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  1. Imaginary_kat

    Imaginary_kat Forum Apprentice

    guys guys guys.....this is a "big point" prompted game n many ppl know dat any game(not jst DSO) they publish is highly money drivin. long ago thr was only polished gems but then they introduced new ones (radiated,flawless,scared) 4 money n at dat time u can farm max of 600 andermant per hr r 7000 per day n now they r jst nerfed .i checked a website with comments abt DSO dat a bunch of players left da game when they saw it was toooo much money drivin i understand they need money but this is too much....its either pay huge (not jst pay HUDE i talkin) r grind grind grind 4 24/7/365

    So trust me my brothers n sisters when i say BG doesn't care abt us as long as they r huge p2p(i don't blame them cuz they at least work hard 4 dat at real life but BG r jst allowin them 2 go da wrong way n spoil da game) so instead of wastin ur time typin start grindin r payin r best go find a new game

    Have problem with wat i say?? :cool:
  2. Ralph

    Ralph Someday Author

    None. Except with your grammar. :rolleyes:
  3. ~IceAngel~

    ~IceAngel~ Junior Expert

    Actually from a business point of view it will make more money long term because they wont die in the course of a few months as the game runescape did when the developers became money hungry average population went from 125k-200k to about 30k per day it just destroyed the game.

    We need f2p to enjoy the game not say "oh great its one of those game" right off the bat and just leave to a different f2p game that doesn't kill them in 1 shot. By the way the real pay to play are people like myself in level 45 who spend thousands on gems and items.(yet look how much i care for my gaming comunity)
  4. ~IceAngel~

    ~IceAngel~ Junior Expert

    Oh my god.. can you say that again in english?
  5. Imaginary_kat

    Imaginary_kat Forum Apprentice

    sorry people English is not my native language sue me ....savuda nai payalugala
  6. Ralph

    Ralph Someday Author

    No. It's about your texting abbreviations. We call that in our country "Jejemon".
  7. Imaginary_kat

    Imaginary_kat Forum Apprentice

    ya mean like "ppl ,r, n, u, cuz" yeah i get it
  8. TheInfamous

    TheInfamous Board Analyst

    All F2P games are money driven otherwise they wouldn't last past BETA. They all have a certain budget to jump start the game... after that money needs to be supplied by players or sponsors...

    P2P games are money driven from the start too... so you just have to decide.

    Play a Pay-to-Win game or play a Pay-to-Play game.
    P2W aka F2P

    If you are payer this is better than a P2P game because you'll have less competition.
    Things are pretty easy to accomplish.
    You choose to pay and can't suddenly be denied things because you failed to pay.
    Generally higher player bases as few people are willing to commit to a pay game.
    Lower graphics and overall smoothness of gameplay when compared to P2P games.
    Less content and fewer updates.
    Less runtime. Usually F2P games run into the ground after a few years while P2P games continue for longer amounts of time.
    If you are a non-payer you have a difficult time playing.

    P2P game

    Better graphics, lots of content, more frequent updates.
    Smooth gameplay and probably better server connections.
    You have to pay... not really your choice. Pay or don't play. So non-payers can't play at all and we exclude them from this comparison.
    Lower player bases.
    A lot of competition. Biggest wallet wins!!
    You have potentially more time to play. Although, any single person is highly likely to play a game till the end. They usually quit before the game is shut down or even mentions a deadline.(P2P game or not.. its the same. everyone will eventually get bored)
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  9. ~IceAngel~

    ~IceAngel~ Junior Expert

    Yes that is the way games work, no one is going to invest thousands of dollars to keep paying to keep it up to just give it away without any gain that doesn't happen but people will continue to buy anders regardless of lv39- not doing pvp because they abuse it ..real gains come from the level 45s who spend thousands on the game
  10. Darcous

    Darcous Forum Apprentice

    What the amzing you see to this picture?He just put x3 money that you put to this game..He is wasting all his fortune just like gough Eliteassasin gough.. Those are the addicted that every game have.They spend 40k euros like elite instead than go buy 3 cars and 2 houses with 40k euros..
  11. joe6699

    joe6699 Junior Expert

    Low level pvp toons will hit the wall when they face top pvp players at level 45. Good luck.

    At low level you only need a few hundreds of $ to rule pvp. However, at level 45 get ready to spend a few K to kill top players.
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