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Discussion in 'Headquarters Archive' started by CM Greg, Jul 14, 2015.

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  1. MikeyMetro

    MikeyMetro Forum Overlooker

    Not really a class issue but part of the universal issue of the loss of the 4 second stun immunity.

    So I would ask is bringing the stun immunity back even being considered? (Or at least a post-it note on someones monitor, lol.)

    Luck be with ye,
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  2. Fugnuts

    Fugnuts Forum Master

    I understand.Will not bring the bugs/balance things up in this thread.Only did that because i had the impression that this topic was created so players could keep in touch with the CMs and get the latest feedback regarding the most important stuff in the game, which has a great positive (in rare cases) and negative (most of the time) impact on day by day gameplay.

    Anyways ....i still want to get an answer to my previous question if i may.Once the patch 165 is applied, what will happen with the regenerations and hp gained from skills (since using pots and skills pretty much does the same thing... partial or full restoration of HP)?
  3. ImmortalDeath

    ImmortalDeath Junior Expert

    I recently have been wondering, what are the max/min stats in terms of the various things you can get from lucky sphere of gloomy harpy and golden lucky sphere of gloomy harpy?
    I want to know how good my item is, you know, in terms of what I have gotten.
    btw, after buying a few spheres I got a 10% more xp harpy.
  4. CM Haruki

    CM Haruki Community Team Team Drakensang Online

    Hey there community of awesomeness,

    sunny skies all over Berlin and here we go with some more CM answers, coming directly from the tropical micro-climate that is our QA/CM room. Brace yourselves.

    Hello mister,

    no, if you input four items of the same type (say, 4 rings) and you run the Crafting tool and you are not satisfied with the final object that is crafted, you will NOT loose your rings. Only the gold you used to craft. The only time when the process CANNOT be reverted is when you put four items of a different type (say, 3 boots and 1 helmet). In that case you will have to accept the resulting object of that crafting process.

    ++ Update about Crafting 2.0: ok, so team is still working on this and aiming for a full release on the Test Server rather soon (prolly next week). Along with that we want to launch a special Dev Diaries explaining clearly each of the crafting steps and conditions and we will also bring an official announcement asking you for specific questions regarding feedback.

    Also we will delve a little bit more into that during our Thursday Twitch session.
    So maybe you wanna check that one out?

    Hello over there,

    I believe there are no plans to review the contents of the Jester schemes and I guess you will still see those bombs every now and then. Will ask again this to the team but in all honesty I think we will be rather focusing on other things. ^^

    I guess you are referring to the tweaked Andermant weapons for Atlantis? They are indeed coming with rel165.


    + You are probably referring to that sentence of disgrace that appeared once in patchnotes. There was an original design to allow players to actually return to the PW Boss room without the need of running the previous maps, yes. However, this has been put on hold and if you examine my previous comments, the answer remains the same, I am afraid.

    It has not been dropped completely out of the planning. BUT it won't come any time soon either.

    + Gnob offers: yes, Gnob is having some offers running in the next weeks. We had the Darkness set the other day and there is something coming this week as well (Heredur doll). All of them are shown in the event notification panel once they are active and we are announcing those through our social media channels and Breaking News space on the launcher, to ensure that everyone is aware of this.


    Hey there,

    ++ When I wrote VC I was referring to Virtual Currency. ;)
    ++ I asked again and I received the same very answer: they have not changed any of those values.
    ++ Twitch sessions: I know, that's why we are pushing to get better recording equipment (a mixer and two different micros, that's what we need). Also, I do not like to put the logo when I am directing the technical aspect of the session - I have burned my ears with that very sound for ages. :p

    Hey there,

    oh, well, harsh messages are always good if they are kept constructive. Yours is and I value it. I believe Allogeneous has given a pretty nice insight on the extent of which your bug reports get to us. Interesting to say that the QA folks have also access to those internal conversations we hold with the admin teams. They browse daily through all the bug reports, check on them, try to reproduce them and file JIRAs for the team to fix. You probably know how the drill goes.

    I do agree that some bugs have an somewhat high priority and are not fixed yet - again, what is priority for you may not be so for other folks and viceversa. Some of these errors may seem also very obvious to you and a matter of finger snapping. Truth is, some of them are in the "sorry, we cannot reproduce this" phase, in which case we follow up on different situations and experiences that arrive to Support and try to see the connections and the problem source. The other ones receive different categorization and prioritization within the team and it can happen that they are not tackled if there are other problems emerging in the shadows. In this regard, yes, community management has a voice but we do not make the final call.

