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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by trakilaki, Jan 16, 2018.

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  1. Fugnuts

    Fugnuts Forum Master

    I see..So now when i have close to 20k pristines and in a few months will have 40-50k then i should just drop them rather than exchanging them for other cores that i need.Id be ok even with a 1:10 ratio for augument for instance.Id get 5k auguments which will be enough for 2 upgrades rather than just dropping the cores and get nothing in return.

    You are missing the main point here trakilaki...Most cores become useless once you get too many of them.Trading 1 type of core that you have too many of for another type that you need is a solution for making the useless cores usefull again.Or maybe you are ok with dropping few tens of thousands of each core because you have no use for them.I sure dont and im also sure that everyone who worked hard on acquiring these extra cores will be glad to have the opportunity to exchange them for other cores that they need instead of just dropping them.
  2. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    How many essences we had to trash because of inventory space?
    How many silver essences we are trashing because we are getting more silver essences than pebbles and flowers to exchange them for x999 Shining silver Essence?
    How many Mortis Coins we had to destroy after years of farming?
    How many costumes, mounts, emotes and pets we are trashing because we already have them?
    How many costumes, mounts, emotes and pets we have trashed before Collector's Bag implemented in the game ... just because we couldn't have them all into our inventory? Many of them are not obtainable anymore.
    Etc ...

    Well ... we maybe want to exchange the surplus of cores for Batmobile mount ... but it is not about what you and I want.
    Instead of "I want" suggestion ... you have to have realistic approach and propose something that can actually be used. Trading one type cores for other type of cores will never be implemented. Especially when it comes to Augment cores.
    Augment cores (with the drop rate as it is) are part of the premium membership ... if they make them obtainable with trading the premium membership is losing one of its perks. (just one example)

    Pristine cores are easiest to get of them all ... you and I might have tens of thousands of Pristine Cores because we play for a long time ... but the new players are having none. So how would they compete with the old players if old players are having infinite cores and draken?
    Planning is crucial ... you can't be just spending spending and spending you have to have a plan.

    Making a realistic proposal instead of being greedy is the only way.
    It is only suggestion ... no one says it is going to be taken into account ... but when making it based on solid grounds chances for success are much higher.
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  3. Fugnuts

    Fugnuts Forum Master

    New players only get pristines from cubes, leaderboard rewards or buying them with MF.They are rarely invited in party on infernals if they are weak and they cant farm those modes solo anyways.They can however farm lower levels and guess what they get there? Other cores that they have no use for (lets take blazing cores for instance).They could however use those useless blazing cores to get some pristines for them and therefore make them develop their char faster.I guess you understand the point here.

    This is not a "greedy" idea.As you can see it will also benefit those new players and it will help them quite a lot since its very hard for them to even acquire 400 pristines and transfer 1 item.

    The way i see it , the only ones to be blamed for this are people like you.Everytime someone comes with a good suggestion on forums, meant to change the bad aspects of the game, then you and few others come and destroy it completely, without even thinking about it.
    Its happening right now with this cores suggestion.I have proved to you that it will help more than it will harm and yet, you cant or dont want to understand.

    You are not happy that we had to throw so many things like mortis coins, essences, mounts, pets and more recently cores, but you dont try to fix it either.When other try, you are against it.

    And why cant this suggestion be used?Ive given you a few strong points why this should be used and how it will make more good than bad.Why should we continue with the "drop everything once u get max amount of it" trend, like we did with mounts/mortis coins or essences?Also why are you against something which prevents you from doing extra grinding? You dont think this game has plenty of it yet?
  4. MikeyMetro

    MikeyMetro Forum Overlooker

    It's not that it cannot be used. Technically anything should be possible. @Trakilaki 's suggestion is based on the game's history of what the devs are more likely to do.

    When the draken cost of augment cores was first jacked up on the test server; I (and others) suggested here on the forums that the cost be lowered at or closer to what it was originally. This is still my personal preference. I knew that this suggestion was a longshot based on the history of what the devs were likely to do.

    I have no real objections to the ideas of exchange or core crafting. But again, based on the past, it is unlikely that the devs are unlikely to do either of these.

    The devs are much more likely to implement alternative sources simply because the alternatives can generate additional revenue. Augment core crafting was originally introduced as one such alternative since it makes money for the game from those willing to buy anders to spend on getting more draken.

    Getting more auggies from an event is more likely since the primary purpose of events is to generate more revenue. (My apologies if I burst anyone's idealistic bubble that thought the primary purpose of events was to provide us with additional entertainment :p)

    Sure well can all keep making our 'pie in the sky' suggestions. Nothing wrong with that. But when a really good suggestion comes along... really good in the devs eyes will make more money and on a side note benefit players... when a really good suggestion comes along I will support it above my personal preference.

    Anyway, here is my +1 to the suggestion of getting auggies from event type activities :cool:

    Luck be with ye,
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  5. Rhysingstar

    Rhysingstar Forum Ambassador

    Everyone one of your examples is based on poor game design by the developers. While the big games were providing space for players, the DSO dev's were too focused on milking every last dollar possible from the dwindling player base.

    When players complained about not having anything useful to spend draken on, the dev's went out of their way to create things that need way too many draken on top of lower draken drops in certain events. Same with various cores. We have plenty that are pretty much useless and the ones we need are basically unobtainable.

    If any of the dev's were actual gamers, they would realize that effort needs to be rewarded at a certain point. If it takes years, most people will lose interest and move on. When your past effort is taken away (nerfing) people move on.

    This is no different than what they do with higher levels having less rewards than normal. This is just plain idiotic.

    100% of this games issues could be solved by hiring a few actual players and allowing them to have some say in the development of the game and bringing the reward vs effort more in line.

    No, it should not be too easy, but it should not take years upon years either.
  6. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    They'll never add ways to farm drakens again, otherwise who would buy those lootboxe... erm, lucky spheres?I mean, those sphere ain't gonna buy themselves, right? Money ain't gonna be milked itself from players

    We used to be able to earn mounts and costumes either as drops or from event bar or from quest or by crafting
    Thankfully this trend seems to be returning, with ghost festival and christmas event

    Not only that, they are also putting obstacles to players wanting to enjoy the content, to waste players time
    Like those boss animations, or the removal of free resets in boss maps
    Or make tedious farming to enter event maps or dungeons

    The thing is, developers are not gamers and are and have always been enemies of gamers, they are trying to trick gamers, to steal their money, they always tried to do that
    But once upon a time, gamers were woke and saw through developers and controlled them
    but now they are passive and accept every decision from developers, without question

    And those gamers who are still woke and aware are being criticized by their fellow gamers
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  7. Demon

    Demon Forum Mogul

    And this is the main reason why this game has inexistent community on twitch, is a pay to win game and nothing will change.The only reason why i still play this game is that is low on resources and has pvp.
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