Best PvP Build Post-R213/214

Discussion in 'PvP (Player vs. Player)' started by piteris2, Nov 12, 2018.

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  1. daksan

    daksan Forum Apprentice

    O Great mr Trakilaki, i was aways respect you for thei nfo you provide, but you start to post EDIT lately! About new pvp in R214. Plese o mighty one answer me a few questions pls:
    1. After pinqta bug has been big ban wave, BUT also a lot of players that use it was not bannesd at all, am i right ?
    2. There was a bug with daily deals - 1 year - and there have been bans yes, but WHO? Only that idiots that made videos for it, am I right?
    3. There was bug with crafting - 1 year - and who they ban for it - NO ONE! Am I right?
    4. How long need a new player to have a chance in pvp agains that kind of players - 0.0000 even he farm 12 hours every day
    5. There are still hacks / like EDIT/ and bots in the game, am I right?
    6. And the last one - DK was nerfd+nerfd and how melee champs can match range champs when they have 350% skill dmg??? Also the same HP, the same def - all the same, but he can not spam and run and spam and run !!!!
    Sry for my bad english!
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  2. ΣMiwel

    ΣMiwel Forum Ambassador

    Currently you are disrespecting him.
    Nerfed and nerfed? When? Every "nerf" DK has ever got turned out to be a buff later on (or was quickly reversed). "same hp" - what have you been smoking dude? DK has more hp both from base stats and gems, and all the classes have the same damage. "spam and run"? What the... ... ...

    You're just a noob.
    And this is the single reason why gearless pvp isn't going to solve anything. The "hacks" aren't getting removed, they will still work. Not even talking about the class imbalance the new pvp is introducing.
    The class strength is going to be something like this: DK > SM >>> RA >>>>> SW
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  3. heror

    heror Forum Baron

    This guy is just a troll from the bulgarian forum dont mind him, just from statement number 2 you can see that he is EDIT so just ignore this
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  4. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    You know me ... I am not playing the arena except for the clover ... even then I am playing with non-PvP gear (quiver+longbow - my regular PvE equipment) even if I already have god-like crafted items and all it takes to be on the top.
    Unlike the devs ... trakilaki's words and promises are sacred. I said I will never play the arena until it is fixed ... and i am keeping my word.
    Now ...
    all these questions can be dismissed because you are referring them to a wrong person. You should ask the devs not me. I have no oversight in what has been done and what was not.
    By reading my past comments you should have already known the answer. The other thing is ... this thread is about gearless PvP ... gearless PvP will not fix the cheats.
    DK's were never really nerfed ... they were immortal last year ... they are less immortal now ... they will be immortal again with the gearless PvP.
    DK's already have what you are claiming they don't. They can run and spam and kill the targets very easy.

    If you have other questions BUT regarding gearless PvP I will be glad to answer.
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  5. piteris2

    piteris2 Regular

    I was wondering... you gonna make some sort of advanced guide on crafting on the wiki, because I have some new players asking me tough questions about crafting, tiers, uniques etc. and I’m not sure I can make it any simpler for them to understand?
  6. Evilsheldock

    Evilsheldock Forum Apprentice

    Best PvP build is SW - go to heredur server and see the choas a SW can wreak now :/ ALLMIGHTYGODBUNNY
  7. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    That will likely be me that writes that, or at least the analysis... as to when I'll write it... That is dependent on when I find the time. I also want to rework my "DPS Build" thread to account for platinum lines. I'll be busy when I finally decide to get busy. :D
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  8. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    I already explained the mechanics in few threads :p
    As for the Wiki guide ... I made a place in the crafting guide long time ago ... but i am not willing to share anything there for the time being.
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