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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by mateandrei, Aug 28, 2016.

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  1. mateandrei

    mateandrei Forum Greenhorn

    I`m not here to cry...I just tell you the simply truth!!!
    I want to say something too all players of drakensang from this group.
    Why do you think it was fair to ban so many players who abuse the bug at piniata?
    The problem is like this: That decision it was the worst in entire game till now.
    They can take another decision...Rollback for all character who abuse the bug and
    ban them for 2-3-4 weeks.....Why? here`s the reasons:
    -- All banned character it was on first decission to take this ban
    -- All this players invest a lot of everybody ...At that point everybody
    seen a chance to make stones from jesters full....BP games are all expensive,
    but with all of these we pay every single month premium
    -- Everibody invest a lot, a lot of time in this you think is fair?
    i have a friend who had 1400 days login in row.....Why?...Because all loved this game
    -- And the last reason is everybody invest passion in this game,,Dont tell you are different,
    If anyone get banned in this way,it was mad as all this players
    Now tell me all.....why to give perma ban to all this players?
    I`m 1000% are zero players who dont abuse at least 1 bug in this game
    Doesnt matter what you receive after still abusing
    And that stupid stones from jesters make differences only in pvp....
    I HAVE RIGHT? That bug make differences the pvp arenas, and i dont seen nobody banned.
    So...i want to all banned players post this message in all forums....
    We want our characters back....Give rollback for all banned characters ...We played this game 3-4-5 years
    I think this, must to mean something for all people and Drakensang team!!!
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  2. thouvou000

    thouvou000 Forum Expert

    the reasons you are stating above are a bunch of EDIT by someone who is just crying for being banned. you think you are the only one that plays alot this game? u have any idea how many hours a day i and others play and i dont even pay for premium anymore and i still did not try to abuse such a bug because i knew that such a huge bug that causes big advantages for those who abuse it will induce equal punishments. its not just a bug that was abused like the christmas bug with the relogs, but its more similar to the other christmas event bug where many players used it to get many jester stones and andermants and thats why in their case as well they got why this one must be different? the game is like this and we still play it. there is no excuse of the type "i play many hours and i pay so i want some compensation".u referred to the pvp bug with the rings of life. first of all this bug is not as known as the event bug. and lets say it is known and it affects the pvp. in what degree does it really affect the pvp and how much more impactful the abuse of the event bug is in both pvp and pve? full royals for the abusers? any idea how many hours u have to farm for 1 royal gem especially without premium or buying anders and they just got it in an instant?you know how much easier both pve and especially pvp will be for the abusers? you stated that another solution should be taken like a rollback. why? since they can just ban these players who will most likely abuse another big bug later in the game, why not do it and not allow them to just abuse every single feature in the game? do you imagine if every single freaking time they were doing rollbacks because of the abusers? 10 days rollback each time they spot a big bug being abused? so you are asking to exasperate the majority of fair players that played the event normally and trying hard to achieve anything with fair means intead of banning those who destroy the game just to boost their ego? please go cry somewhere else because u wont find consolation here
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  3. Yamaac_chocobo

    Yamaac_chocobo Junior Expert

    law is law, you broke the law so you got punished
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  4. thebearreturns

    thebearreturns Exceptional Talent

    That's it man.... if you don't wanna play with the same rules for everyone... if you think you are above the rest of the people.... if you think you don't have to respect other players, THIS IS NOT your game. Everybody must take responsability of his own actions. You like everybody know it is NOT allowed to abuse from bugs... the fails of programmers doesn't give permisson to people taking out respect about players who REALLY make effort and play HARD, and invest money in the game also doesn't give you permisson about breaking rules.... then if i pay 50.000.000€ should i go out with a gun and start killing people??? Your statements are quite absurd.... Man get mature and become some responsably.
    When people was ABUSING they thinked legal players meant silly players... and now from silly you moved those players to extremist people....
    I was quite dissapointed in the beguining when BP announced they couldn't do anything.. now i feel quite better cause BP has showed some respect to our INTEGRITY.
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  5. heror

    heror Forum Baron

    All the post made by every single one of you has a good point.Im also banned and im waiting peacefully even thou im banned for 6 poslished stones :).But its also true there we so many other bugs some including free andermants which is better than stones as well as relog bugs and no punishment whatsoever so dont make us look like god like hakers. Some cry about it others wait peacefully just bear with this problem untill its solution comes out. Have a nice game :)
  6. furqanxx

    furqanxx Forum Greenhorn

    (Not defending the BUG users) but i also kind of agree with this .,
    I mean these bug users also put alot of there time and passion in this game , I think this is still very unfair to give them a permanent ban .,
    SOLUTION to this should be a ROLL BACK for the bug users .., I mean if bp was to give permanent ban to every player who ever used a bug in the 5years of DSO then everybody would have been banned., People need to stop Insulting the anniversary exploit users and should accept a role back for them .,:D
    Permanent ban is too cruel:cool:
    Last edited: Aug 28, 2016
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  7. sper009

    sper009 Padavan

    I'm still waiting for my unban for botting. They (I) broke the ToS, move on or start over.
  8. thouvou000

    thouvou000 Forum Expert

    you dont understand the simplest things. the permanent ban is not cruel at all because of the severity of the bug. it was not just any bug. you could become a god using this bug. its not just any small bug thats why its pusishment must be equally given to all abusers. also i dont think they can roll back only specific players. if a roll back were to happen, all players would be affected and also the roll back is a way too light type of punishment for such abuse
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  9. EhtovK

    EhtovK Old Hand

    "I'm not here to cry" *proceeds to cry*

    Swallow it up already, I didn't see anyone taking pity or sympathy towards the bot users back in the great ban wave, and I read a lot of that thread, you guys need to understand the difference between a minor exploit and a huge exploit.

