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Discussion in 'Headquarters Archive' started by CM Greg, Jul 14, 2015.

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  1. -dravin-

    -dravin- Someday Author

    I have a question for any one over there at dso i was reading here and noticed that there was a chance for a pet raptor to spawn in Lor'Tac Temples, is it actually a pet they we can keep or just a spawn that we kill like all the other mobs, this is news to me please let me know asap i play 15-20 hours a day and would love to find it if it is actually a pet..... Keep up the good work over there at dso :)
  2. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    You play 20 hours a day and you don't know what the spawning Lor'Tac raptor is?

    Edited by CM: Chill out, warrior, not everyone is as knowledgeable as our Wikipedia Titan.

    We have other players claiming they are also playing 20 hour a day in the past 5+ years I don't know if there is any connection ... but both stories are ... lets just say "unbelievable " to me. But that is OK ... I am unbelievable person anyway. XD
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  3. thuglifederp

    thuglifederp Active Author

    I do grind alot and i think i ran in that pet once and it was in Cradle of life at the god hunter ( or something like that lol) but im not sure if that pet there was actuly part of the quest i just that i got in there and for the first time it was a raptor hitting me hard . I did reset the map to gope ill find it again but nothing. If thats the spawn maybe it has the same chances like the cursed amphora
  4. -dravin-

    -dravin- Someday Author

    Well i came here hoping to get a lagit response from dso not a smart ass remarke from you just like all the stupid post on facebook of course i break for food... your taking my question way to much out of txt i will keep my questions to myself if this is how the forums work with stupid ass remarks from people....
  5. AnnaConda

    AnnaConda Someday Author

    Yesterday morning I used my PayPal account to buy a 30-day premium subscription. The sum was deducted from my PayPal account but today, when I logged in to the game it has become clear that I don't have the premium sub. I used PayPal because I have funds there, and didn't want to use my credit card on the internet.
  6. LudiGrozd

    LudiGrozd Advanced

    Are you for real? Unique eauipment don't come even close to maxed you yellow lines on legendary, it's 80% of uniques very poor design, at least for a mage it is. I did get the Guilded Clover the next day as I updated here, but my friend got 3 in a row... So more frustration in game, I can't cache up to him.
    Make the Guilded Clover more fair to all, not just for some to get it non stop.
  7. Fugnuts

    Fugnuts Forum Master

    Hello Haruki,

    As you might know, many of us still experience that PVP bug where even if you stay registered for hours the match never starts.Ive posted a pic in this thread where ive waited for more than 4h and nothing.Its not a bug 2-3 days old, its a bug older than half a year.Can you make so that the daily clover (when available as reward) to be obtained after completing max 6 missions instead of 9?At least this way those who are pvp bugged can get it without having to stay logged 24h waiting for pvp to start for them.At least until you can fix this issue with the PVP.

    Also ever since the patch that gave us clovers in the daily rewards ive gotten 2 so far.Ive seen and heard of players who got way over 10-15.Can you make it fair for all and stop favoriting only certain players? You cant say that everyone has the same drop rates for those when facts show thats not true.In order to make things fair for all i think everyone should get a fixed amount of clovers / week.For instance there should be days when everyone should get a clover in the daily rewards.You can make it so that only during weekends (for example) a clover will be available for everyone and during the week they shouldnt be in the drops.Its just an idea meant to make things fair for all.
  8. Marcipánkg

    Marcipánkg Forum Apprentice

    Hello dears :) sorry for disturbing,but somebody tell me pls,how the hell is that possible : everyone in dso hungarian team used bug ,moderators,team leaders etc. and they got one more chanse? :O (sorry for my bad english) - Here is the post on hungarian forum,where Kazimir (Community Team) talking about that -last- chance for moderator who used pinata bug.
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  9. CM Haruki

    CM Haruki Community Team Team Drakensang Online

    Hello there again!

    Some quick update on release 173: patchnotes will arrive soon to the boards. The QA team is testing this patch very thoroughly to ensure the well-being of Zahir's event, Dunes of Desolation. Our release schedule is marked for this Tuesday - we'll keep you updated in the Official Announcement section of these boards.

    And here we go with some more answers!

    Hey there mister,

    First question: umh, the way you describe it seems not to be intended but this could also be a lag issue. In order to be on the safe side of life, I'll ask our QA department to have a check on it. ;)

    Second question: Yes, there are plans to balance the dwarves and keep on tuning the balance and synergies between the classes. However, this requires time and preparation and at the moment our designers are very busy finishing up some features. I've said in other occasions that balancing requires time and pace - but we are constantly giving the team the general feeling of the community about this so it's a matter of time.


    Hey there mister,

    What you are referring to has already a design page and it's about getting prioritized over other features currently in the pipeline. Since A. we are going for more gameplay systems and other intrinsic improvements, and B. this transmogrification feature ranked pretty low in our community's wishes back in our Community Survey, it's laying comfortably in the backlog.

    So my guess is that it'll be possible in the future, yes - but not now.

    Pokemon Online!!
    And yeah, our DSO stand last year in GamesCom was waaaaaaaaaaay better. :p

    To be honest, there's not a single difference whatsoever in the way we conduct our processes. I mean, launching DSO in China came way before the Youzu purchase. I cannot speak for other games and teams but here in Berlin we are quite independent ;)

    Hey there,

    yep, we have seen some suggestions regarding mounts and how to develop a fight&customize the mount system. However, we are not focusing on that aspect of development at all ;). For the simple reason that we'd rather focus on the hack&slash core mechanics and keep on building systems that better fit and expand this nature.

    Incorrect. The idea of the wings came way before LoA2 - actually, from our Korean partners, who are Bigpoint in the first place. You may like or dislike them but that's with every single mount in the game. Diablo III launched their own wing cosmetic batch some months after we did. #wingsonline!

