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  1. -popemary0-

    -popemary0- Forum Greenhorn

    Well I decided to come back to dso about after 3 years and I have missed a ton of things I would apreciate it if you could help me a bit by answering my questions.
    1)I am starting a new character from level ,which class is the easiest to level up ?and dwarfs are still good I heard they got nerfed/reworked
    2)what's the fastest way to level up (from level 1)
    3)When starting is there anything I have to keep in mind or set as priority ?
    If you have read this far thank you.
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  2. piteris2

    piteris2 Regular

    The game’s probably not worth your time anymore. That’s just my take. It seems to me that reading the forum is more worth my time than playing the game these days...
    If you didn’t know already, the developers flushed what was left of this great game down the toilet last year.

    P.S: I apologise that I haven’t answered your questions, I will leave that to someone who wishes to give you a full explanation as I haven’t actually logged in for a while.
  3. MaxDisappointed

    MaxDisappointed Forum Master

    If you want to get improvements for your pretty face and make sure you always have advantages and bugs to take advantage of, use a mage. It has always been easy to play with a mage.
    To level up you just have to complete the quests, if you run out of quests and need a bit of exp for the next level you can kill the boss of the region according to your level, although sometimes it is more profitable to clean maps.
    You will not need any set in particular or anything special while you raise levels, the time to equip yourself well arrives when you reach the maximum level.
  4. TwiliShadow

    TwiliShadow Count Count

    Play 24/7/365 and pour thousands of dollars into DSO every week. That will get you all the way to 55 maxed everything in 3-6 months (depending on what events come).

    Me? I get 15-30 hours per week, put in a c note a year, and hey look, I (mage) can solo Inf3 after almost 3 years of dedicated 1 character play (guildless till lvl 55). :)

    Another hint.... find a good guild. It makes a world of difference.
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  5. cdeepal

    cdeepal Forum Baron

    If You don't have a preference, go for a Steam Mechanicus. They do the highest damage in the game currently and also have the best utility and group talents.
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