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Discussion in 'Headquarters Archive' started by CM Greg, Jul 14, 2015.

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  1. MegaNuker

    MegaNuker Forum Ambassador

    I think there might be a problem with the wording. As it stands now the wording is as such, your toon level is now your wisdome and pvp level. This means your honor points are gone for talent purposes. You now pvp for fun getting exp and spend honor points in the shop for gear. If that is the case then it is quite alright with me-- but I assume some others will not like this...

    I suggest this wording if what I think is true.

    (1 per level of knowledge)
    (1 per level of fame)
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  2. hillkahillka

    hillkahillka Forum Greenhorn

    Pls can u tell me when r155 is coming on the test server? And when new talents will be posted on the forums?
  3. razer0101

    razer0101 Old Hand

    Hello can we know the drops rate of khalys's uniques?
  4. MegaNuker

    MegaNuker Forum Ambassador

    OK for mage. This is based on all classes and my magic number finder.

    Viper Helm is a 2 to 1 drop rare with riddle and starlight being less. My magic drop rate figuring would put Viper Helm at .1466% and the others at .0733%

    Now what does that mean to you how many times do you have to kill. Honestly and quite frankly since the drop is random still it could take a lot of time.
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  5. razer0101

    razer0101 Old Hand

    Yes , the drop is random but starlight and shield are khalys uniques but mortis drop better that's not normal...
  6. MegaNuker

    MegaNuker Forum Ambassador

    This has been my observation when doing Khaly in PW. The item that she only drops has been the one that has dropped 2 to 1 vrs the other 2. Now seeing that they are a shared drop should make since, should it not?
  7. fourtwenty68

    fourtwenty68 Board Analyst

    PVP Group match making ?
    Solo i can get a match in seconds.
    Grouping we can not. maybe 1 match in an hour.
    can you please look into this?
    its been like this for years. thank you:)
  8. Pandemonium

    Pandemonium Forum Apprentice

    Hi Greg and Haruki,

    I recently found a post from the Portuguese forum, regarding the new Lor Tac expansion, involving item rebalancing, please see link below:

    Is this update only for the Portuguese DSO? Or will we also soon receive some information regarding this change to item stats, when the mods also release the information about the new skill trees? (I used google translate, was only able to understand 3/4 of the info there).

    EDIT: haha nvm, the post in english came out a few hours after this post :)
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  9. Darwarren

    Darwarren Count Count

    Don't know why, but group matches are a lot faster, when all players are in same town.
    If one of us is in an atrium, no matches, even if the queue is full, or has been full for a long while. If the odd player goes to town, instant matches. All in same town is best. This was reported some time ago, but it is not widely known.
    Some times you can tell some programmer is tinkering with the timer, or that something is messing with it. When there is a lot of lag, I think the programming tries to compensate with less graphics and simpler matches. Or maybe it just seems that way.
    When there is a lot of flack about unfair matches, it takes longer for matches to happen, and a lot of great players end up bypassed. DSO might even schedule different periods, so that the fairness varies over time. Quality feedback is lacking.
    With Lor'Tac on the front burner, PvP is not their main priority.

    Hope this helps.
  10. fourtwenty68

    fourtwenty68 Board Analyst

    ya,tried everything,even rereg every minute,but nothing works,just thought i'd bring it up again with Lortac coming soon.
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  11. Hammelfleisch

    Hammelfleisch Forum Greenhorn

    Do we need Wisdom for the Wisdom Skill Tree or will we get 1 Wisdom Point each level. And when we need Wisdom for the Skill tree , how much do we need.
    each level 3000 ?
    ( Sorry for Bad English im coming from Turkey )
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  12. cdeepal

    cdeepal Forum Baron

    I have few questions after reading the Lor Tac preview notes on test server.

    1. According to that, block rate will not be calculated based on a formula but will be based on your level. So, my question is, for example, if my level 45 DK wears a level 15 shield or a level 45 shield, does his block rate stays the same?

    2. Similarly, if the blocked damage reduction is divided by a factor, then would that be the same again regardless of the level of the shield.
    In fact, does the level of a shield not matter anymore?

