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Discussion in 'Headquarters Archive' started by CM Greg, Jul 14, 2015.

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  1. CM Haruki

    CM Haruki Community Team Team Drakensang Online

    Hello everyone!!

    Oh - wow, this escalated quickly! (But we love it nevertheless)
    Brace yourselves, for lengthy answers are coming:

    @maancrust - yes, there are some plans to give you guys more keybinding options. I cannot really tell you when they will be implemented - but I just talked to our Game Design lead and he confirmed that it will be applied. Rejoice!

    • Guild battles: they are coming after Lor'Tac and we know how important this is for all of you, guys. So do not worry because we will announce them loud and clear and across languages so everyone gets all the cool info in their mother-tongue (exclude the Twitch sessions, of course...)
    • Releases in July: naturally there is only one release left this month, number 154. Release 155 will arrive next month - so, yeah, we need to readjust the Community Roadmap accordingly since it's displaying the wrong info (sorry!)
    • PVP matchmaking fixing: yes, this is still on the works and it's also a long process because it entails a lot of thinking, designing and investigation from the side of the game developers and designers. It is not in the roadmap because we do not have a concrete date for its implementation yet. Rest assured that it will be directly addressed after Lor'tac.
    • Parallel Worlds: we are also hungry for more details but we cannot offer them at the moment... A rework on them are prepared as well after Lor'Tac anyway, so we will keep you all updated about that as well!
    Peeeeeew, those were a lot of questions!!

    @MegaNuker - read a little bit before. No information at the moment to convey to Twitch - but stay tuned!

    • Chest rework: we do not have a conclusive answer to give you at the moment but we will sure pass along your feedback to the team.
    • Newsletters: ah, the touchy subject. Yes, it is true that a lot of players wrote to Support claiming that they had not received anything when redeeming the code since they redeemed on the website but on a server where they did not have their main. We know is unfortunate and we are working to provide people at least a written warning on the newsletter so they remember to sign in their correct server!
    • More achievements: yes, in the future we would like to have even more achievements for you to complete but we do not have any definitive information concerning potential rewards (if they are changing or staying). This said, if you or any other player has reached an achievement and did not receive the reward, you can always file a ticket with support.
    • New skill system: we will talk more about it this Friday on Twitch and we will be announcing more of it during the next days - also, it will be soon on Stable so make sure you check that one out!
    (Sorry I cannot go now into detail with your PVE and ranger feedback, since this is more of a balance discussion than a direct question... and need to keep on writing!)

    @Arechia - this is not the place to actually ask this to us. If you have sent a proper message to those email addresses, then wait please. All cases that end up there are taking care of. Thanks! ^^

    We will swing by tomorrow and keep on answering your questions!!

    Thanks for your patience, folks!
  2. fourtwenty68

    fourtwenty68 Board Analyst

    Guild Towns?
    will there be Towns our guilds can build with currencies we won in Guild wars?

    perhaps a list of new npc's we can work toward to get %off and bonuses for things.that we have to win GW to build.

    maybe more storage space

    some chests we can open, even put chests that need keys to open there as well,so we dont need to run around looking for them.

    a crafting table we spend currencies on to get a % off crafting costs, the more we spend the greater the % off crafting

    a jeweler we spend currencies on to get a % off opening Sockets, the more we spend the greater the % off opening Sockets

    just a thought, thanx
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  3. Giocavo

    Giocavo Forum Greenhorn

    Hi Greg & Haruki!
    I have a technical simple question: in which language programming is written Drakensang? I'm a programmer very interested in this game aspect.
    Good work, bye!
  4. MegaNuker

    MegaNuker Forum Ambassador

    It is writen in a customized gaming language named Nebula 3.
  5. -HARRA81-

    -HARRA81- Forum Mogul

    Hello CM's :)

    I would like to know if the powerful witch hunter gear from the Gnob will stay at lv45 or will it be scaled to lv50 with the expansion?
    Thanks in advance and keep up the good work!
  6. DE_GAZA

    DE_GAZA Someday Author

    Will you change the drops of Yachak, Roshan, Keen and Spark Uniques to lv40-50 mobs when the level 50 release is here?
    Because most players that rushed to lv45 for the Lor Tac release won't be able to get these uniques since they will be lv46+ and would require constant farming on lower level maps (lv40-45) to get them. Also the drop rates are quite low for those items
  7. shadow-whisper

    shadow-whisper Forum Mogul

    I hope you will keep writing in this thread, gives me more faith for this game when we can speak directly with the team.

