Feedback Attack speed runes, just conversion ?

Discussion in 'Speakers‘ Corner' started by Testador, Dec 19, 2018.

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Do you think the conversion of attack runes to R214 was fair?

  1. I do not think it was fair !

    28 vote(s)
  2. I think it was fair !

    7 vote(s)
  1. Testador

    Testador Junior Expert

    I created this post to show my misgivings with the conversion of attack speed runes in R214, I did not express myself before because I thought it was a mistake and today's script would be corrected, because this conversion is unfair and abusive.

    I had (R212) 10 runes at the maximum level (lv4), now I have (R214) 5 runes on lv3 and 5 on lv2.

    I worked hard to get my level up, even spending my money on 5 runes of valorization, the only feeling I have is that I was robbed.

    I manage a facebook group with more than 4k members, I always divulged the DSO and I supported the changes, but this conversion is not acceptable.

    Old 1h Rune:
    lv1 => lv1
    lv2 => lv1
    lv3 => lv1
    lv4 => lv2

    Old 1h Rune:
    lv1 => lv1
    lv2 => lv2
    lv3 => lv3
    lv4 => lv3

  2. Dümbledore

    Dümbledore Someday Author

    Drakensang online
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  3. Kyrara

    Kyrara Forum Greenhorn

    Not fair with who had the high levels.
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  4. pedrobassi

    pedrobassi Forum Apprentice

    Unfortunately once again our chars were DOWN, I played a lot and I spent a lot of my life to have my TOP RUNAS, and now, simply BigPoint REDUCE THE RUNS 'VALUES.
    I hope they come back and return our RUNS.
    It was already FULL 16 in the weapon and FULL 8 in the Decoration.
    Here is my INDIGINATION with this attitude of BIGPOINT.
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  5. meurerplay

    meurerplay Someday Author

    I was very upset about these rune conversions that make no sense where my adornment had 5x NV4 = 8% and agr only has 5xNV3 = 6% ... it's as if I had deleted my runes -_- NERFED
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    IKILLGIANTS Active Author

    dont you reckon you are a bit late? their gone get over it!
  7. ghostmagicus

    ghostmagicus Forum Pro

    Yes, is not fair, anyone can see. But many peope are not involved at all in comunity of players, expecting others to fight for them, and they start complaining when is too late.

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  8. MikeyMetro

    MikeyMetro Forum Overlooker

    It is never too late to raise your voice against injustice.

    True some folks are not involved with the forum. They do not realize they have been hosed until something goes live. Then they have every right to speak out. The "community of players" also includes those who only interact in-game.

    It is not too late for the devs to do something to sooth this most heinous act of theirs. Remove the nerf from the wep adorn; bonus code a few runes; just a couple of ideas.
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  9. Testador

    Testador Junior Expert

  10. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    You had 18 before and 18 after... you didn't lose anything. They just redefined the system and converted them accordingly. Further, this happened to everyone equally and fairly (i.e. "Justly").

    The real crime was what happened to sapphires. I had gems worth 486k andermant exchanged for runes that can be farmed in less than three months of Moon events... That is unjust, not what they did to the speed runes. What they did to runes was unpopular, but it was fair.

    P.S. BP isn't going to do anything to change this. There was plenty of negative feedback during the feedback period, you know, when this sort of feedback might have made a difference, but BP did it anyway. Complain if it is cathartic for you, but don't complain expecting any change. It won't happen.
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  11. ghostmagicus

    ghostmagicus Forum Pro

    No, is not fair. Because for example a player who had before 5 supreme grand celerity rune, and one who had 5 mighty grand celerity rune, have after patch same 5 mighty rune, you call that fair? One who worked 3 times more than other have same stats after pach, i dont condsider this to be fair.

    I agree that is very less probability that BP to changes this, this is why i consider that players should be involved more in the comunity of players beeing active on forum and not only on game.
  12. Testador

    Testador Junior Expert

    Do you know the attack speed I had before R214?

    For your information I had to put points in the Knowledge to achieve the same attack speed as I had in R212.

    So please do not suppose what you do not know!
  13. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    Do you know what attack speed I had before R214?
    For your information, not even wisdom is enough to get me back to where I was and I have to wait months of farming moon events to get back to where I should be.
    Please, Don't make me laugh! I've forgotten more about this game than you know.

    And if the above post offends you, speak to me more politely and I'll be more polite to you in return.
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  14. .RakshaRanja.

    .RakshaRanja. Forum Pro

    He had: 5x 16% + 5x 8%
    He has: 5x 16% + 5x 6%
    Loss: 10% speed.

    Somebody had: 5x 12% + 5x 6%
    Somebody has: 5x 16% + 5x 6%
    Gain: 20% speed.

    You had: 5x 14% + 5x 14%
    You have: 5x 16% + 5x 8%
    Loss: 20% speed.
    Gain: 5 slots for onyxes/rubies in deco.
    Not like sapphire conversion happened to everyone equally almost 2 years ago either, right?