    3. There was a comment saying that parallel world monsters will always be level 50. Is this true?
  13. MegaNuker

    MegaNuker Forum Ambassador

    The armor on shields are based on level so you will have more armor. this was explained if you read all of the post. So you will get blocked damage and block rate and armor based on level. I am certain that all white items where removed.

    The PW will only drop level 50 items if you are level 50. This has not changed. Level 30 would not get ghost gear if the mobs where level 30 also. So as you can see that is what was ment.
  14. Th~rock

    Th~rock Forum Apprentice

    Why does supernova have a 2 min cool down time? Every other class has 1 min it not right or event to sw.
  15. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    There you go your wish has been granted. :D
    SWs can now heal themselves (5% of their HP) and with that aura skill you can heal your comrades too.
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    Hi :)

    I have one important question: After looking up the new skill system, I noticed there's nothing like the old "ranger arrows/sw bullets you shoot fly 33% quicker", except for the skill chain lightning. Does that mean all ranged attacks except for Chain Lightning will be nerfed/slowed down without any possibility to improve the bullet's fly speed?
    This looks like a huge range class nerf to me, especially when considering that one is now able to skill travel speed in wisdom tree.
    This is pvp related btw.
  17. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Knowing that those were fame tree skills ... and looking now on the fame skills ... I would say 90% of the players will stop playing PVP (including me). Even though I wasn't using that particular skill ... I find the new skills lame and just a waste of time to get them.
    Since the new skills can't help you in PVE ... PVP is not interesting anymore ... except for those players who are paying a lot of cash and measuring their ...uhhhm weapons ... on the table.
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  18. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    Agreed... they took a nice couple of steps to balance PvP some, but they removed all the incentive to PvP. I only PvP'ed for the LVL 30-40 skills, but now I can ignore PvP entirely because there is no benefit to my PvE play.
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  19. DSO_Fan_Boy

    DSO_Fan_Boy Forum Greenhorn

    Please buff rangers more; it needs more power based on my initial impression of test server release.

    New level 50 skill: Explosive arrow deals 150% base damage on impact, then explode dealing an additional 150% damage to all enemies in the area. If your targets are marked, it deals double damage. Costs: 50 Concentration & 6 essence usage & 0 sec cooldown.

    Upgrade 1: increase initial damage by 33%: 150%*1.33=200%
    Upgrade 2: increase explosion damage by 33%: 150%*1.33=200%
    Upgrade 3: Armor break all mobs hit by explosion by 85% armor reduction (Area armor break)

    Total: [(200%+200%)x2 from marking]=800%

    In summary: For 50 conc and 0 cooldown, you fire an arrow (similar to green hunting arrow/ red precision shot) from distance that breaks armor for all enemies in an AREA and deals 800% base damage. Clearly this is too weak, you must make it at least 10x stronger that to ensure fairness with all the other supposely OP classes. Because we all know how fast arrows fly ingame (compared to dwarf's superslow rocket, mages's static vortex and knight's melee range single target brow), please make it instantaneous for it to be fair.

    Also, I find it extremely unfair that ranger gets only bladedance and jump as 2 escape moves. Pff, when upgraded bladedance can only be casted 4-6 times consecutively and jump needs 9 second cooldown, debuffs and restore 25 conc. *** is this?? Mages get 1 10s cooldown teleport, DK gets a 11 sec cd jump when fully upgraded and 12s cd charge, dwarf only gets a 10s cooldown rocketjump. 9 second for ranger?!?! Are you serious?!!?! it is only 1 second faster than the second fastest escape move from a class who possesses only 1 escape?? It should be at least 5 second faster to be fair. I propose 4 second cd jump and lower bladedance from 37 to 10 concentration ( I like the way my character bladedances around DK and incoming projectiles :D).