    Yeah, there will be another Dragan event, of course, and yes, it will bring the other challenges. The team was working hard on this Dunes of Desolation event and some of them are even working on *coughs* something special for Halloween. I am pretty sure Dragan will hit soon Dracanian grounds once again - but I cannot tell you when this will be. A little bit of patience, pretty please ;).

    Oh, oh, oh, can I quote you every single time someone tells me that the achievement is bugged, pretty please?

    Yeah, I am for real. My point being that of course there's gonna be always a random element in these things. When I was playing hardcore Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer mode I was dying to get a Krogan Vanguard from the mystery boxes you receive by the end of each match. Some of my friends got them rather early. I did not... It took me a while. It surely was frustrating, I'll give you that.

    Hey there mister,

    Yeah, that PvP bug is incredibly annoying and, on the other hand, hard to fix. The team tried tentative fixed in different releases that, while not solving the issue completely, ameliorated it for some users. Still, this is an open bug in our list of "top community bugs" and we'll fix it.

    On the other hand, we are not favoring only certain players. If we see the idea you just mentioned more widespread through the community, we'll surely pass it along to the team. Creative Corner of the forums, off I go!

    Hey there,

    Before making an accusation of that caliber, you should present proofs to Support - they are very eager to receive them and guess what, loads of conversations die on that end when we request those... Meh. Anyway, since I see that my amazing colleague Kazimir is answering in full official capacity, I'd say you follow that thread. ;)


    And this will be all for tomorrow, ladies and gentlemen.
    If you read everything, here is a cookie for you. See you next week!!

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  10. Beldak

    Beldak Regular

  11. Marcipánkg

    Marcipánkg Forum Apprentice

    "Hey there,

    Before making an accusation of that caliber, you should present proofs to Support - they are very eager to receive them and guess what, loads of conversations die on that end when we request those... Meh. Anyway, since I see that my amazing colleague Kazimir is answering in full official capacity, I'd say you follow that thread. ;)"
    Dear Haruki :) i dont understand why i have to prove anything. U have the possibility and right to monitor the characters of moderators. And Kazimir confessed that lot of moderators of different nations used bugs and he got a second chance. Its an official announcement. Isnt it proof? And an ex-moderator told it in a video that 100% of hungarian team used that bug, lot of them are still banned until 8th september, 1 of their member got permabann... I don't have the right to get informations about this characters, u have the right to use ACP and see what happened [​IMG]
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    Corruption in several support and staff teams? Tell me something new...
    I'll never understand why regular players of this game can become supporters/gain support /acp powers and are hardly being controlled. Just take a look what happened in the past in italian support, or romanian (still) or, of course, russian support...

    Anyway, in regard of the upcoming release: I'm doubting the purpose of consistency that you are trying to achieve by renaming the enchantment to "% increased damage on this item". Or what is going to be displayed on dragan set bonus? There is no item to relate to...And if you cut the "on this item", how are we going to distinguish one damage enhancement enchantment from others that have different multiplier mechanics (without testing it, not knowing, what actually was intended by the devs...)
  13. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    I guess we'll be the judge of that. There is a well known and reoccurring bug already present in the event and not once has your QA team managed to catch it and get it fixed before it goes live. In fact, the last time it happened, it was fixed in a patch, but it seems your "professional" team didn't learn their lessons and are still copying/pasting the same bad code for new content. Lets see if your professional team manages to do what me and a couple of other armatures do on a regular basis. I'm sure the details of the bug will come out soon and get patched.

    I've been waiting for something like this that would force players to team up at the higher levels... real endgame content.
  14. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend


    But I agree ... renaming the weapon damage into "increased damage on this item" is laughable. :D
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  15. A general interjection at this point...

    While it is true that a few moderators on some other language teams were found to have abused the Anniversary event exploit, they did not receive any favourable treatment. They were punished exactly the same as any other DSO player. If you have got specific concerns about any admin or language team, you should first try to resolve the issue with that team's Support. If you are dissatisfied with their response, you can request that the case be escalated to their ICM (manager). Or you may contact another language team's Support with your concerns. But the forum is not the place to air your concerns about moderators. Thanks for your understanding.
  16. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    It does make better sense now. There are now only four categories of % damage and the rules for how they work is easier because of it.

    In order:

    1. % increased damage on item
    2. % increased weapon damage for two-handed weapons (or Longbows)
    3. % increased weapon damage (also includes % increased max damage)
    4. % increased damage
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  17. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    So I was "deluded" when saying there is still a possibility to block XP in the arena :)
    Some said they are old characters and no one can block XP in the arena anymore ... in this thread .
    But I knew what I was talking then ... and i still know what I am talking now.
    Now I won't talk too much ... I will just present you the evidence :cool:

    Marshal level 5 ... spotted 4 days ago


    Oh ... but some people would say ... but maybe it is an old character who is not playing pvp anymore ...
    well ... lets find out ...

    The same player today


    No way!!!!! He is Field Marshal and still level 5.
    So ... who is deluded now and who is presenting the facts?

    Hey devs ... yes you ... check this out and investigate the matter ;)
  18. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    And what about increased damage for longbows?
    Those are not 2H weapons.
    That makes it 5 categories.
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  19. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    Fixed. It is an "this or that" category because they are the basically the same thing from a programming standpoint.
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  20. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Ok ... but still i am not liking it.
    Why would they want to remove everything from the original game.
    Weapon damage is a trademark ... not a single "wording" can replace it.
    They are not showing the formulas in public anyway ... so we are calculating in our own way with our own names.
    I will still be using weapon damage therm ... and close my eyes when looking into my longbow :D
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