    But you forget to answer my question Haruki. :cool:

    And aside from that, I have another one, though this is not that much of a question, more like a request for the friday twitch - we already know that each skill will have 3 talents, but what will happen to the fame&wisdom skills ? Will they stay as they are or will they be changed too ? If yes, can you show us those in the twitch as well ? I am quite interested in it, thanks.
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  8. Johnny8888

    Johnny8888 Forum Great Master

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  9. vojza

    vojza Board Analyst

    Hello ,thank you very much for answers Haruki. I have one new question for you :
    1.What about alchemy sistem ?Is it coming with Lor'Tac as Rick Talrok said ? Quote:
  10. CM Greg

    CM Greg Forum Newbie

    @MegaNuker - that would be correct - Nebula3!

    Scaling Witch Hunter Equipment Provided by Gnob & What Gnob should offer
    First of all - you can expect that Gnob will need to be adjusted - a) since we have level 50
    b) because he needs new offers in general.
    The Whitch Hunter Equipment was a scalable equip anyway, so you can expect it to scale also to level 50.

    Gnob will come after Lor'Tac when his complete offers have been adjusted and match the needs of
    players 1 to level 50. Bringing him now - before Lor'tac - would not be ideal and for most, a waste of Draken.

    Steam Integration
    Its currently part of the release 157 - we didn not mention it in the Community Roadmap because
    we believe that mentioning the NEW and reworked Parallel Worlds was more important compared to Steam.
    That being said - you can expect that the patch notes of 157 will reveal more info about DSO and the Steam Integration.

    Rework Fame & Wisdom Trees
    First we will talk about the New Skill System - then we will give the spotlight to the fame and wisdom talents:)
    Don't worry, every thing at a time.
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  11. Armando

    Armando Forum Connoisseur

    Lots of people (on the test server) are asking when the new skill system will be available for test.
    As it is announced for release 155, and in order to have a simple "not-before-date", I would like to ask:
    Will release 155 (and thus the skill system) come to the test server before release 154 is synchronized to the live servers?
    If you can give us a definite NO, I think everyone could be a bit more... patient?! :rolleyes:
  12. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    He isn't asking about the Witch Chaser, which is the scaleable one from the event. He was asking about the Witch Hunter gear, commonly referred to as the "old" witch set. That one was only ever released at LVL 40 and 45 and then offered at Gnob after the modifications to the New Moon event removed the old set. The reasoning was to allow people to complete the set if they were still looking for one piece for the set. Not saying I know the mind of the developers/producers, but I doubt that they will take a fixed level set that they were basically removing from the game and rework it into a LVL 50 version of the set when they already have it's scaleable replacement available monthly. Further, the road maps list changes to the moon events, so a better question might be "After the changes to the Full and New Moon events, will the current sets still drop, or are we looking at a total replacement of the items that drop like we did when the monthly events were last adjusted?"
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  13. CM Haruki

    CM Haruki Community Team Team Drakensang Online

    Hey there guys,

    did you miss us? Here we go!

    @Onomatopeja - we need to reassess the TGC across all our games and at the moment this is an ongoing process - we are truly sorry if you feel we are not taking enough measures for you guys. About the Dynamic Monster Scaling issue, do not worry about huge peaks of farming and other unbalances potential problems. Our team will keep a good balance while making the maps a more personalized experience according to the number of players.

    @Bubble - yes, we are aware that you guys from other forums still need to relog in the English forum to read this and access this channel of communication. It is not optimal, of course, but there is nothing we can actively do to solve this. Sorry!!

    @shadow-whisper - about the new class... If we had already a clear prototype about it, don´t you think we would have already started teasing about it? The new class is something that is coming to Drakensang well after the content expansion. Of course we already have some ideas about it but we still need to make the final decision. And, no, it's not the Plague Doctor.

    • No, we do not have any plans now to implement a new set of Invite Friends bonus. This does not mean that we will not look into this later on (we probably will) but at the moment we are not. This said, if you did not receive a bonus that you ought to receive, please file a ticket with our support department indicating which friends of yours you invited and who reached level 15. Thanks!

    Because I just felt like summoning singularities like a boss. And c'mon, look to that dress.

    No, you will not lose them. Do. Not. Panic.

    @Yogo - Hey there, we understand how the story that you are telling us may infuriate even the calmest of all heroes in Duria... But believe us, those crafting results are completely random. There is no vendetta against you or your crafting skills.