    Not trying to excuse anything here. Just to give the extra insight of a process that is everything but simple. But of course there is still a long path to go, a lot to fix, and we will keep on forwarding your concerns to all the departments to ensure that these find a fix.

    Hey there mister,

    well, I can totally confirm right now that the removal of potions in PvP will not happen for release 165. We just got the confirmation of the features for that release today and we will update the Community Roadmap to reflect this reality tomorrow. Yeah, you can totally copy and paste a screenshot of our latest Twitch session. I know - but still.

    As for your question with the regeneration and HP abilities - will ask around and let you know.


    @ Theusen, I did not forget about you. Getting answers for you tomorrow so check them out. ;)

    See you tomorrow & kind regards,
  5. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Well that is not what You (Greg and you) said last time on twitch :D
  6. Rhysingstar

    Rhysingstar Forum Ambassador


    It's time to beat the dead of horse of the moon events again.

    Since the original review that happened back in Aug 2014, nothing of consequence has been done. I will give kudos for removing most of the white gear drops recently. That is appreciated.

    Will anything be done regarding the moon events or at least the farming required in 2016 or will this be put off yet another year?
  7. Armando

    Armando Forum Connoisseur

    Even though I feel like crying, I'm rather laughing tears right now. xD
    Whenever I am less confident about my project planning, I will know there is a company doing worse. Thanks for the consolation. xD
  8. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    That is quite a revelation after what was announced in Twitch, and I couldn't be happier to read about the Devs changing their minds. I guess I'll have to rewrite my entire "Thoughts on Crafting 2.0" thread to account for the good news. :D
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  9. Fugnuts

    Fugnuts Forum Master

    Tyvm for the reply.Im happy to see that pots wont be removed from PvP, at least for the time being xD
    Best regards,
  10. CM Haruki

    CM Haruki Community Team Team Drakensang Online

    Hello there community of awesomeness,

    allow me to break the ice with a Twitch announcement: Mr Silver Essences Abuser and this one will be tomorrow live from 16:30 to 17:30 CEST at Twitch, breaking down the Crafting 2.0 feature. We will show its final design and comment you on the status quo - also answering the "when-can-we-start-testing" question. We will also have a peek over the rel165, which is coming rather soon. And of course we'll host an interactive community Q&A as well.

    If you are not there do not worry because we will upload it later on to our Youtube channel.

    And now, off we go with some answers.

    Hey there mister,

    ++ Bug fixes: please read the previous post that I wrote yesterday about this matter.

    ++ Implementing useless, annoying stuff: I think we already mentioned back in the days, when we were working hardcore on the Chinese version of Drakensang Online, that the introduction of those "community features" was somehow slowed down due to that situation. The last two releases have been bringing features you guys directly requested (Spirited Stones shortcut, glyph removal, essence toggle) - I know that they come rather later than sooner but they are here already.

    The Community Survey that happened back in March was very interesting for us since we got a lot of very good feedback across different national communities pertaining what things you guys wanted to see first. This is one of the key parameters that we are using in developing the future roadmap, actually.

    Another interesting aspect of the Community Survey is that it showed that while some people in this particular thread (I'm referring to it as an example) mentioned the "universal need" of the HUD locking mechanic (again, another example), it ranked pretty pretty low in the community wishlist. Meaning that sometimes what you believe is the "vast majority" does not correspond numerically with other sources of data. And so the game goes.

    TL;DR: we are working to ensure that the upcoming releases touch as many of the points that the community wants. Yes, I do concede that previous releases up until rel162 failed to meet the expectations of the "vast majority". Still, we are working towards another direction right now.

    Regarding especially the UI improvements: as you have seen, there have been some UI revamp happening with the last release and this is only the beginning of some ideas that we have to "refresh" the UI - that also includes size customization. Thing is, I cannot share any more information regarding dates since it does not belong to the immediate future.

    ++ Balancing Steam Mechanicus and DKs in PvE, specially in PW: balancing a game when imbalance exists is naturally an ongoing process and it never disappears from the development radar. Now, balancing a game based on an allegedly "vast majority" of complaints without further and wide factual data to back up your claims is also rather dangerous. Long answer short: we are monitoring the composition of those PW groups.

    So no, at the moment we are not addressing this. We are monitoring it.
    If it comes to the point where we see a clear imbalance in that particular aspect of the game, we will start operating on that.

