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Discussion in 'Headquarters Archive' started by CM Greg, Jul 14, 2015.

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  1. fab

    fab Advanced

    This game is really funny, i understand that dks need to close in in order to get damage to their opponent but they got over 10k hp and even some got 20k hp
    Pve and pvp is a total different scenario, with damage up to 2.8k and crit on them only just a few hundreds and its really a joke.
    Play the game urself bp and you will definitely know what is called a STRUGGLE for mages.
    Immune to anything and all they need to do is just swing their stupid sword and u die, its just so damn lame !
    I don't know how long BP is going to keep this up, maybe until all players using a spellweaver quitted the game then they will be happy for very sure
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  2. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Yep ... at that point you should restart the game or in some occasions reboot your PC.

    DMVTHEBEST Forum Greenhorn

    Hi, i have a problem to the last contest from facebook, I won the bow from Q4 but when i enter in the game I so that the bow in only lvl 25 and may caracter have lvl 50, so please help me i need that bow!

    SUPERDOUPER Junior Expert

    well dks are devs favorite class and i dont see them doing dome change/nerf to it,, sw have become one of the weakest class in pvp, 1v1 i lose 80% or more from dks even if they have inferior gems and gears, pve is all about dwarfs, dwarfs, dwarfs thats all you gonna see in region chat, the class balance need to be rebuild asasp,
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  5. Novadude

    Novadude Commander of the Forum

    because it's more fun to play 2H solo for DKs.

    As for SM, I play one about half the time. I find it fun and easy as a 2H SM as well.
  6. BabyWolf27

    BabyWolf27 Forum Greenhorn

    I have a problem with quest having a long wait accepting.
  7. *Frosch*

    *Frosch* Forum Ambassador

    Patch 169 is here a hour later than in the german forum. What is the correct time?
  8. Fugnuts

    Fugnuts Forum Master

    This is how its been since day one. BP will never let the warriors be number 2 in this game.In DSO most changes are done to favor the warriors and then they do some tweaks here and there for the other classes.Your comment pretty much summs it up how DSO is going nowadays.PVE = dwarfs...PVP = of the classes are dead lol....

    If any of the devs wouldve browsed through youtube to see how pvp and pve really is then these changes wouldnt have happened.A dwarf kills dragan hard with 4x turrets with red = 20 red essence.Any other classes needed at least 10 times that amount.What did they do? They have increased the essence consumption from 5 to 8.So now a dwarf will use 32 red to kill dragan hard while any other classes will waste at least 10 times that amount. GG , epic changes.

    And the buff that EA will get tomorrow in the patch.I dont get this.You dont give the rangers 2handers with crazy dmg on them because the EA is op and tomorrow you will buff the EA? Wth lol...What kind of lame logic is that? That skill does 2x dmg so 400% dmg ...its crazy fast which makes it impossible to dodge and it explodes on impact :/

    BP - rangers are not weak in PVP , they are weak in PVE ..Seriously guys, you really need to start playing your own game once in a while.
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  9. RichMan

    RichMan Active Author

    One thing that bothers me everyday when i do my gems. When the heck are you going to solve the locker issue???
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  10. taketh

    taketh Regular

    @Fugnuts The DSO community has lost me. Maybe it is just the forum members and the true majority of players are with me but I disagree with you.

    Dragan is too hard, so instead of asking Dragan to be made more accessible for everyone, you guys want to take away the dwarf strengths so that we are all screwed.

    Really want the dragan event to be for premium members only that can afford stacks of red ess? I have less than 1 stack of red. You were lucky to be in the company of a dwarf that can kill dragan with 4 turrets. Nerf that OP dwarf, that dwarf can afford to kill dragan i bet even if they made a turret cost 20 essence each, yet the dwarfs that actually need to kill dragan and are willing to spend the essences get screwed the most.

    The increase in turret cost has made pw boss farming unsustainable. I will lose more blue essence than i gain now, so will end up using green ess eventually, forcing people to buy more ess, which was the plan no doubt. A dwarf using blue ess to kill pw bosses might be surprising, but i was doing this when i had less than 4k damage only. PW bosses must be killed 100s of times for the uniques to drop, so for players to use reds and purples is the surprise.

    Most DKs have stacks of blue ess since they dont use any as a tank.

    Yes, the dwarf is for PVE. Rangers are for PVP. Lets make all classes equally useless. Take away the dwarfs PVE strength, and lets have the dwarfs beg rangers for help to kill bosses, and then whine about how strong they are after recieving help from them.

    Ironically, i probably wouldnt have said anything if they did the essence nerf alongside essence toggle, that would be give and take, but to start the month with nerfs annoyed me. Blue essence doesn't drop like it used to, but that nerf was a while back.

    It is a shame to see the direction in which this game is going and for players to encourage it. There will come a point when this game can no longer be advertised honestly as a free game, because you need premium and to pump ander to play it.
  11. EhtovK

    EhtovK Old Hand

    Sorry but you lost me right here, I see a lot of accusative fingers here towards premium players as if we were in any way harming the game at all, and let me make it clear, paying a regular premium suscription doesn't equal buying a mountain of anders every month, me and my couple both pay premium suscriptions and had just as much "trouble" in Dragan as you did, we actually completely forfeited running it and saved a ton of pearls instead in (probably vain) hopes that they adress the nauseating drop rate for a next iteration. We still do the exact same amount of runs in every event as a 100% F2P player would and still farm our butts off to improve little by little, you're overestimating what just a regular premium suscription can do for one's gameplay.