    @ItHurtsWhenIP - the rewards of the Full Moon events will be escalated accordingly. Up to you to keep what you have or spend it already. ;)

    More answers to come tomorrow!! So...

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  14. ItHurtsWhenIP

    ItHurtsWhenIP Forum Apprentice

    Well, ermm... thanks, and what about the New Moon ones?

    But other than that. Else question...

    Arent you planning on making an item upgrade system which would allow us to upgrade items onto a fixed level?

    Like I have a Dark Night or a Yachak piece, and their base lvl is on 40 and they are only scaled up to 47 with the glymphs I filled in them. So I mean a system which would take away the 1,5m glymphs I already stuffed in the items, and I would get a brand new lv 45 piece which I could scale up with the base glymphs cost that a 45lvl item has, and not the current one, cause its insane after a certain level... (making a lvl 50 item from a lvl 45+4 one is 5mill for only one level and the points it give isn't even higher than the amount the previous levels gave) Getting a lvl 45 item from a lv40+7 one is fair considering the future costs. (This also would mean that a lvl 50 item couldn't be upgraded this way cause its impossible to pull it up to 57, if the highest lvl will be 55 for a glymphsed item)
    And also would solve the over accumulated glymphs amount on the servers :p
  15. fourtwenty68

    fourtwenty68 Board Analyst

    can you fix the 6v6 storm the fortress?
    the blue team has no interest in defending,,lots of players just stand there.

    maybe give turrets more armor and hit points,also the objective as well,,thats where everyone runs to to kill.

    give it a whole makeover if you want,as it is now,the BLUE Team has no interest in it.

    No one likes the blue team.

    its too easy for the RED Team most of the time.

    and also can we alternate between red and blue teams,(meaning,if you were on blue the next 6v6 match you will be red and so on),lots of players been on blue team all day,and visa versa.
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  16. Novadude

    Novadude Commander of the Forum

    Maybe 6v6 should have 2 stages of 2 rounds - blue team becomes red team and vice versa for round 2. Winner is whichever team does it faster.
  17. fourtwenty68

    fourtwenty68 Board Analyst

    anything might be better than what it is now. Nice input :)

    but the blue still needs to be fixed,it will be the same thing over again.
    people standing around waiting for red team.
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  18. MegaNuker

    MegaNuker Forum Ambassador

    IDEA = Awsome.
  19. Yogo

    Yogo Forum Great Master

    Dear CM Haruki,

    Thank you very much for your prompt reply. I was more thinking in categories of a bug than a vendetta my dear. Believe me, up until certain update ( or shall we say few updates - sudden changes in bonuses in items in Catacombs and many other wee changes and tweaks) it was actually possible to craft a decent 3x block 1x reduction shield in every 20-30 crafted shields provided that the 4 extraordinary ones used in crafting also contained the same bonuses- it used to be extremaly unusual to craft 4 extraordinary shields with % block + reduction bonuses and get the sort of result we are getting now- I mean- damage bonus in shields? or 4x critical hit value? That was never herad of before and that would be the testimony of many long term players. Things have changed... but enough of this:) It is really great to have this channel of communication with you guys and things are getting better and better- keep up all the good work and have a lovely weekend:)
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  20. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    I have a few questions for the CMs.

    1. I have found out that all the Greek players ... no matter what server ... got exclusive andermant reward through email.
    WHY only them ... the rest of the players are meaningless?
    BTW don't say it is not true ... I got confirmation from at least 10 Greek players.

    2. Why are you (the dev team not you CMs) insist of protecting the twinks?
    Every single event is made to be played by twinks. It is simple if you want to play the exclusive events level up to cap level and play.
    The explanation everyone should play the events holds no water. Killing the ultimate main boss Dragan gives you 20 XP? I can get x20 more XP from any regular monster on any map ... even from monsters below my level.
    You are protecting the plague in this game ... not just you don't punish them but you are rewarding them

    3. I never got the answer from Rick Talrok in the producers dialogue ... so I will ask again .. here.
    Are you planing reworking the Dark Armor Set like you did with moon sets? Because that set is very good but unfortunately it is level 40 ... and lot of players (including me) are refusing to use the sets from moon events. because they are not good for our perception and our needs. We think that reworked Cap Level Dark Armor Set (not scalable) and various other sets will contribute to variety and versatility of the player's gear ... unlike now when every second player (no matter what class) is using witch chaser set.

    4. Why there are no sanctions for players who gang up on one character/account. Further ... why there are no sanctions for account traders/sellers?

    5. Are you planing another bot ban wave?
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