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    FAALHAAS Forum Commissioner

    Sincerly wonder why you removed my feedback...You can remove my feedback but dont bother to reply in

    Ill just say it again:

    This event is a complete waste of time. Lootboxes as ''grand prize'' is just a scam. Only item in these boxes that are worth something are the dragonbones and as expected the chance to get those are close to 0%.

    First time in years i wont be finishing an event in this game.
    Any player who finish this event is guilty of showing these devs that these kind of events/rewards are OK to do and thus causes no change or even worse progress bars in the future.
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  2. bilybob

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    Exactly, I am stunned by how many event cloaks I have seen being worn at a price of $29.99 USD. There are a handful in my guild with these cloaks and I wonder why they would invest in something that is so flawed. They are all in a rush to finish this flawed event that offers mediocre rewards which can easily be outpaced by farming PW's and/or bloodchests. These people are contributing to the status quo and stagnant nature of the game with these purchases.

    The time and resources required to finish both the main and mini are simply not worth it to me anyway. The event uniques that were once acceptable have been reduced to garbage status. I don't care about a rebranded tiger or pets that are the same but of a different colour. The huge progress bars are certainly by design and I would say almost predatory in nature in that they are counting on the need for some to P2W.

    I did the main up to the 2 loot box reward and wasn't shocked when I received 30 Crescerites in 1 box and 150K GoP's in the other. Thank you for those game changing rewards DSO!

    We shall see what the upcoming CE brings, but I'm afraid it will be just more lipstick on a pig.
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