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Discussion in 'Headquarters Archive' started by CM Greg, Jul 14, 2015.

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  1. DSO_Fan_Boy

    DSO_Fan_Boy Forum Greenhorn

    *facepalm* it's satire
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  2. multitoonz

    multitoonz Forum Great Master

    One of the greatest posts ever :D and yes I knew it was satire when I started reading it lol.
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  3. fourtwenty68

    fourtwenty68 Board Analyst

    oh,lol i didnt know:)
  4. kama5utra

    kama5utra Someday Author

    pls more buff up for rangers they are so weak!

    and w.t.f now mage gets 5% hp regen with the mighty skill like magic shot! rangers only 10% with a skill that does 100% more dmg than mages skill if marked. No pls no hp regen for OP mages.

    BP go for it. Trash the other classes ranger is what we need!
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  5. Killerking

    Killerking Forum Apprentice

    Please let us behold the old Skillysystem, ist eaysier and we not lost skills.
    The old System was perfect...
  6. -HARRA81-

    -HARRA81- Forum Mogul

    Can we please get -25% for the Premium merchant sometimes too ? :cool:
  7. Xpucmoc

    Xpucmoc Forum Greenhorn

    A DK gains very few rage points by being hit by monsters and other players. Is that a bug or was it made that way on purpose?
    P.S Sorry for bad english.
  8. multitoonz

    multitoonz Forum Great Master

    So with the coming live launch of 155 my questions are simple.
    #1: Why did your dev team feel it was necessary to take the ONE melee class and turn it into one of 2 things, almost durable with no damage output and no heal or a little bit of damage dealing with no durability and of course no heal. It states that in balancing the classes every class has the same damage and resistance, DK's get a whole 10% more armor. 10%. 10%. 10 useless % more armor. THE melee class with given crappy armor stats. So while all the ranged classes get high damage ranged skills, the DK got what?...oh, attack speed boost in super-dragon cry mode. But no damage there of course, just an attack speed boost.
    #2: Why do you even bother to ask us to give our feedback about the new skills/wisdom and fame in the test server section when there is nothing that will change about them before live launch?
    My opinion is that it's all about forced spending for gems, potions, anything and everything to help a severely weakened class now to stay alive while the ranged toons just have to hit and run safely from a distance.
    #3: Why oh why should DK's even bother to play this game anymore when it seems all you have done is bow down to cry baby SW's, RA's and SM's who got beaten by DK's in PvP and given them damage superiority over DK now?
    Seems to me the whole skill system is based on cry baby ranged class wants so while the DK STILL has to chase them down, they can safely nuke the DK in 1 or 2 shots and feel good about it and the DK can do nothing about it. Because YOU TOOK ALL HIS/HER ARMOR AWAY. (Wait, buy gems silly, then you can buff your crappy DK all you want.) Oh and I have each class at lvl 45, DK happens to be my favorite of the 4. Can solo every boss in game with it but those days will soon be gone. (Wait silly, buy more gems! Then it'll be just fine :D)
    #4: So why are you ruining DK again?
    You punish DK in 155 for using 2 handers now with AS reduction but using a 2 hander is going to be stupid anyway with no heal left so thanks for that. You took the melee class and made it weak all in the name of balance. Some things should have been left alone and with this game THE tank class should be what it is supposed to be. A TANK. Those days are soon gone and you guys won't change a thing to fix it.
  9. .snakehunter.

    .snakehunter. Active Author

    All good skills in new is in the know tree, who can not skill healing and all other before, playing is much terrible

    Please hold old Skillsystem
  10. Armando

    Armando Forum Connoisseur

    Before I start complaining and demanding for a change, I would like to know if there is any REASON behind the fact that mages' supernova received a 2 min cooldown (while its range was reduced from 11 m to 9.5 m to parallel the one of the ranger), while all other classes now ALSO get a 1000% base damage revenge skill and their cooldown is only 1 min?

    I totally agree for having a cooldown for these skills, and probably equalizing the damage is just fair (even if I find ranger's poison damage OP, nobody has so much resistance...). But then if the skills are comparable, why does one class get double the cooldown time of the others?
    If there is any reason behind it, I would be grateful if you could tell us.

    Oh, and if the reason is "we expect mages to DIE MORE OFTEN because they have less HP and usually less armor" then I can only say, well, if you get killed more often, you should be able to take revenge more often...

    BTW, I do play all 4 classes, even though my main char (as of yet) is a mage. I don't think I'm biased (a lot).
  11. Silentmist

    Silentmist Junior Expert

    Cause the skills are not comparable, the supernova can't be 'cleansed', if you got hit you take the full damage. Rangers skill will last for one or 2 ticks.

