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  1. Shanty

    Shanty Community Team Team Drakensang Online

    Good day Heroes of Dracania,

    For the upcoming Big Game Hunt Event, we decided to rework the event to make it more diverse and improve the overall experience!

    The changes that were made can be found down below:

    Reworked the progress bar for the Levels: 20-45, 46-75, 76-99 and 100.

    Added a new fire effect as a reward in the progress bar for Level 100 and Level 76-99.

    Reworked the progress drop and the way of receiving it - the progress from sentinels and PW bosses was removed. The progress will be drop-able only from the Dracania's bosses and bosses from the new Arena.

    New Arena map was added for the players to fight the bosses.

    The Arena map is a solo one and can be entered only on PW Infernal, PW Merciless and PW Bloodshed.

    Six new bosses were added to the Arena: Heredur, Sargon, Herald, Nefertari, Balor and Mortis.

    Portals to entry the new Arena was created and separated in to the progress bars for Level 100 and Level 76-99. Portal for each boss (6) + 1 mix portal for all bosses (mixed) in one Arena, where they all spawn one after one.

    New spawn system for the bosses from the mixed portal.

    Players will not be able to break the armor of the bosses in the Arena.

    Hunter's Fortune buff was reduced from 10% to 1% per stack and will be max 100% (the buff will work in Dracania only, not in the new Arena).

    New set was added: 1 Ring + 1 Capes.

    New type of values for the set and for the set bonus.

    New ingredients for crafting the capes will be optained from all bosses in the Arena. The jewel of ingredient hunter won't work there.

    The Ring will be obtained only from the mixed portal, from the new Mythic chest, that will appear after killing all 6 bosses in the Arena.

    Event attire rework - added the drop of Dragon bones after killing the bosses in the new Arena only, the bonus for Hunting Badge was reduced from 200% to 50%.

    The portals can be obtained through 3 methods:
    - from the progressbar,
    - crafting them,
    - purchasing them

    New ingredients + receipt to craft the portals:
    Receipts for Crafting method:

    - 50x boss ingredients
    - 100x dragon bones
    - 1x ingredient from shop only, price: 15k andermant
    - 1x ingredient from the new mythic chest

    Your Drakensang Online Team
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