    In which world exactly?, I main a Spellweaver and mainly duo PW bosses with my couple's DK, sometimes in full groups with guildmates, and I don't freaking know what to do with my blue essences anymore, also, I'm afraid any complaint you might have about the essence cost balancing was shredded by @_Baragain_ in this post.

    And just for the record, a lot of people weren't asking for the developers to raise the essence costs for dwarves, but rather mitigate it for the rest of the classes, don't point fingers at everyone, it's not the community's fault they adress the issues the other way around than the ideal path. Still, if we stick to Baragain's math, it's more than proven it is sustainable as it is.

    As far as I see, the actual nerf is directed to the healing-spam build, which I don't see anyone using in PvE, but abusing it in PvP for months, we have innumerable posts here and YouTube videos complaining about this situation, and sorry, maybe I'm being ignorant but I fail to see the downside to this PvE wise, and, unless you have a super huge steam pool build, the tactical turret nerf seems inconsequential to me in PvE as well, but this is just my personal perception based on observation and playing a mid-level dwarf, I'm not saying it's the gosphel truth.

    On another note, I'm not gonna say I was never helped, because it was actually a very kind and strong dwarf who helped me get around half of my first Dragan set and set me up to where I stand now, but hear me on this, if you guys nurtured a group of people to sit around the town and wait for you guys to come and kill the bosses for them, it's your fault. Even if I'm receiving assistance I try to do my best to help in any way I can, I ain't a deadweight and nor is my couple, we got ignited with help, yes, but we don't sit around all day waiting for a SM to come and kill bosses for us, if we get helped by an uber player, fantastic, but we still do our best both when helped and when not. If anyone raised other players to behave as "backpacks" that's not everyone's fault.

    About the same case with this:

    A lot of people created that monster, every DK should, in an ideal scenario, have a damage and a tanking build, because there's gonna be situations where a DPS DK will be more efficient and helpful to a party, yet a lot of people want's to sit idle and shoot aimlessly at the DK's location while not having to worry about maneuverability in some PW maps, thus not worrying about building a toon that can take a hit or two while being efficient at dealing damage as well, even some PW and event bosses can be done nicely with a 2H DK, but people's demanding a tank, so they go with the flow.

    Have a nice day.
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  12. taketh

    taketh Regular

    @EhtovK Nerfing the essence cost of the dwarf so that it is equal to the other classes, while an increase in 3 ess doesnt make it equal, it still makes it harder, costing more essence to kill Dragan. Essences that most players dont have.

    A strong player can play the game sustainably, strong players can 1 hit everything, so you might be able to play with a back log of essences, i cant, and i consider myself above average, so most dwarfs cant. I dont get how you as a spellweaver can play the game collecting blue essences, you are doing fatal runs? Maybe i am losing more essences than im gaining because im not in a duo, sometimes in a group of 5 with people contributing little damage. Maybe it is the way i play the game itself.

    So if most players dont have the essences to play the game, who is the game geared toward? I should have said p2p players since that would be more accurate, because premium wont give you enough stacks of red essences required or eventually required to play the game given the way the game is going. F2P players definitely dont have the essences for it. I had in the past asked for greater benefits for premium players before i gave up in the creative corner.

    The vibe im getting from the community right now is make the essence cost for turrets even greater, which is going to happen, with rounds of applause.

    @_Baragain_ Post didnt shred my complaint about essences, I just didnt want to repeat myself. Yes the dwarf has an essence advantage over other classes, and maybe that is taken into consideration when building the class. Instead of the dwarf being nerfed, i wanted the other classes to be buffed. Instead everyone appears to get on the nerf wagon, which is a shame.

    Balancing the ess costs throughout the classes might be fair, but if you are going to do this, make it actually fair by decreasing the difficulty of pw bosses, or buffing the rewards, or just to do something so that the game is playable.
  13. EhtovK

    EhtovK Old Hand

    Well, don't count me into that, I posted my stance in April in this very thread, and it stands:


    I'm afraid so, I noticed that even if everyone but the tank claims to be using, let's say, red essences, my own usage ratio is increased accordingly to the size of the group. I know someone might be cheating and using blue/pink, but I'm still quite observant on the performance of a group to know if I'm gonna invest my resources running with them again, they're hard earned after all. Still, that's my observation so far, I might be proven wrong by someone else, though.

    And yes, I do run fatal maps, but that also means my blue essences decrease at a slower rate than they would if I were running anyplace else, thanks to the size of the stacks, also I'm cheap and use green for almost everything out of fatal PW's and certain event bosses, and sometimes I even use green when farming fatal.
  14. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    That is the normal thing to ask ... but ... there is one catch. The devs know their new skill system is broken and they won't admit it. Instead of separating PVE and PVP skills (like used to be) they have chosen to leave the broken system in the game and do class nerfing in every 2-3 releases (which BTW is not solving any problems).