    R214 rune conversion was fair?
    R185 conversion (sapphire --> rune)
    5x sacred sapphire = 5x 12% 2h
    5x sacred sapphire = 5x 8% 1h + 1x 6% 1h + 2x 4% 1h

    R214 conversion (rune --> rune)
    5x 12% 2h = 5x 16% 2h
    5x 8% 1h + 1x 6% 1h + 2x 4% 1h = 5x 6% deco + 3x 4% deco
    R185 conversion (sapphire --> rune)
    5x royal sapphire = 5x 16% 2h
    5x royal sapphire = 6x 8% 1h + 2x 6% 1h

    R214 conversion (rune --> rune)
    5x 16% 2h = 5x 16% 2h
    6x 8% 1h + 2x 6% 1h = 6x 6% deco 2x 4% deco
    The difference between 4860k anders and 1620k anders is .........
    1x 6% deco and 1x 4% deco runes = 4 tier 1 runes = 1 month of moon events.
    Well, lemme say this:
    As long as runes conversion is fair sapphire conversion is too.

    The sapphire "issue" is here only cause you were allowed to use gems that were meant to be removed from the game for almost 2 years. People adapted, you clearly didnt for past 2 years and now you must like colossal majority after R185.
    Obviously you wont agree cause you were stuck in early 2017 with your sapphires (well not anymore *chuckle*).

    How about that - both runes exchange rate AND sapphires exchange rate was a scummy move.
  15. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    The difference is, one was earned at a rather steady rate for completing events. The other was worth hundreds of thousands of andermant, but was replaced with something that can be farmed in less than three months. Can you farm 486k andermant in three months? No? Then the sapphire to rune conversion rate wasn't fair.
  16. Jakeybear

    Jakeybear Forum Apprentice

    As much as this argument is a solid one, do you not think you got your use out of them?

    Ignoring the fact that players with them had an advantage that was completely unobtainable for newer players (which apparently the DSO veterans think was a good thing, which blows my mind considering how all they ever complain about is balance).
    Surely you did not expect to be able to use them as was forever.

    This was obviously coming, and despite the conversion not being as accurate as people had hoped, it would have been stupid to not expect them to depreciate, just like your equipment has over the years (but everyone seems to be fine with losing thousands of hours of farming, because that did not cost them Andermant).

    Funny how that works.
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  17. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    except Bp could have simply not remove the ability to buy sapphires and the ability to get them from drops, thus preventing the creation of this problems

    Why should hard earned sapphires be taken away like that, without even proper compensation?If sapphires constituted such an advantage, they should have simply been allowed to be buyable and droppable
  18. Jakeybear

    Jakeybear Forum Apprentice

    I completely agree with you, the gem system should never have changed in the first place. But it was obvious that once it did, sapphires would be placed on the chopping block in due time, and deservedly so.
  19. .RakshaRanja.

    .RakshaRanja. Forum Pro

    First of all - not 486k but either 364,5k or 324k depending if you bought them during 25% or 33% sale. Bah, some peeps could save a huge chunk on 50% promotion before R155 but I'll ignore this one (in your favor) and count only 25% and 33% since these were available much more often.
    Secondly - you could get up to 9 jewels of enchancement (before sapphire drop removal) making 9 royal sapphires worth 2/3 of the price (243k or 216k for 25% and 33% sales)
    Thirdly - alot of sapphires were farmed. Not every single sapphire was bought. I had 8x flawless (when R185 hit live) just from farm on my mage which I started playing with on Nov '16. That's 5 months. Sapphires were in game for 5,5 years. Obviously drop rates were lower earlier but still. It didnt took neither eternity nor 5 mil anders to finish royals especially later on when drop rates were much better, we had jewels of enchancement (2015), sapphires from cubes (2014), jesters (2014), farming with pvp (now) explosions, guaranteed anders from mini bosses (dragon caverns / eternal watch) and stuff.

    9x 216k + 324k = 2268k
    9x 243k + 364,5k = 2551,5k

    so we're looking at 2592k anders difference and that's not including dropped sapphires.

    Now, my personal experience. 10 days passed since R214 and I farmed about 30-35k anders (currently 29k more on my account + I've spent 4k on slot, few 120 when our team wiped ect).
    Is 3-3,5k per day alot? I dont think so.

    90x 3k = 270k
    270k - 216k = 54k additional anders after 3 months.
    270k - 243k = 27k additional anders after 3 months.

    With jesters ingame that could've been easily twice that much each day.

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  20. luishorus

    luishorus Padavan

    I read somewhere above that players are not involved in the forums so there are less people giving feedback about the post,probably because bigpoin close forums in other lenguages like portuguese ans spanhis and not every one knows how to wright in inglis thas is the main reason so people are disapearing from the forums,if bigpoin only opens a german forum many paople desapear from the forum that whay they dont need to worry about players complains. so they could keep this changes that makes all of the years of farming and money spent usless for players. all the gems and runres that players get become for time and money spent and now bigpoin cames and nerf all of this. Sorri about my writing but its a litle bit hard for me to wright perfect inglis.