Big Game Hunt Event - Rework

Discussion in 'General Forum' started by cigarbennett, Nov 19, 2022.

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  1. cigarbennett

    cigarbennett Exceptional Talent

    Big Game Hunt Event - Rework You locked the announcement and we can't ask questions.

    New set was added: 1 Ring + 2 Capes.

    Question: 2 capes? You are adding an equipment slot so we can now equip 2 cloaks?

    At the current time we can equip one cloak. This set is useless if it requires two capes to complete the set.

    Edit 11/18/2022 4:38pm MST


    Hmmm so it is a set of two not three. Thank you
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  2. Mazikeen

    Mazikeen Moderator Team Drakensang Online

    Hello @cigarbennett, both capes are connected to the ring. The ring with the cape 1 will give you one set effect, and the ring with the cape 2 will give you a different set effect, so you will choose what suits you better.

    Kind regards.
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  3. Manutosan

    Manutosan Forum Greenhorn

    And what about the dragan set that for most of the classes is useless or will be useless without the cape, we won't be able to use this new set even if we wanted to, can't they change the set to a ring and gloves? They still have time to make the change so we could have a new set that is usable
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  4. Mazikeen

    Mazikeen Moderator Team Drakensang Online

    @Manutosan I will forward your opinion, that's all I can do.
  5. cigarbennett

    cigarbennett Exceptional Talent

    No NOT gloves. If they are going to change it then change it to BELTS.
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  6. Dimash1964

    Dimash1964 Forum Apprentice

    the wizards don't want gloves, the archers don't want shoulder straps, the dragon warriors don't want a cloak, the dwarves nerf whatever they put on them, but this game goes on for attempts and then useless bonuscode for .... not rewarding anyone ??

    do not worry about the ring, you can ONLY have it in the mythical chest after having done the 6 bosses in SOLITAIRE, and if I have not read wrong one of these bosses is mortis that today apart from a small part of players the others MUST it do it in a group and if you have to do it alone after 5 other bosses you have to figure out how to do it .....
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    FAALHAAS Forum Great Master

    Its all a bit vague as guess we'll see tomorrow. But my expectations of something positive are close to zero by now
  8. Dimash1964

    Dimash1964 Forum Apprentice

    tpmorrow?? and maybe aftertomorrow and maybe after after tomorrow and maybe after after after tomorrow the same event has already been postponed 5 times in just 3 days ....... instead of making the announcements with the fanfare they did things correctly and started it on a certain date. they are so unable to do their job that they no longer even respect the start / end dates of the events !!!!!
    let's see if the next Christmas event arrives for the Christmas period and not as the Easter event that started in May (one month after the end of Easter 2022)

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