    First of all DK has heals. But the interesting thing is that you answered your question in your own post:
    Last edited: Aug 10, 2015
  12. ItHurtsWhenIP

    ItHurtsWhenIP Forum Apprentice

    I was just wondering about this test server testing stuff. And so I came to the fact that its totally doesn't make any sense. I am playing 3 years ago so far, and I am visiting the test server regularly ever since, and there was never a change in the buggy things. Every time i just found something faulty it came to be released on the ‘live’ servers just the way they were. And have to mention that if I found something that wasn't working simply by logging in for a few minutes, how could the testers run trough it without noticing and not fixing it before it went live? Why would we expect else now?
    We got some characters to test, and got some random stuff to gear it up and see what we can do against some monsters that cant be called general powered with the weakest possible characters ever reach up to that level.
    No selected items to deal enough damage, no proper armor to endure some actual fights, no gem stones to make it a little more than a basic character, no wisdom tree to have its benefits.
    How would anything be testable like this? We cant even stand against a bigger crowd of monsters, fighting with a boss is more than a test character could dream about. And so we would have 2-3 weeks to become stronger and play trough the whole area? How? And you even take away these characters in the end.
    Give us maxed level characters with proper gear and weapons, with enough resource to be able to play freely. Why dont you make a separate registration page for testings like this, and giving characters for the time with available skills and infinite amount of items and resources?
    We got 25 random legendaries.... Even if you gave a thousand of it wouldnt allow us to have a flawless set ....
    Why don't you make it possible to use the copy of our own lvl 45 main accounts? I guess it wouldn't make much trouble to have a copy of the database before the bigger updates and allowing them to be accessed on the test server too. At least with those characters we could actually test and see how things work.
    Else way : Why dont you use your precious TGC members for testing? Offer them something more valuable to play on the test server and pay their effort and activity for publishing their opinions and experiences with the tested things. I guess it would be more effective than it is currently.
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  13. Armando

    Armando Forum Connoisseur

    From my point of view, there is no difference if you use your jump-liberation skill to get out of the impact area before the revenge strike or if you use the skill afterwards to end the negative effect (assuming that at some point they will manage to fix the bug with invisible supernovae...).
    If you wait for the damage to hit, it may be too late anyway.
    At least i don't think it's a sufficient reason for a double cooldown.
  14. kama5utra

    kama5utra Someday Author

    I think i understand the BP guys it is actually really good marketing. They fu.cked up the best class where everybody used money for the rangerclass which wasnt so popullar. Now everybody will have to pay again for the rangers, or just more fot the new weakened classes. Well i really understand the move but where in hell have you seen in a mmropg with a higher lvl to get nerfed stats first time here! Well BP is a step before others so go for it BP.
  15. Novadude

    Novadude Commander of the Forum

    Its a big difference, especially in 5v5. Suicide mages often die behind the flag runner on purpose, trying to catch chasing respawned opponents for a second kill. All other classes cannot reliably pull off this tactic due to either range or cleansing skills.
  16. multitoonz

    multitoonz Forum Great Master

    DK heal is nerfed and I can waste precious points to get it to a point where it's never going to be close to where it is now and lose points that could be used elsewhere. But since the other 3 ranged classes all have the same damage and armor as me, guess they can go stand face to face with Mortis or any of the new expansion bosses and we'll see how that goes. Outside of the major P2P ranged classes, most ranged classes will be crying for DK help now again but gee, DK will be as squishy as the ranged class so there's not a lot of help there.
  17. Silentmist

    Silentmist Junior Expert

    If you say something like that you shouldn't play a game like drakensang. DDs always needed tanks, the difference is that with the new patch tanks 'will be crying for DD help' it should be.
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  18. Darwarren

    Darwarren Count Count

    Final Nova as a team weapon is difficult to time. Most noobs learn who will explode in a few minutes, and apply some respectful distance. It helps keep the mages from being DK fodder. Cool downs will change the tempo of 5v5 and 6v6, and not for the better.
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  19. Darwarren

    Darwarren Count Count

    Presently, a player in PvP cannot change from 1 optional talent set to another, once battle has started.
    The new skill sets are really going to make PvP exciting, and hard to manage for a while. That means that regret can be high: If you make a bad choice, you will be stuck with it for the duration of the match. That's a long time of not a good time, even for those who do not take PvP seriously.

    Will you allow players to change talent selections as they go, like it was briefly when the dual option system was first introduced?
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    SUPERDOUPER Junior Expert

    hi, since u increased damage of 2 fd weapons for mages i couldnt helped noticed new values on the staff in premium shop (royal staff of lightning ) i think thats the name, so what about those that already spend 3k gold and bought that staff before? will the stats remain same or will it change to match those in premium shop?
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