    ++ Events: fair complaint there as well regarding repetition and boredom. We've been rerunning events, yes, but it does not mean that the team has been idling in that respect and doing nothing on the site. Yet again, making events involves a multidisciplinary team of individuals (level designers, content designers, artists, game designers, programmers, audio designers) that are also tasked month after month with parallel tasks that also go into a release.

    As for the drops, I gotta agree to disagree ^^.
    Event maps and mobs have their own event lootlists and this is related and comparable to normal content although a little bit worse than Parallel World, for obvious reasons. I guess it all depends with what you compare it: if you are, say, playing in Lor'Tac it should not be much of a difference. If you are a Parallel Worlds daily runner and get into an event then yeah, the loot is worse.

    ++ Draken: these weeks we are bringing concrete offers to Gnob's post at Kingshill (today it's the turn of the Heredur doll). And upcoming weeks will bring other thingies: M'Edusa doll, mounts, Dragonache set... We have conveyed to the team the wide desire of the community to access other items and more possibilities for those Draken and there are plans to expand the offers at Gnob for the rest of the year. What this may consist of, I cannot tell you atm.

    ++ Fragments droprate: as stated previously in this thread, the team is committed to do this still - it has not vanished from the map. I know it's painful for you and I know is frustrating. However, adjusting the loot lists for all the game regarding this aspect takes time and it will be done after we have applied random monster enchantments across all territories.

    ++ Posts deleted on the forums: we are heading into interesting waters right now. Moderation, as you may know, is not an exact science - sometimes you do it right, sometimes to do it less right and I think everyone is aware of this. It's very easy to feel offended when a post of yours gets edited/deleted and to resort to the "Big brother" parallelism as an answer. And yet you have to remember that the moderation team is not there to inflict you pain. They are here to ensure that our board rules dominate and illuminate our conversations.

    This said, rules are not carved in stone and are subject to change if we see that they are too rigid, too light. Or simply obsolete.

    I do not find the surveillance on these boards that appalling, tbh with you. If you are concerned about how the moderation activities in your national forum are, I'd suggest you write a ticket to Support explaining exactly your points and illustrating them. They surely are reading.

    ++ [Offtopic] Why Haruki: yes, you are right. I took it from Murakami, whose work I admire.
    "Wind-up Bird Chronicle", "Dance, dance, dance" and "Pinball" are probably my favorites.


    No, Captain Obvious, it's not.

    Care to join us?

    Sorry about that. Crafting 2.0 has been changing a little - and it looks pretty nice, intuitive and useful right now.

    As I said, we will talk more about the final appearance and functionality of Crafting 2.0 tomorrow on Twitch and of course share a post on the forums so people can check on it whenever they want. All the information will be there for people to have as reference when they start testing. ^^

    No, this won't be put off another year. It's not a dead horse. More like a hibernating bear.
    Eghhhw... pfffff.
    We have been very adamant regarding the need to revamp the Moon events - and changes will come in the future, yes (by changes, I mean way more than another difficulty level).

    You do not have that much time to celebrate, really. We will bring this after rel165.


    And this will be all for today.

    If I missed some questions, do not hesitate to shoot them back!

    Kind regards,
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  11. tassadar1977

    tassadar1977 Forum Expert

    if heredur doll now on offer at gnob, does that mean it has been fixed? or has that happened already? sorry if I missed a post explaining anything on this but been on holiday and not read anything about it since a while back
  12. Armando

    Armando Forum Connoisseur

    I just tested it again today as somebody in the German Forum had asked the very same question.
    The doll works (as it always did) at the "normal" world bosses like Gorga or Balor, reducing their armor/resistance VALUE (not percent value!), thus increasing the damage caused by about 1-2%.
    The doll does NOT have an effect on Heredur in q3, and I suppose that is the same for all parallel world bosses - an issue that deserves a fix rather sooner than later, also from my p.o.v.
  13. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Sorry ... not always.
    It used to worked as intended before the Lor'Tac expansion. (Gorga, Sigrismarr, Destructor, Khalys q5 and Mortis)
    It is broken ever since ... tested too many times.
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  14. Armando

    Armando Forum Connoisseur

    Well, as I said, I tested it TODAY on Gorga normal and hard as well as Balor, without weapon, and it clearly had the expected (small) effect.
    No effect on PW bosses, though (which now includes Khalys and Mortis, the OLD bosses where it DID work, I guess).
  15. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Let me re-phrase it:
    I was testing it since last summer until today it was not working as intended.
    You tested it today ... it was not working as intended.
    That means ... both You and I tested it since last summer until today ... and it is not working as intended.
    That means it is not working as intended. :D
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  16. Theusen

