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Discussion in 'Headquarters Archive' started by CM Greg, Jul 14, 2015.

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  1. lewcar

    lewcar Padavan

    Hi guys,

    Will there be a new feature for the upgrade system, which allows us to remove our glyphs of power from our items without destroying them?

  2. elitecrew1031

    elitecrew1031 Regular

    Greg can you say something about lor'tac event ?
  3. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    I was about to ask that too ... but i forgot. :oops:
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  4. fourtwenty68

    fourtwenty68 Board Analyst

    its on twitch right eastern time
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  5. -HARRA81-

    -HARRA81- Forum Mogul

    Hello again CM's,

    I forgot to ask something important in my last message. Windows 10 Operating System for PC is coming out in a few weeks.
    Will DSO work 100% with it from day 1 ?
  6. CM Greg

    CM Greg Forum Newbie

    Here's a topic that many of you found interesting:

    here’s one of the most common felonies happening – you know it.
    The prices for premium accounts and andermant are different in certain countries!
    Why you ask? Well, a country can have a differnet currency and totally different economy and thus
    also different purchasing power compared to the euro.
    For example, Italian Euro is technically more worth than Romanian Lei.
    Therefore, if Romanian users had to pay 9.99 € for the premium account – this would technically be unfair
    compared to nations such as Italy, Germany etc where the average income is a) higher and b) the currency is of greater value.

    The problem -
    A player from – let’s say – Italy, has a Romanian account and thus can purchase Andermant cheaper
    than Italian players would be able to do.
    Why is a player able to do so?
    Well, either the player actually opened the account in a low-income country with reduced prices
    or the player faked it with a proxy changer.

    Bigpoint’s take on it

    A) Is it possible for player to report such players?
    YES – if you see anyone that is bragging about it
    then you can report his/her to the support:

    The payment support will set them back to the country where they are actually located.

    If players want to change their flagging – they need to show a valid proof (residence confirmation etc).

    B) Does Bigpoint reset accounts to the correct geographic location?
    for example, from Bulgaria to Italy etc.
    Upon a report we can do a reset – but we also do it in many cases automatically.

    the Terms & Conditions will soon be reflecting that even closer!

    Cheers folks!
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  7. Yogo

    Yogo Forum Great Master

    The CM's answered a similar question during Twitch today- yes- the Dev's are working on some sort of solution to enable us to remowe GoP's from items without actually having to smelt them:) Happy days:)
  8. Darwarren

    Darwarren Count Count

    1st: Great Twitch session, despite the interruptions. Lots of information, very organized. Congrats to Production Team for so many projects coming together.
    About the Ask the CM's in English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, or Swedish, will they all have the same content, via translator? Or will some posts only appear in certain languages?
  9. fourtwenty68

    fourtwenty68 Board Analyst

    well if they did that than i want Sargon's Powerful Book of Shadows and Grimmag's Starry Robe reworked as well :)
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  10. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    Or how about the developers make brand new stuff that encourages new builds, not just the same old, same old.
  11. Darwarren

    Darwarren Count Count

    With the Sargon event back on the test server, level 50 equivalents to the Sargon pieces and the Grimmag Torso seem a natural progression. I'm sure DSO can come up with some catchy names and a story line for the boss gear. Here's hoping it doesn't take forever.
  12. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Of course fourtwenty68 the noob again.
    Maybe you can learn something before trolling around. Sargon's set WAS already reworked. The starry robe is not a part of the set and it is a drop.
    BTW are you Greg or Haruki?
    If you are not shut up and start trolling somewhere else.
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  13. fourtwenty68

    fourtwenty68 Board Analyst

    You should be BANNED for breaking the rules of the forum.
    and ur a noob and the biggest TROLL i ever saw in the forums,,,pffft
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  14. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    :D :D
    What rules? Enlighten me.
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  15. fourtwenty68

    fourtwenty68 Board Analyst

    i didnt write that.
    when i search it, it comes up that you wrote it!!
    you will never win so stop tryin
  16. Armando

    Armando Forum Connoisseur

    Hello Haruki and Greg, first of all thanks for the community roadmap, for opening this direct channel towards you here, and for your continued efforts to improve the communication with us, the community!
    Please keep at it, it looks promising, but some things are still far from perfect yet...

    Apart from that, I would like to leave a few comments about upcoming features.

    - New Benefits to Premium Memberships / New Skill System
    I seriously hope that also with the new skill system, Premium members will still have the opportunity to keep (and switch between) two different skill/talent sets.
    Also, I would find it VERY useful if Premium members could accordingly switch between two customizable skill / hotkey bars.
    (What is a second talent set good for if I always have to adjust my skill bar accordingly, manually?) => maybe a feature that could be implemented along with the Skill Bar and Hud Locking announced for R156??

    Reducing the crafting costs in Andermant is worthless to me, I almost never pay in Andermant (at the utmost with my lowlevel twink, maybe).

    As Greg already "thought aloud", it would make a lot of sense to reduce the crafting costs in gold as well - only that would make this premium feature (and with it, crafting at all) interesting to me.

    Talking about which, crafting:
    Release 158 - Feature #2
    Crafting 2.0
    Improvements to crafting and the workbench

    I hope that this will finally give us some more influence on the crafting result, namely the type of enchantments in it - possibly via the enchantments of the input items; an idea that was called "reasonable at first glance" by Rick Talrok here.
    More information about what / in which direction you intend to improve would be appreciated a lot, so that we can give more specific feedback!

    Release 155, Bugfix: Upgrade costs for items with relative enchantments have been corrected and lowered.

