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Discussion in 'Headquarters Archive' started by CM Greg, Jul 14, 2015.

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  1. Szmaciak

    Szmaciak Junior Expert

    I have 45 lvl and want to have choice how to go to 50. And I paid for premium without bonus exp. When I had 40 I didn't need it and prefered in nomal play and time get it. I can see that you don't want understand simple things but you like write with hate and have problems with max lvl ego and acceptance that somebody wants play in another way that you and slower. I don't want stay at lower lvl forever, I wrote that I let my toon get exp but I want it in my time, in few months maybe years not in week. If you prefer that way in week go ahead, your choice but live me alone with my tempo. Please stop name me a twink same as players who have it at lvl 1 or live only arena. You and your 45 is twink too, and you live power and pvp too, but me not. I don't like pvp, I like pve and I'm sure that me with my second toon at lvl 35 and my behavior to others players are most better than you with your only 45 lvl. I don't hate people for his play, don't hate them for potions, buffs, money, don't use laugh emote at them, don't ask everywhere 45 for help, I help low and max lvls in game, don't spend all time at arena, let win weaker player and have medium range at pvp but I think this way of play is concept not for understanding for you and others players like you. If really you worry about low lvl and arena and really think only about theirs good not just hate twinks because they exist in game you should foster option more exp and bonuses of exp at pvp not at pve. Bonus of exp, at pve just make players weak at every lvl in normal game not only at pvp, you should know it or you just want they weak and easy way for kill them at pvp for you?
    I know, English is not my first language but I'm sure that I write clear even for persons like you than stop that childish comments and behavior because it is not place for it. This topic is for chat with MC not with you, me and not for read your opinion that I'm craying or something. EOT
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  2. morituritesalutamus

    morituritesalutamus Forum Apprentice

    1. Has then been any thought to adjust the cost of the premium fee ? 15 USD seems a trace high when you compare it to say the EQ family which has the same monthly fee and of course way more individual games and content therein. If the fee was lower and you could significantly increase your subscriber base your total income would increase.

    2. On the daily quest does there need to be PvP tasks for PvE players ? It might be nice to not lose a day because all your choices are PvP :)
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  3. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    OK ... I have done some research and I stepped into Sherlock Holmes shoes.

    Few months ago I was replying to @Wyrwiflaka and his posts on Wiki ... in this thread.
    Few days ago I was replying to your grumbling on Wiki (here).
    You forget I am an Wiki admin and I have a set of very powerful tools in my disposal. I used one of those tools ... and came to interesting conclusion. Besides your writing style and pose are the same ... you both are touchy to one particular topic (twinking, TGC) ... you both have very similar IP address. Or should I say ... same IP address. That leads me to inevitable conclusion that you are him and he is you. In other words you are using and reply with multiple accounts here on forums.
    As I said in the latest warning on Wiki ... in which you were trying to convince people not to purchase premium and to spend money in this game ... we are no related to BP but your behavior is unacceptable. Wiki provides info to the players ... if you want to start war with BP or rumbling on any topic ... do it here on BP's forum. I wonder what would be the mod's reaction here ... but for sure I will not tolerate it on Wiki ... and will ban you if necessary. (being F2P myself I don't care about premiums and stuff ... but never going around screaming and convincing people not to buy anything.)
    Now ... you should understand that this game is designed so the players must level up. Only if you could fully understand the power of that XP bonus for premium accounts ...
    We all play many characters .. what makes you think we don't know what twink is, how it feels to play at certain level with certain class ... etc.
    Players like @_Baragain_ , @BigPapa , @Novadude , @DesertKoala , myself ... etc ... are contributing to the game more than you do with your money. They spend their precious time to make charts, calculations, explanations, replying and helping other players ... and all you do is screaming around for your cause (give more only to us the TGC players ... screw the rest).
    Just re-think about it.

    BTW I forgot to mention the mods in the list of contributors :)
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  4. Darwarren

    Darwarren Count Count

    About information in the forums:

    Are the new moderators still in training, or something? Where are their posts?
    It seems the wiki staff is carrying their weight instead. Thank you all, recognized or not.
    A few of the older moderators do show their tags once in a while, but official, rich information seems to be only from the CMs. Are tagged moderators only allowed to give vague information and act like cops?