    Theusen Padavan

    [1] You say that you are not trying to excuse anything here, but all I read is excuses...
    The fact of the matter is that some of these bugs have excisted since the release of the game, and have still not been fixed =o(((

    [2.a+b+c] My questions here wasnt really answered at all! Maybe I should rephraise: Why did (and still do) you spent so much time on implementing stuff, we as players dont want? Could that time and effort not have been better spent on features that dont mislead and annoy players? (I seem to have stepped on some toes, when I referred to the feedback comming from a "vast majority", the truth of the matter is that not a single player out there likes the examples I am referring to...)

    [3] "If it comes to the point where we see a clear imbalance in that particular aspect of the game, we will start operating on that." -you say!
    The truth of the matter is that its way past that point allready! This is the problem with you guys! I am NOT trying to offend anyone here, but you simply do not play the game, as we, the players do! This will come even more apparant, when i debunk some your answers later on in this post!
    When you reach lvl 50, you focus on getting better gear, develop your char in every way you can... But the problem is that your class now determines whether you get invited to a group or not, simply because the classes are so imbalanced as they are now! (Again you have a problem with my use of the term "vast majority of players", again its because you dont play the game as a 50 every day, and have your finger on the pulse of the game... Again I mean no offence here; you just do not know whats going on in that area of the game...)
    As I stated earlier, Dwarfs and DKs can now solo or go duo on the bosses in Q1,2,3 and 4 with better results, than if they include SWs or Rangers in their groups! The imbalace is there for everyone to see, Im just sorry, that it has not caught your attention yet...

    [4] "++ Events: fair complaint there as well regarding repetition and boredom. We've been rerunning events, yes, but it does not mean that theteam has been idling in that respect and doing nothing on the site. Yet again, making events involves a multidisciplinary team of individuals (level designers, content designers, artists, game designers, programmers, audio designers) that are also tasked month after month with parallel tasks that also go into a release."
    Did you even read my post on this subject? You most certainly are not answering my questions, nor commenting on my observations... Instead you answer something about me complain about repetition and boredom and rerunning of events... I didnt even touch those aspects in my post!?!?
    You agree to disagree on the drops?!?!!! And then you go on about that the loot is better than Lor'tac... Again: This posts is written from a standpoint of a lvl 50 player! (Actually a lotta lvl 50 players, cause I talk w a lotta lvl 50 players about this) And show me a lvl 50 player, who farms in Lor'tac and Ill show you a player, who dosent know how to play!!! Lvl 50 players farm in the Qs! And you should know that of all people! (Again: It doesnt look like you guys are playing the game here!)

    [5] "I'd suggest you write a ticket to Support explaining exactly your points and illustrating them. They surely are reading."
    LoL! -So since we both know that mods are the very same people who answers the tickets, you want me to write to write to the verbal police, complaining about the verbal police? That has got to be a joke you just made! You cant in all honesty think that that would be a plausible solution, can you?
    ...Besides, As I wrote, I do not mind my own post being deleted! So thats really not the issue here is it?
    Lets just ponder over what I actaully wrote: "Its not that I mind my own posts being deleted so much! -I have time to write more! ;) But it is killing every creative discussion, because Big Brother is watching and intervening in such a harsch way, that only DSO-I-love-you!-I-wanna marry-you-and have-your-kids-players are being heard ATM...
    In the old days, a post was hardly ever deleted, It was censored if obscene words were being used or paragraphs were deleted if those word/paragraphs conflicted with the forumrules... But now I see people write carefully considered posts, pointing out shortcommings in the game and often containing great suggestions being deleted 5-10 mins later, because pointing out shortcomming of DSO aparantly is a no-no nowadays... And I find it sad, to say the least, that the general opinion is being manipulated like this..."

    Anyways... thank you for trying to answer the questions and comments...

    I do have a suggestion for you guys: Why not employ a gamer or two, who actually plays the game at lvl 50, and let them sit in on the meetings where you guys discuss future roadmaps, and listen to them?

    It has been clear for a looooong time, that you dont really have the very best of knowlegdement regarding the core of your playerbase: The players who plays the game for years, either as twinks or as 50s... After all... its those players who brings home your bacon ;)


  17. Rhysingstar

    Rhysingstar Forum Ambassador

    These questions have been asked many times, and sadly have never gotten a good answer.