    Greg said you are evaluating options for a reimbursement. Well, if the number of glyphs already contained in an item will not change, and if you really will soon provide a method to get the glyphs out of an item without destroying it, then I would see no need for an extra compensation - People could just get their spent glyphs back :).

    Release 157 - Feature #1
    Inventory Inspection
    Share a view of your inventory with fellow players

    So far, it has been said that probably you will be able to inspect the inventory of everyone who allows others to do so IF you allow it to everyone else yourself.
    Hmm, this is not exactly what I would want to do.
    I think there are more often situations when I would like to share a view of my inventory with someone SPECIFIC. So I would prefer if they could send me a request and I could approve it individually.
    If that inventory inspection comes as described before, I foresee people will deactivate it by default, and if they want to share it e.g. with a guild member at a given time, both would retreat to a "secret" area and activate the feature only for a certain time, to allow each other a look - and then deactivate it again. Of course the system CAN be used for the described use case, but it is cumbersome and not the best solution in my p.o.v.
    In general, this feature is by far not as interesting to me as e.g. the crafting improvements or the alchemy system (which seems to be postponed to a far future). Could you maybe organise a vote on it how many people really want to have it/would use it?

    Feature #2
    Compare Loot 2.0
    An improved method to compare your inventory

    Same as for the workbench, it would be interesting to know in which directions you intend to improve...
    Another topic related to this in my p.o.v. is the "overview" of items in our inventory. I would find it VERY useful if every item (not only the equipped ones) had a level box on its icon. I know, it's an old wish, but nevertheless still very relevant.

    It would enable us to see at first glance which lowlevel items we picked up accidentally during farming, which of those 10 rings are the 2 already glyphed up, which items will become usable after the next level-up, which of 2 event items (e.g. witch chaser hat) is the old (7 levels lower) and which is the current item, etc.

    Also it would be helpful to colour already identified, but higher-level items according to their "rareness". So far, this is only done on the question marks of non-identified items. But if you identify items (with a higher level than your own) to decide by their stats if you want to keep them or not, it is hard to distinguish them later on - see screenshot below.
    I expect that after the content update and with new parallel worlds, more people will again find items they cannot use yet, by farming with higher-level friends.

    Also it COULD be useful if one could sort all items in their inventory e.g. by current level, original level, amount of glyphs contained, monetary value or even a specific kind of enhancement (e.g. damage or armor bonuses). But I assume that would require too much extra programming/interface design effort...

    I had actually already deleted my twitch feedback from this post, but now that I read this, I have to object: apart from the pictures of new maps and monsters, I did not get any new information I was waiting for, namely:
    - what the knowledge/fame tree will look like
    - how non-skill-related talents like 2-hand master or shortbow veteran will be reflected in the new system
    - if there will actually be a reward for Thabo's quests in the "Harbingers of Corruption" event - so far, there is none, on Stablebuild.

    Unfortunately, the session left me with the same unsatisfied feeling like most previous streams: that impressions from Stablebuild (at which I can look myself) and information posted in the forums days ago were presented as great news, while the CMs carefully avoided saying anything REALLY new (and prevented Jason from doing so...).
    From my p.o.v. you would have to either look further ahead (design sketches/mockups rather than test server stuff) or at least make sure that your Twitch streams are the FIRST channel on which stuff is published (but frankly, I prefer to get information ASAP and not only every 2 weeks...).
    Of course I understand you have to convey important information AS WELL over this channel (because not everyone looks at Stablebuild etc), but maybe you could do that in a smaller fraction of the whole stream (i.e. deliver information that is available elsewhere faster and with less details).

    For the Q & A, all too often the questions are repeated over and over again ("when will Gnob come...") and the answers are not very specific ("we are working on it, but can't tell you anything about time plan, details etc"). The most informative answers delivered are still definite NOs ( like "NO, we are not considering any kind of trading system for the time being")...
    Maybe you could rather pick one specific, good question and go and interview some producer or designer about it, showing his current state of work on the topic...

    Another thing is preparation - I know it's all live and you are very busy, but for example Greg today showed us NOT the lead questions for the skill system feedback but just the announcement for the test server chars with the FAQ section in it. If you know what you want to present, you should have a link to things like that at hand.

    So, as I said in the beginning, I appreciate all your efforts, but I think there is room for improvement. Thanks!
  17. xDeadLord

    xDeadLord Forum Greenhorn

    My friends account was suspended for payment issues. But the only payment method that she receives is Bank transfer and she can not send a payment through that method. Can you please add another method like paypal or mastercard so she can pay you or unsuspend her account cause she actually did send the payment through paypal to your email directly? Her usermane is Kladza
  18. kelluehey

    kelluehey Forum Apprentice

    Hi Greg! Can BP reset a deleted account ?
  19. Kráčajúci

    Kráčajúci Exceptional Talent

    Hi guys!
    I have one question about new skill system. We have some talents in experience tree, which are not connected with skills. I mean long/short bow veteran (ranger), nimble feet, inviolable, full steam ahead, lucky charm (dwarf), addicted to revenge, blocker, two-handed master (war). What happen with these talents in new system?
    If you steal my short bow veteran i want to break armor.
    If you take 40% to double hand for warriors...they ll eat you ;)
  20. Darwarren

    Darwarren Count Count

    Maybe it's a delusion, but I thought it was said that all existing skills stay in the game, but their range could be modified or enhanced in the new system. Features and benefits were to be debugged on the test server, and implemented in an upcoming release. It was rather a broad, general statement, that covered all specifics.
    If that's not the case, maybe the CM's will let us know.
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