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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by Midgets, Dec 10, 2013.

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  1. Midgets

    Midgets Forum Newbie

  2. DocWhisky

    DocWhisky Forum Mogul

    Awesome ...some new quests to help us fill the gap between lvls... Very cool!
    While playing on TS yesterday and today I have noticed that every time you go through a door or portal when you appear on the other side, its like there is some one standing right on that spot and you get spit off to 1 side or the other. Not sure if this is on purpose or just a bug.
  3. Brian1919

    Brian1919 Junior Expert

  4. Slitrobo

    Slitrobo Forum Connoisseur

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  5. Midgets

    Midgets Forum Newbie

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  6. Marce

    Marce Junior Expert

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  7. perrush

    perrush Active Author

    Does anyone know what this is all about ?

  8. bojsha

    bojsha Someday Author

    :eek: ... awsome! :D

    Amulet, Ring, Weapon Adorment, Shield, Sword.

    2 set part = +10% HP
    3 set part = +20% armor
    4 set part = +60% Block Rate
    5 set part = +100% Critical Damage

    I just did.
  9. Paavelsons

    Paavelsons Regular

    you mom is overpowered.. go try mortis naked lol :D 100% critical is nothing.
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  10. Talicni

    Talicni Forum Connoisseur

    And what about stats?
  11. bojsha

    bojsha Someday Author

    I don't know but by the looks of it it's gonna be great.
  12. Zokin

    Zokin Forum Expert

    And again another 40 lvl uniqe items... :(
  13. Geobli

    Geobli Advanced

    +200 HP and 3,5% something(I don't know what that is) it's not great, It is bad actually, if other items are with not good stats, then this might not be as popular as the Dark, Keen/Roshan/Yachak , Sargon's Armor sets. And the set bonuses aren't that good, too much defensive. This kind of sets, also the defensive set from Attack Werian event, will make battle vs (45lvl heal & 40 lvl pvp heal)tanks in 3v3 and 1v1 more boring then already is, especially when 2 tanks of that kind facing 1vs1 each other [adding that much heal to the tanks is pretty good, I found it useful with my tank for tanking, but when it comes to pvp(1v1, 3v3) is pretty much OP].

    They put many 40 lvl unique items because they want people to use GoP, making the experience for getting a good set longer, so you have more work into the game and don't "finish" it fast, also getting a chance to make people buy some Anderment. Can't say that this is wrong or something, it is just like this, I personally like GoP system or should I say prefer? Over the old Anderment system.
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  14. bojsha

    bojsha Someday Author

    200 hitpoints and 3.5% faster movement speed.

    I think this ring is for mage.
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  15. Geobli

    Geobli Advanced

    Ah, ok. I guess this set is aiming at the 5v5's Flag carriers.
  16. bojsha

    bojsha Someday Author

    The ring is for a Dragon Knight :( with only 200HP :confused: wonder how much HP for mage then, 100HP?
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