    On #3, they only know how to nerf and now some have started a new round of complaining about DK's and SM's. I'm tired of being nerfed. I'm not now, nor have I ever been overpowered, but yet I pay the price because someone on some server is OP. I don't even do pvp any longer, yet I still suffer the consequences.

    Okay, rant over, back to your statement on the lack of grouping with others.

    Since I mainly play a DK, I will admit that I rarely join a group. The main reason that I do not has nothing to do with others being a perceived or actual weaker class. I do not do it because DSO punishes us for grouping.

    Yeah I know they threw a tiny bone for grouping, but that does not make up for the major increase in monster hp/dmg. Why should I put in the additional time/effort/resources to fight a map that I can run solo, when the rewards are not any better?

    If they really wanted to encourage grouping, the drops would improve with every member added to the team.

    Personally I would not care if SW and Rangers got a boost. DSO says that they cannot separate skills from pve to pvp so they are unable to figure out a way to improve pve without the pvp players screaming for a nerf.
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  18. Mesala

    Mesala Advanced

    On #3, whoever is a ranger in this game on PW bosses has extreme problems of finding a group. That is a fact, even if you see a group consisting of rangers, DKs, dwarfs, mages, expect that MOST of the time, DK and dwarf will enter while everyone else waits for low HP on boss to enter. I agree with Rhysinstar that the biggest problem is the increase in monster hp/dmg. That increase in hp/dmg does not matter if you have really strong mages, dwarfs and rangers (on red essence), but that is only maybe 1-5% of entire game.
    I farm a lot of PW bosses, and speaking from experience, tactic is simple, DK+dwarf, rest wait until low HP. Or if you have pink/red essence mages are also welcome. Ranger is the most troubling class because they have great speed, and consumption of essence is ridicolous, I feel sorry for them so I always tell them to wait until the end to enter.

    Solution for this can be either decrease in HP/dmg of a boss when all are inside or fix essence consumption of rangers/mages. I find it funny that strong dwarf spend 300-400 red essence while mage spends 1000 and ranger 1500-2000 on a single boss.

    Whoever is testing this, take a stopwatch, try DK+dwarf, then try group of 3, DK+dwarf+mage/ranger, then 4 then 5. You can clearly see the problem then. Until it is resolved properly, tactic will remain the same, well to those who know how to properly farm bosses.
    Last edited: May 12, 2016
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  19. Dear (Team) Leader would really be the best one to answer this question/complaint since he is directly responsible for the forum, the forum moderation team, and ensuring that the forum rules are enforced fairly. And, since he (i.e. me) tries to keep his nose out of this thread as much as possible, this is not really the best place to raise or answer such questions.

    However, since you asked.... here's a little bit of light reading which will help you understand why some of your posts have been removed:
    Our Forum Netiquette
    A Guide to Giving Feedback (good for general release and event feedback)
    Most of your posts that have been removed were deleted from official release and event feedback threads because they were off-topic rants. Let me draw your attention to what is specifically not wanted in Feedback:

    What we don't want (and what we are likely to delete)
    1) Requests for different content - e.g. level expansion, improved chat, combating chat spam, new character class, etc. Those ideas/requests belong in the Creative Corner.
    2) General and non-specific moan-athons
    3) Belligerent posts abusing or complaining about moderators and/or Big Point
    4) Spamming the same message across multiple threads or multiple times within the Feedback thread
    5) General waffle - i.e. non-feedback rambles. If it ain't feedback, don't post it in the Feedback thread.

    Your posts which were deleted actually manage to tick most/all of the above boxes. Quite an achievement, really. Which is why they were dragged from the thread, set on fire and their ashes buried in a deep hole (aka our "Dead Post Society" thread). Oh, and one of yours that was deleted was because you breached your Big Point DSO NDA. Or you outright fibbed. Either way = a big No-no.

    Now... if you are still unhappy with our "verbal (I think you mean written) policing", you are welcome to follow CM Haruki's suggestion and send in a detailed ticket to Support (although I suspect their reply will be similar to mine). Or you are welcome to make use of one of the other language forums if you find the expectation of sticking to the topic in official Feedback threads, and remaining at least moderately civil in your postings, to be too arduous a task.


    Head of the DSO EN Forum Verbal (aka Written) Police
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  20. Metal_Major_ZOD

    Metal_Major_ZOD Forum Apprentice

    Other Ask the CM's topics have been abandoned?
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