Attack speed breakpoints FAQ

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by ULTRAPEINLICH, May 24, 2015.

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  1. Snede

    Snede Forum Apprentice

    Judging from the numbers, it looks like they just found it imperically.
    I do this for friends, if someone is unsure if they are above a breakpoint.
    I lower my speed to be in the same breakpoint pocket, and we just compare speeds.
    It would take forever fiddling with sapphires, but with many sapphires you can build any speed.
    Kind regards/Snede@heredur@2,77 :)
  2. draco994

    draco994 Active Author

    dps is purely maths , so even if it is not in break points the dps calculated will be the net result eventhough it is meagre , but yet it is significant , for eg. same base dam with 1.43 ats and 1.48 ats would be having diff in dps and only that calculation is what is reflected in game , and i think that dps minus the armour /res of mobs is what we see in screen and hence it would be certainly reflected. infact this game is on such maths so it should be. isnt it

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    i calculated my dps with 30% andrakash gloves and 10% dark gloves, certainly both give almost approx value.. .in dps. so i think the 10% speed gloves is equal to 30% crit dam andrakash gloves. i post this as many dks seen buying this , but if u can fetch a gloves with more speed , u can save that 8.5k anders for slots or something else.
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  3. Mindship

    Mindship Forum Inhabitant

    Indeed, with a game so heavily steeped in math, you would think it would work this way, that the game would Not put the pure-math higher attack speed "on hold" til the next breakpoint was reached. But consensus is (at least as I read it), it does.

    And something else to consider: suppose you reach the next breakpoint for 20AF skills but not for the 15AF skills. Would that mean DPS goes up only for the 20AFs while the 15AFs are still "on hold"?

    Breakpoints may in fact exist because the continuity of (any) animation is ultimately an illusion. Animation is not smooth but a series of separate, discreet frames, whose quick succession (too fast for the eye to see) mimics smooth, unbroken motion (though in DSO's case, not always so smooth -- thank you, lag). This inherent animation property may trump any math simply because, in a manner of speaking, the game "can't keep up with itself."

    /2-cents worth


    Update: Well, ain't this a poke in the nuts. I recently hit the next breakpoint for my ranger's 20af skills. The deadly blow definitely seems faster, and so does the precision shot (as they should). But no matter how many times I watch or how closely I look, I can't see any solid speed difference between the precision shot and the 15af green arrow. In other words, the 15af skills look faster, too. :confused:

    Anyone else with different breakpoint skills?
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