    It is difficult for forum users to sort out facts from opinions, promises from assertions, reliable from unreliable sources. And DSO chaos doesn't help it any.
    When you reorganize the information flow, please take an axe to the forums, and reduce the clutter.
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  5. Theranger

    Theranger Someday Author

    Hello , i had deleted my one of the chars on my account 1 year back, i know it may sound stupid but is there a way to get it back. If there is , directions as to how to go about it would be appreciated , if not , no issues .
  6. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    You can contact the support.
    But 1 year ago ... I doubt they can help ... you can try your luck anyway.
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  7. Greekhell

    Greekhell Advanced

    Hi there
    My question is about several ideas from the players that your team embraced or your team's ideas that are currently put on hold.
    Some of them, that I still remember are the server transfers, guild buffs to players via contribution with game currency to guilds, in game mail box, custom made buffs, extraordinary and legendary items at merchants (especially now with the workbench costs) and some more that I currently can't recall.
    An other fact we currently witnessed is that the drop rate of mystic cubes is very low. The last 3 days me and several friends of mine completed our 300 monsters daily quests at 40 lvl maps and the lor tac map without getting a single one of them how is that even a drop rate if it's not a miss checked box like it happened with sargon's vest as greg said at last Dragan's event?
    Finally you mentioned that the moon events will have new unique sets as far as I remember from several of the twich sessions. Are we gonna have any chance to get current sets at 50 lvl?
    Thanks in advance
  8. Arechia

    Arechia Someday Author


    What about those who bought premium account for 3 days just to get the Blue Phoenix? They lost their money. I understand it's an error and gamers who got free premium acc for 3 days aren't guilty here, they got this pet as a mistake. Well, maybe not 100% not guilty, if they went to Kingshill to get free premium and a chance to get Phoenix (they knew they shouldn't get it, but when they heard there's a mistake, they made all the moves to get it anyway). IMO hotfix should take it away since it was clearly said they shouldn't get it in the first place. If they want it so badly, they should buy at least 3-days premium. But since they'll still be able to keep this pet, which is unfair to the rest of us - those who does pay - I'd like to know if we'll get any compensation? Especially after we heard this pet may not be given to those who got any other pet as a bonus in the past, which is unfair again. We don't want or need more premium days because after all the changes in it, not all of us wants it anymore. I'd like to vote for extra 7 slots for free in the player's inventory, independently of premium acc and 5th bag (like a 6th bag, but with 7 slots - for free and to keep it forever so if there will be any more bags in the inventory, those 7 extra slots should still be there as 7 extra slots). I know 5th bag is coming up with 155th release and I wouldn't like those 7 extra slots to be mixed up with old bags if someone didn't buy all the bags yet.
  9. .aquaventions.

    .aquaventions. Forum Apprentice

    CM's there are a number of upcoming opportunities to buy stuff and I was wondering if BP will also offer any discounts on andermant packages. It's been a while since the last discounts.
  10. CM Haruki

    CM Haruki Community Team Team Drakensang Online

    Hello there,

    yes, our team of moderators are here on the forums and yes, they are in constant "training", as the community management team is. The fact that you do not see their posts does not mean that they are not here. Some of their valuable actions happen in silence (mainly, gathering your feedback in blocks of opinions and letting us know your issues as a community). Some moderators are more active giving official news and some others are more active in moderating. You will find this in a lot of multiple forums for other games.

    But I will give you that the forums are far away from being perfect and that official information can get lost sometimes. That is why we try to be as clear as possible and concentrate our announcements, walk-throughs, patch notes and official updates to very concrete places across all national forums (Headquarters, and such).

    And yes, axes will be needed. But at the moment we will keep surfing these boards.

    I am almost 100% sure that you will not get that character back, sorry. But you can nevertheless try.

    Hey there!

    Umh, I got lost in the first question... I guess you are asking whether we will be implementing all of those suggested features or not. As we have said multiple times, our game designers listen to what you guys suggest. Of course, it does not mean that absolutely all suggestions will get implemented inside the game... but some of them do. Now, as you may recall, you have a Community Roadmap in these boards where you can check regularly on the important features, events and bug fixes that are coming to Drakensang Online. Everything important and highly expected that is coming to Drakensang Online will appear there. Sooner or later.

    About the drop of mystic cubes - we will check with the team and make an official announcement if we notice something wrong about those drop rates.

    And yes, the Full Moon and New Moon events will have a new set. And yes, the current sets will escalate as well to level 50.

    I understand your frustration but if you think about it, the pet is a vanity item with no bluff whatsoever (yes, a nice addition to have anyway!) and it's just one of the multiple benefits of a complete Premium account. Yes, it's a mistake that some people are getting the pet by visiting Kingshill and we have already announced that we will correct this since it's not working as intended. However, we will not be taking away the pet from those people. And at the moment we are not thinking in compensating you guys with extra stuff, no. The team is focusing in giving the missing pet to those active Premium members who did not get it after the Release 154, as we promise. That is where our focus goes.

    No final information about this, sorry. My guess is that of course we will have some discounts of andermant packages in the future - you just need to stay tuned so you do not miss it. But I cannot give you official information whatsoever since... we do not have it.

    Keep firing 'em!!!
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  11. MegaNuker

    MegaNuker Forum Ambassador

    This question has been ask before and maybe there is no info but what has been ask over and over again in my guild is a last seen/logged in heading in the guild list. I think it would be nice feature and not knowing the nebula 3 engine don't know if it is possable.
  12. Greekhell

    Greekhell Advanced

    At the last one one I didn't mean if the set can escalate to 50 it obviously can but what I asked is if the old set will exist for a period of time long enough for players to level up until 50 and get it before you change it
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  13. Guitarman

    Guitarman Forum Master

    mmm.. it is a given that sets will be escalated by the current mechanism but what about set bonuses ? Same thing too for the roshan sets which is for at L40 level....