    This game is the only game in the world where you are getting penalized for having skills (playing skills) ... and noobs are being rewarded for playing the game in wrong way. Latest example is the tampering with the EA skill ... they made the AoE stronger even without a need to mark the opponent ...
    That will only have a great impact in PVP ... so those noobs who don't know how EA is supposed to be used are being rewarded. Next you will see in the arena is only EA spamming in all directions all the time. :)
  15. taketh

    taketh Regular

    @EhtovK Our difference in opinion comes from the way we play. I may have been lucky being able to farm pw bosses using blue ess almost whenever i use machine guns and for it to be sustainable. It meant that i could farm all mini bosses plus heredur in about 15 mins, regardless of my strength. Increasing my strength only shaved off the odd minute or two. The increase in essence cost means that i will be switching to green ess, and that is a massive nerf. I lose idk, 2k-3k damage switcing to green ess. I could start gambling for essences at the jesters. It is fair considering that every other class and dwarfs weaker than me must do this to play the game, my opinion is that the way i used to play using blue ess all the time should be the norm, which how Halls of the dead farming used to be at lvl 45.

    Because of the sustaniability, i am limited to q3 runs only. Portals to fatals and other maps are dead for me, since i dont get enough ess back.

    I dont really know what the standard time should be, 15 mins may seem fast, its definitely slow compared to the 5 mins that i have heard some groups be able to do it in, but this is what im arguing for. All groups should be able to clear q3 all maps in 20 mins at least, considering how much you need to farm it to get better in the game.

    I dont know the specific maths, but your essence ratio is decreasing in large groups despite everyone using the same coloured ess than you because you appear to be the strongest in your group. The people in your group need to have an equal damage or greater. Maybe you have 15k damage with red ess while someone has 10k with the same red ess. You probably have better travel speed so that you are first killing the monsters, doing more damage than them. Ideally the game shouldnt force you to use red essence.

    There are ways to adapt, like have a 2h dk clear maps for us, but while the runs are faster, it feels like a downgrade, having to wait outside. I liked the social aspect of playing with friends, who are dks since the tank-dwarf combo is normal. A group of 5 with 3 dks total isnt going to be sustainable without these cost cutting measures, and now picking friends will come at a cost for me. I will have to use green essence with a mage in my group if i want to be social, and gamble at jesters if i want to have enough blue ess to carry on playing the way i was playing in a group of 3.

    Btw, i was referring to the DSO community. Didnt mention you by name. And i can see the perspective of those that disagree with me, though i am disappointed that the balancing measures came without anything to offset it. Balance the dwarf, so that everyone is equally screwed playing the game.

    EDIT: This is the first of many nerfs the dwarf will recieve, till this game is strictly a p2p game.
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  16. Bombita

    Bombita Forum Apprentice

    you are there at the company at all sane or have your brain eaten zombie?You for a long time say can improve the situation of archers...You release a patch with the words: we made the balance of the archers!Seriously?Again cut an explosive arrow...wolves next run!and some of this make sense???With each patch you increasingly humiliated by the archers!From what you did the other wolves in the distance and created some consternation with the explosive arrow from this we have damage will not increase and also refuse to take in the party!Have you ever read the reviews that you write?Go to Russian forum or any other,let's see how to evaluate your actions as a whole!all unhappy!And you do not care,you continue to cut and cut,it is very bad and many players are leaving the project!Do something with the archers!!!!please!!!!Add % of magic at short and long bows as the other classes 80% Rework your skills!half of what is now is completely useless!In all online games, archers are a strong class killer, and DSO archers horrible and unnecessary class!Return explosive arrow as it was before, and add damage or once again a lot of players will leave the project!Really already do not have enough nerve to stand and watch as you disregard the attitude and the words balance you continue to humiliate and cut the archers
  17. jayr3d

    jayr3d Regular

    you guys complainning about dk ra and dwarfs lol you should see how s**ty SW is now we can hardly solo bosses, even die just at the start of maps , even in pvp suks other then the ICE attk which works for some but most like me dont use dont like but in general jus crap
  18. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    This is true. If you have the highest DPS of anyone in your group, you will experience the greater impact to how much essence you use where as the other people will end up using less. The only exception is if all the DPS toons have similar DPS. As a DK with 15k DPS with greens, unless I'm running with a SM, I'm using more ess and taking longer. The down side of being very strong is that you end up "carrying" even good players.
    Keep telling yourself that...
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  19. Dragonnns

    Dragonnns Count Count

  20. jayr3d

    jayr3d Regular

    try soloing archana fatal compared to dks, also grimmage although i can solo grimmage with my mage i do die few times also takes me alot more time than if i were to be a ra or dk or dwarf and alot more ess imo.

    anyways its w.e no point of arguing or any of that with each other as bp doesnt bother listening to us much any ways. thats why games going down south real quick. imo i feel game was more balanced b4 this whole new system

    last thing to add which i forgot i do appreciate the devs in some ways because in a game like this the hardest thing is balancing classes but where they go wrong is the failure to admit things that are going wrong and not listening to players..
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