    Let's talk about healing. DK Heal is OP OP OP. They have 3 heals. Removing supernatural regen (1min cd) and 10% regen heal from their battlecry and dragonskin is not enough, they are still too OP in healing. Now their 20% damage heal from wild swing, 1 minute cooldown dragonskin damage heal and taunt 10% regen heal are still too much !!! My ranger can only heal with wolves every 48 seconds and for every enemy I kill with deadlyblow, I ONLY gain 10% of my hp back with full concentration. What is this?? 10%?? this is too little, it needs to be at least 50%, don't you know? we melee too. Our class heal should be stronger than DK because DK is a melee class and they have 10% MORE ARMOR!!!! ***, where is the fairness?! And deadlyblow only increase speed by 7% per stack and only stack up to 3 times? why so low stacks? It should be at least 10 stack cap. Plus don't you see? Deadlyblow requires no concentration and deals 100% -> 200% with marked per shot, it is clearly not enough. DK Smash when fully upgraded deals 240% base and they require 20 rage per use. I propose at least 250% for deadlyblow because compared to DK, we have 10% LESS ARMOR! Don't even get me started on Mage healing, 5% max hp per kill with magic missle, it is not fair, they ranged/distance attack classed and need no heal -_-. And dwarf with steam heal that heals 5% in exchange for 15/20% steam is far too op, you gave them too much steam regen, they need nerf.

    Let's talk about stun debuffs. Rangers get ONLY 2 !!! Jump with lowest 9 sec cooldown and adrenaline with 18sec cooldown that gives +60% runspeed and refill conc. 2 debuffs is not enough against all those OP classes. You gave dwarf 1 debuff (10s cd rocket jump), Mage 2 debuff (20 sec ice nova & 10 sec teleport) and OMG to that OP DK 2 debuffs as well (23sec battlecry fully upgraded & 11 sec jump fully upgraded). Rangers is a squishy ranged class, we need like at least 5 to be on even footing against that tanky melee DK (Don't you know they have 10% more armor??) and that OP burst damage mage with their fully upgraded 126% fireball (compared to my fully upgraded marked 300% precision shot capable of 4-6 consecutive shots and 300% bird and 800% explosive arrow). As for the dwarves, their armor break rocket is OP, it flies super fast compare to my explosive arrow, and it does 150% damage and ranger's EA only deals 800%... I propose we nerf their rocket more, say, 25% damage and half their current air speed to be fair.

    Time to talk about knowledge tree. You gave us only 50 points like all other classes. We should be better because we're rangers. We need at least 75 points. 50% more damage with speedy 1 handed bows + quiver (5 additional gem slots) is not fair, it should be at least 100% more damage to match OP 2h weapons. Being able to 1 shot mages with precision arrow/explosive arrow is too much work/effort on my part, it should be as soon as I enter arena, all mages die from the fear of seeing my character. As for DK? pff I have to fire that easy to aim explosive arrow to 1 shot them with that underpowered 800% dmg and if they survive miraculously and with their armor broken, I still have 50 conc left to give them another precision shot ( 2 shots!!! how dare you? Don't you see the stress you put me through as ranger?!), or better yet, give them the BIRD xD Get it? haha the pun, give them the bird while they try to catch me at 10% hp and slowed down by 40% from being marked xD And if God forbit and I miss at melee range, I must click another button on adrenaline to refill my concentration to full...As I said numerous times earlier, we rangers sometimes play melee. DK gets 50% more blocking on knowledge (same as other classes), and we have 10% LESS ARMOR and we get the same 50% blocking.... Developers, this needs more work. With 10% LESS ARMOR, we need to be compensated with 75% more blocking. Mages and dwarves can stick with their 50% blocking cuz they range class and DK gets 10% more armor. It's only fair.

    I want to thank you personally for delaying test server release from the previous announced July 13 to August 7. With that extra month, you made many great balancing choices and I think you are almost there. A few more buffs to the ranger class, and it will be perfect for live release. I have complete confidence in your competent and well-funded development and QA team. Soon, even a brain damaged child will be able to pick ranger as their starting class. The other classes seem like too much of a noob trap with the current test server release, and we don't want that now, do we? Your potential customers would hate spending hours upon hours building their DK/Mage/Dwarf and investing large sum of money only to find out that Ranger is far superior.

    [With respect to concentration and calcuated number of shots before you run out, it is assumed you picked up 25% more concentration talent from knowledge tree along with natural conc regen speed. I love you DSO.]
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  20. matami

    matami Someday Author

    he is trolling/flameing (or high :) ) .. he does not need any attention :D
    he is basically saying at the end that mages should die if they even see his character..
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