    Keep Blocking and Shooting Back xD
  14. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    So and the Dark Armor set is level 40 ... and they said they don't plan to rework it.
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  15. Evowise

    Evowise Forum Apprentice

    Good morning dear CM's !
    In my post i wanna talk about few things and ask few questions... so let's start...
    First of all, i wanna tell you that into the game there are still alot of players that are using that program called "bot" and you can find them in about every map... EDIT They spoil the game experience of the others and they are making BP to lose from the profit. EDIT
    Second thing - i wanna talk to you about the performance of the server... in the past few weeks, i made some tests (day and night) and recorded some informations... the obvious result was that the server performs better at night between 2:00 AM and 4:00 AM (no lag, no delay of the skills or teleportation, no delay of the transfer between maps, no errors of any kind). The logical conclusion is that, during the day... when the server is overcrowded you can see lag, delays, client crashes and overall, a poor server performance... in this way the live server/the client is more vulnerable and errors occurs. We all know that a server who can keep 1000 simultaneous connections can't deal with 1 million and so on. The right step to do is to upgrade/improve the hardware (the server) and his bandwidth... try to talk with the developers so they can take appropriate measures.
    Another thing is about the skills and abilities... i saw that some of the skills have a delay and they don't work as they should (Example - in the game... i play with mage and when i try to use the mind control for having a second singularity, there is a delay and that second passes without being able to use the singularity and havin a second one ready). In this case you have 2 options... try to remove the delay or raise the time at 2 seconds.
    About few of the abilities... i saw that immunity and the liberation don't work as they should... in the arena u can see that, sometimes... after a stun, you aren't immune for 4 seconds and you can be stunned indefinitely, especially by a war character... that can make you lose a match. About the liberation... i saw that sometimes, when i try to escape using the jump... the game (the ability) responds as if, in that place where i wanna jump is an obstacle and in this way, i can't jump so i can't escape from the stun. Please try to talk with the developers about that... to find a solution and fix the abilities.
    For the other things that can be changed to improve the game... i'll try to make a list and send it to you.

    Thank you for your time and... Have a nice day, Greg and Haruki !
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  16. @ Evowise: I have stayed out of this thread so far so that players can have an open dialogue with the CMs. But I will not tolerate unfounded accusations leveled admins here in the forum. If you have evidence that any admins are supporting/encouraging the use of illegal scripts (i.e. bots), contact another language team and present your evidence. We have never been informed ahead of time when a/cs will be monitored for the use of illegal scripts and we sure as heck would not warn players if we did know. We are presented with a list after all investigations have been concluded and the players are about to be banned. If you wish to discuss this further, contact the support language team of your choice.
  17. True

    True Forum Greenhorn

    Hi, ok I give to you the testing, more of 1 years with "Bots Users"

    And.. I send more message to support about bots, serious insults, and more problems, and Support dont do anythng, but I know why.

    I give to you the links of real videos, It´s for example, the best bot user, and One of the best Payers(nomal that he will not banned he pay more)

    - video removed -

    I send it information to support, but the dont do anything how ever.

    It is Drakensang Online

    Are more videos? Yes, you only must search in Youtube or Google "Drakensang Online Bots", and you can see more of 10.000 players are using bots, but I don´t can lose my time beacuse you will not do anything, but it is DSO, Yes, You banned Bots Players I think, but how many time? 1 week, Why they are not banned? easy, The Bots are paying more of 500€ in a month.

    I think that you will be delete this message, but It is your problem, In a future this game will be can pay for it.
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  18. ZicaDuBaile

    ZicaDuBaile Someday Author

    Hello , so my englsh is very bad but , i can talk and you understand

    Why still have bug in Dwarf skill " Fast shot "
    bug in body the body , causes no damage
    and the explosion did not cause critical ( skill level 40 PvP )
  19. fourtwenty68

    fourtwenty68 Board Analyst

    Guild Wars-Hold the Flag
    one flag in the middle of the map,2,3,4,guild teams of 5 players,race to get that flag

    your team picks up the flag and must hold it to earn points,the longer you hold it the more points you get.
    you can run around the whole map but not in your spawn area,the flag will reset if you do so.
    the flag drops where you died.
    bonus points for last person holding flag when time runs out,,maybe 15-20 minutes a match.
  20. Darwarren

    Darwarren Count Count

    Yes, there are lots of bot videos on YouTube, and Google can find more. Most of them are from 2013 and 2014, but a few are dated only a few months ago. Maybe they were taken long before.

    Anyone still botting should post a victory video online. DSO would like the information. It would make it so much easier to serve the real-time players! :rolleyes:
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