

    rjrichards Forum Pro

    Both dkarl & silverseas offer up some sound advice.

    You can also try playing the other classes that are ranged to see which suits your play style.

    *Not sure if I would be buying ander in the early stages but instead consider buying a month of premium which may yield better results. The daily log in with premium offers up ander so create some ander collectors on your account.
    *Do all quests as they appear as they will provide experience, ander and rewards.
    *Find a guild that can assist you or join forces with others your level that are performing the same tasks. A guild willing to have you in tow and answer questions will be a huge bonus and you will see progression rather quickly. At level 100 a solid base of friends or guild will be key.
    *You can wear gear that is up to 45 levels above so in your case level 74 gear can be worn. Some players won't mind running you through a higher difficulty and the gear that drops will allow you to have more fun and provide an easier go of quests.
    *You don't have to spend money to become a strong player despite what Dragenstein states above in their post. If I do spend money it is only on premium or the rare ander pack which is used to secure essence and those things that are of interest in the daily offerings.
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  6. EriduSerpent

    EriduSerpent Forum Apprentice

    Okay so I listened and I got a month premium instead.
    The chests and cubes are still a joke, just getting things I have had before,
    very low quality items, so I m not buying keys anymore.
    I am at level 38 now, I've reached Atlantis.
    I am also going in on Painfull mode but still not seeing better drops, I get HEAPS
    of copper! Also when it says for instance...472 coins given, what coins and where are they?
    472 coins or whatever else does not show up on the top bar.
    It's very confusing.

    At the moment my character cannot do anything, everytime I go to attack, nothing happens.
    I get my butt kicked and it says "Not enough rage".
    At the moment my character cannot do anything, everytime I go to attack, nothing happens.
    I get my butt kicked and it says "Not enough rage".
    I have been so bored that I even sorted my gems by colour on each item and dressed my character
    up all fancy (even dyed her cloak pink).
    I have nothing that I can do, my grandsons mad with me as I went on his character and made that
    look all fancy too!


    OH and THANK YOU all for replying, most appreciated! :)
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  7. silverseas

    silverseas Count Count

    Coins = copper.
    100 copper = 1 silver
    100 silver = 1 gold

    As for rage... you are playing a DK. You need to get hit to get rage. :D
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  8. EriduSerpent

    EriduSerpent Forum Apprentice

    Ahhhh okay!
    Hmmmm get hit, oh I get hit :(
  9. dkarl

    dkarl Forum Duke

    You also have a couple of skills which generate rage:

    • Rage Attack, your very first skill, generates 5 rage per successful hit
    • Rageful Swing, your second available skill, generates 15 rage, +1 more per enemy hit, each swing
    • Furious Battle Cry, farther down the skill tree, so I'm not certain if you can access it already at level 38, generates 60 rage immediately ... it has a 30 second cool down timer, so you can't continuously generate rage, but it can helpful building up a supply at the start of a battle
    I'm not very familiar with DKs, so leave it up to you to re-read the tool tips on the Experience tab on your Skills window to discover more.
  10. edrogers58

    edrogers58 Regular

    It is not just newbies that are disheartened.
    My friends list has mostly 55-60 level people on it because 80% of people have quit this game.
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  11. Dragenstein

    Dragenstein Padavan

    I got to lv 100 with my mage, but I had a lot of help. The DK is really frustrating to play. It seems like the DK is ALWAYS needing to generate rage. It is not easy to find groups that will take a DK. I never liked the SM playstyle. I have a ranger, but I never played it enough to earn a lot of gems or any jewels. So it is weak. I don't play much anymore.
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