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Discussion in 'Creative Corner' started by smurfaki, Aug 21, 2022.

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  1. smurfaki

    smurfaki Someday Author

    This game is legendary and has future and ability to improve but need work from the development team, let us talk about things that need to be done and really fast.
    • Drakensang Online Mobile:
    Yep exactly what you may all thing, with the mayority of millions people having mobiles instead of pc that will be great since many companies have most games in mobiles too and also will be great opportunity to see it there playing exactly like in pc version our favorite game, horever this game also must converted for mobile version, due to huge releases we may start play this game in mobile version from beta release so it will be fast to have it in our phones or tablets soon and each month the development team should add the next release in mobile too, so in sometime both versions should be the same and have exactly the same things as pc version with the difference in graphics and size to mobile versions, of course the versions may be the same but will not be playable for mobile and pc together due to the differences of game style and the dissadvandages there, horever the account will be the same in both versions and if a player connect the mobile with the pc version through let us just say google account there will be a bonus gift for them and also mobile users will learn the pc version of the game faster, google market have ads and more people will soon cover the emptyness of our favored game in pc. Since it is difficult for pc version to find this game with the google market, new players will find it out easily and we can have more activity at last.

    • Guilds, guild wars, guild store and passive and temporary abilities.
    The guild is a big problem even now, people who invite there quickly leave the guild since the do not see any really benefit there by any means or even leave offline sometimes for good. The guild does not give any really advantage to the players and that is bad also there is no penalty for players who come and leave fast as they come, make them really look like quest stars. If the is a penalty of 24 hours countdown to be invited or a possible ability to join a guild through search somewhere that would be great, also the guild missing abillities like passive talents (through activity just like now but better passives, and by how much time a player stay in guild) or temporary buffs for let us just say after winning a guild war, you can quess some ideas, like a 24 hours buff to gain more glory points for arena or guild tokens for guild store etc, and of course no limit or even greatly increased limit for guilds and more different roles to them.

    • PVP, quests and mounts and costumes for there.
    Mmorp game without pvp is good or bad?
    As for quests they now give 1 mount each different mode and 4 costumes and it is really hard to win them since require only wins and we cannot find each mode available due the less activity especially for low level arena modes...
    Maybe a really complete overhaul will change those arena modes and will have more players join, but the quest will give different rewards than now, let us proceed to details.
    Every mode will have certain number of quests and they will be random and repeatable but with no costumes, mounts or even pets rewards, these will be available only from arena shop and with a decent amount of arena glory points, and limit of each arena should be removed so we can play what arena mode we desire like the old good days. Each quest will vary between rewards like:
    • 1000 glory points (arena talent points and arena buffs or daily buffs will increase this amount)* per 1 match
    • 2000 glory points (same as above)* per win
    • 15-60 minute arena buff (varies between 10%-50% more glory) per 10 matches
    • 15-60 minute arena buff (varies between 60%-100% more glory) per 10 win matches
    • for 1 match increased glory points by 10%-100% per 5 matches
    • for 1 match increased glory points by 100%-200% per 5 wins
    • 1 jackpot arena glory bundle per 25-100 matches (reward will be 1 between 10k-25k glory points (increasable by talents, buffs or daily buff) or a special pet costume or mount (extremely rare) who each one of them grant us increased glory point gain if for example we wearing this special costume, the others will give passive only for arena from collector bag)
    • 1 arena jackpot glory bundle per 25-100 wins (rewards same as above with increased amount and rate)
    arena events every week who grant 25%-100% more glory points.

    • Events from the past.
    Events like old sargon and old dragan (old unique set), stellar gold, helios games, perills of time, kingshill defense, attack events, bloody harvest, lost truth events, infested sewers of kingshill, stormball events (flags and costumes of countries who are not there should be implemented in future releases like Greece and Cyprus), dance of blades, valentine day and razer event (items from there should be able to be implemented to collector bag).

    • Old maps and access

    The old watery grave (old parallel worlds from jarlshofn, old players like me will remember) should be return and will be available for new players who cannot pass to cardhun because they are not level 55 and they will gain the old unique items from there but with updated versions (like rings of life and death), not the same unique items from cardun parallel world.

    • Auction house or merchant.
    This is a must have feature, we all know that if we do not have something we can find it there from other fellow players who have the same thing again and again.
    Things that cannot find anywhere may found there and will be tradeable with andermants or gold, including pets, mounts, costumes, unique items, potions, elixirs, gems, jewels, runes, emotes, buffs etc.

    • Dyes on costumes
    we should able to recolour our nicely beautiful costumes
    • Players houses
    Furniture items can be found around the Dracania world almost everywhere like from mobs, events etc. We should able to have houses and design our houses so our friendd can come in.

    • Old achievements
    Achievements should be unlocked for new players too since there is no clearly benefit to be a new player and not have a title like Harbinger who granted to players who pass to lor tac territory etc.

    • Wedding System
    We should able to have our amore mio in-game, we have pass a long time with our closest friend and we have pass in the next level and we want to show it to Dracanian world, this system will give players unique costume, mount, pet and even unique talents who are not activable elsewere.

    • Resize our characters size, height and weight, add more hair styles and colours, more faces, eyes colour and more tone skins.

    • Forums from each different country should be reopened (like greek and other forums specifically for each country not exist anymore due to their inability of knowning english).

    • Trade and gifts
    Players should be able to trade or give gifts to a freind who may have birthday or for fun

    • Lottery jesters should be return.

    all these changes should be applied for both mobile (hopefully) and pc versions.

    • Close the test server permanently from all users that are not devs because people leave the original servers for the free edition server and then leave the original servers empty!:rolleyes:

    Sorry for my English i am not very good at them.:)
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  2. ManaThief

    ManaThief Advanced

    Such games on mobile are horrible, DSO does not seem too suitable due to the amount of spells. I doubt many people would welcome that.

    There is a buff for being in a guild, if you make it too strong, players will just be in a random guild just to be in one - this will not bring players together.

    Badges of honor is currently useless currency, that will not save PvP.

    some of the events you mention are already in the game + they would require rework.

    Sounds like you just want to add lower difficulty in PW.

    Definitely no. This would break the game's economy and would bring spilling resources between accounts.

    why not

    I don't think many players would be interested in playing Sims in the game, but it probably cannot hurt.

    Why would you want a benefit for not doing something? I think these achievements are fine so that they are exclusive to old players.

    Dear lord...

    I don't see much benefit in this, since the top view does not show many details. More customisation probably wouldn't hurst, I don't think it would make DSO much better as you claim.

    You want to open 200 forums huh. There are several sub-forums for specific countries, I'd say if a player base from a country is large enough more will be open.

    Nope, same problem as auction.

    You could as well open a casino at this point.
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