    You quote previous exploits in hopes that it's going to make this one less aggravating, let's dive into an example, relog bug, which was abused by many, it had very little impact because even if someone spent all day relogging on Kranparus or PW bosses they were still doing the fighting and subject to the PRNG, the improvement or advantages that people took out of it were barely noticeable, the golden present was meant to be opened just once, so no big deal either, and those who opened it several times got busted and banned, but with this particular exploit some people was able to get gems/items worth hundreds of thousand andermant in the short span of 2-3 days, which is similar to what the bot users used to have back in the day, so why are you any different?

    We don't care if you paid a million dollars or played since alpha release, you and only you were responsible for taking care of your investment and have the common sense to know the difference between using an insignificant exploit once or twice, or even by accident, and using an exploit that will give you an illegal advantage that will put you on par with 5 year+ dedicated players or true heavy payers in 2-3 days, grow up already and accept the consequences.

    On the other hand, I'm not throwing everyone in the same bag, but a looot of the bug abusers had the nerve to brag across the servers and social media and mock the honest players when they thought they were safe, so don't expect any sympathy from the player base either.
  10. MikeyMetro

    MikeyMetro Forum Overlooker

    But they did get a roll back... way back... all the way to level 1... just as they deserved :D

    Luck be with ye,
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  11. LooneyTed

    LooneyTed Someday Author

    See? A perma-ban does not mean someone who enjoys the game and loves it cannot continue playing. These cheaters can simply create a new account and play to their hearts' content. Within the agreed upon rules, of course.

    Please stop whining. Think it through. Has it worked so far?

    This isn't a slam against you, sper009. Just supporting your case.



    Be kind.
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  12. Beldak

    Beldak Regular

    No sympathy for exploiters. You broke the rules, pay the fine.
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  13. Sunlight

    Sunlight User

    Hey there heroes,

    Let's clear some main ideas that are clearly shown in our General Terms & Conditions, document that you, in theory, read and agree with before creating your account.

    1.2.9 The use of Games and Services is only authorized via web browser or special tools made available and expressly permitted by Bigpoint (ban on unauthorized scripts). In other words: The use of programs which cause excessive server load are strictly forbidden. The application of software to systematically or automatically control games or individual game functions such as bots, macros, etc. or to reproduce or evaluate games, game components or content provided on the Portal is prohibited.

    1.2.10 The use of programming bugs and/or errors to achieve personal gain is strictly prohibited. Recognized bugs should be reported as quickly as possible in the bug forum, by IRC or by e-mail.


    Cases in which it would be unreasonable to expect Bigpoint to remain bound by the contract generally include the following:

      • The User violates criminal law.
      • The User violates the prohibition of multi-accounts which may be stipulated in the respective Game’s rules (see Sec. 1.2 above).
      • The User violates the prohibition of pushing (see Sec. 1.2 above).
      • The User violates the prohibition of non-authorized scripts (see Sec. 1.2 above).
      • The User violates the prohibition of exploiting programming errors (bugs) (see sec. 1.2)
      • The User deliberately provides false information upon registration 2, User application form) or while completing payment of Premium Features (see Sec. 7.1).
    We all guess that TGC points are clear to all. This does not mean that all players that use bugs are banned, this means that if detected it can be applied a ban. There is a risk. As you may understand, it is hard to detect all at the same time and, for that reason, it is also player's function to report them in Support, with proofs of course.

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  14. tereran810

    tereran810 Forum Apprentice

    I hope everyone here except me gets banned.
  15. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Ah, you should have seen those cynical insulting messages all over the net ... when they thought they are untouchable. Because they thought they are in great number and no one can harm them ... and insulting and laughing at those players who had not used the exploit.
    What goes around comes around.
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  16. heror

    heror Forum Baron

    As the moderator said above any expoit shoul mean ban so lets not say who deserves a ban who not :).My point is lets not make this discussion longers cuz man its like 230 pages in german forum.So lets stop saying perma or temporary ban jusy wait what bp will said hopefully tomorrow.thanks for understanding cuz it gets annoying those who deserve ban will get it :)
  17. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Not quite true.
    There are bugs/exploits and bugs/exploits.
    I will give you one example: ATM there is a bug in the game and all players (all=100%) are using it even if most of them are not aware of it. But it is a bug and it is present for a longer time and it has not been fixed. And you can't avoid it. ;)
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  18. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    Yep. I remember an old bug where all the parallel worlds were way easier than they were supposed to be. It was a universal issue and anyone doing the PWs was "exploiting" the bug. Sure, tons people were doing Mortis the way more than normal while the bug was active, but the truth is that BigPoint couldn't penalize anyone because you could not play without using the bug. That is in direct contrast to this situation where the cheaters had to actively implement a complex chain of actions that would never occur under normal playing circumstances.

    That is the difference in my opinion. People can't be banned for "using" a bug that cannot be avoided, but they deserve a ban for using a bug that would never arise from normal gameplay.
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  19. Dom4.2

    Dom4.2 Junior Expert

    Something that some people don't understand yet:
    stones = andermants.

    And you know it is delicate to play with stones... So, you know...
    Last edited: Sep 1, 2016
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  20. ^Alexdragon^

    ^Alexdragon^ Forum Apprentice

    @_Baragain_ and @trakilaki pls guys check this bug/cheat this guy is talking about "ring of life" in pvp and if possible all of us send a report, i see in arena a lot of peoples probably using it, 1 time they die istantly 1 time they are God in the same pvp match so is for sure something they change during the game!
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