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Discussion in 'General Forum' started by Poiani, May 9, 2020.

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  1. Poiani

    Poiani Forum Greenhorn

    Hi, I'm a returnee to the game, I stayed 1 year stopped I started from scratch a new character, I want to give my feedback about the difficulties it is being to participate in events due to rf,
    in the previous event (full moom ) I had to farm map mod 2 6/h for 3 days to get the rf required, now in this new event I see that it is impossible to participate, I am very sad to see the company wanting to take money from people at events, and giving a ridiculous reason to decrease the drop rf, I haven't arrived at lv 55, but I'm already close to my limit with this game,
    In-game events must be held for everyone to participate, to be able to change the gameplay from time to time, I hope my feedback is passed on.

    Sorry for bad English.
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  2. Imрerfect

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    I know the feeling... Sadly I am sure they will keep adding more pay to win content, since after all we keep giving them money. (as we I mean the community) This topic has been discussed many times by a lot of people, still, not enough for the developers to stop with their greedy choices. Drakensang Online is a very well built game but... could be way better with a more responsive and caring team. I've always thought what matters in a game is it's community and the proximity they have with the developers. I understand DSO's team too, money is tempting, but there is always a limit! I too hope your feedback is passed on, truly.

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