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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by Demon, Aug 18, 2017.

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Do you consider the cost for augment core:

  1. Expensive

    40 vote(s)
  2. Is ok

    6 vote(s)
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  1. Demon

    Demon Forum Mogul

    You cant jump to tier 5-6 because Augment base crafting can be done only from rank to rank you cant jump multiple ranks.
    The request to lower the price of cores is special for Dk because is the only class that need to craft 2 builds and both contain dragan pieces, and also for the future ...infernal 10.
    I they want to mentain the prices then they should put different amount of drakens on events for each dificulties.

  2. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Who said you should raise tiers in all items?
    You would upgrade them only if necessary and if you have enough drakens.
    You people want buy-able items for drakens and materi ... and then complain the prices for Augment cores are high :D
    Well make a plan and spend your resources wisely.
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  3. Demon

    Demon Forum Mogul

    It is necesary for my tank build to upgrade the rank for my dragan set.
    Maybe the damage build can be used as it drop but think furder how i can manage to upgrade my dragan set if they implement infernal 10 before dragan event? How can i tank then ? I will be forced to use another pieces of equipment and all my investment in dragan will be lost untill the new Dragan event will come and i can transferr them.
    So if you can do your job with your ranger no mather if you upgrade your gear or not please make a DK lv55 and try to make that work - and you will see how many resources you need to make two builds one for tank and another for leaderboard.
    You know that DK is the most expensive and demanding class in this game, i dont understand why you evaluate from your perspective.Maybe you have drakens you dont use them but i dont have so many.I hope when you will have to upgrade your bow from rank 10 to rank 13 you will point but will be too late.
    Anyway if they implement this crafting method with this prices and will not give us an alternative method to optain the augment cores it will be a big fail for future ranks of items because will be to expensive to be used.
    So why they bother to make this if it will not be viable? Just to shut out our mouths.?
    And you know i spend my resources wisely but the amount of them is the problem , the fact that are limited very limited for the new features they implement in game.
    Maybe you support the new Bp marketing strategy to buy more sphere from knob to make drakens.I dont.
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  4. iNeXoRaBlE

    iNeXoRaBlE Forum Great Master

    Well don't mind the old players, they don't feel a new player. They have like a ton of Drakens and for now they dont really care.
    Yesterday i made my first transfer, you know what? It was a hell. I gathered some pristine and bought some. The elemental cores are hard to get as well. I made a tank build to farm infernal modes.
    We don't want to spend our lives farming you know, i don't know what others here do for living, but i dont have that luxury.
    The game should be more casual, now its like a part time job.
  5. Saved_81

    Saved_81 Forum Master


    You got it, now you can get unique sets also in painful and that's more than enough for casual player to access any contents in the game.
    Higher tiers/difficults must be reserved to dedicated players as logically anyone should expect.

    Hack & slash rpg are always been based on farming, the point is to optimize the time/reward ratios.
    The goal it's to archive the most out of the time @ your disposal.
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  6. uenkai

    uenkai Forum Apprentice

    Yes i agreed too.

    After repeated launching of releases in this game, as player point of views "we seems being toyed" lol.

    What i mean is those loyal players in this game whom want the best items with hardcore farming in order to keep competitive in this game difficulty as well as those "strong players". However such stuffs like "augment cores" that can benefit us from saving cost of materi to obtain "gold line" base stat dont come earlier? Why we used to have tier1 items and it was removed and now back again? As a player whom dedicated to this game working to build his/her character and such changes really annoyed us from time to time being treated like a "fool".

    If BP wants to do somehow like other Morpg games with future infernal 6,7,8,9,10 etc... perhaps my suggestion was to have a "trading between us players"?

    In this way we wont feel painful after doing and purchasing with materi fragments on those uniques/sets and we can sell to other players whom actually needs it or new players? And we can use the amount of funds we sold to purchase and upgrade? And we do not need to have such feelings of "effortlessly farming for it again and again NON STOP". =)
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  7. Demon

    Demon Forum Mogul

    Trade can be a strategy to earn more players but should be remouved and they have done this many times will not be a first time.
    But i gues it will not work because all player base that farm for glory will leave , and for a short period of time the gap will be filled by new players that will be atract by the new feature, the problem will be when yhey will close the Trade and we know a ded game after they close AH.
    Trade is not a solution because will create monsters.
    Maube we sould not hurry to craft using augment cores, maybe they will reconsider the prices it will not be a first time.
    They have done the same mistake with the sapphires they just need some time to understand that this crafting method cant be used for high ranks because the prices.
    A nice solution is to make them drop from event bosses like Karabosa and Bloodmage.
  8. Shy-FX

    Shy-FX Forum Greenhorn

    allowing boss's to drop these would remove the price argument..
    as it stand if i found a level 20uniq in event id be level 35 before upgrading it.. by then id of died because im still using a level 20 item lol.
  9. Demon

    Demon Forum Mogul

    This is the oficial answer fro this pricw problem
    "From our point of view, this is a meaningful investment + we adjusted this price based on player feedback. In the near future, you will get new possibilities to gather more needed cores in an efficient manner, as we willrelease several new mechanics to receivethese items in the following releases."
    So this thread is no enough for them, this 88 % against this new prices for augment cores has an oposed reaction from them, so they listen our fewdback what we need more....
    Again BP show us they dont give a penny on our opinion.
  10. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Nope ...
    If you find unique item at level 20 you can never upgrade it ... not even after 50 years.
    Only level 50+ items can be upgraded.
  11. rogue07

    rogue07 Someday Author

    despite the vast majority including myself voting on it being too expensive, movements like these will simply not work due to the lack of unity in DSO playerbase.
    while a simple convenience increase would help a majority of newer players of 1-2 years, most players of 3-5 years simply dont care and therefore disagree purely due to the fact that it doesnt concern them.

    the mentality of, "I spent years getting what I have now..and so should you! stop complaining! :mad:"
    is absolutely wrong. an MMO is a living thing, with its growth and progress, the convenience levels need to rise adequately too. in order for the players to keep up with the meta of a current release, players need to have a level of convenience to speed up the process of reaching the current meta from the old one.

    by example: when t5 was implemented a lot of the players were stumped, that they would have to spend a whole lot of time again farming for soul transfer.
    but then augment cores were released, allowing players to keep their hard earned items, especially their gold base value items which took much investment to acquire.

    reality is, these players at end level augment their gear to T5 and finish their characters, and then would be suggesting that augment cores should be removed as it makes it too easy for players to become "pro"

    majority of the veteran DSO playerbase is egocentric and afraid of losing their supremacy/elite status

    back to point: yeah, augment cores could use a price reduction, because unlike the 3-6 year old players, im not sitting on 10k or 20k draken.

    also, augment cores while being a convenience... it doesnt completely remove the farming aspect, i mean.. when i augmented my sigris adorn to t5, i had to do 130+ directs to painful bearach for the shock cores. which is about 32.5k materi and a crap ton of time invested
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  12. krawler2018

    krawler2018 Junior Expert

    they should increase the drakens u can get from events, like at least 1000 per event completed, if u want to buy uniques with drakens and cores u must farm 2 years to make a t4 or t5
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