BlackFurry Heredur Guild is recruting.

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    Hello, guys! Let us introduce ourselves!
    Guild's name: BlackFurry
    Server: Heredur
    Guild's master: Scofieldd
    Guild's officers: Overthelord, Skarliss, Tattoo, Celltech

    • The most important thing is to be at least 20 years old.
    • Trash talk is not allowed. Do not insult your co players! We're not asking anything more than common sense!
    • Stayin' on discord is important for us. This way is easier to find groups, get help, receive advices, offer advices!
    • Be active! We all have a personal life and we all know some things are way more important than staying in drakensang, but if you choose to join, you have to be active just enough for you to grow.
    • When it comes to your char, you must have at least 55k damage.
    • We are friends, more than just co players. We're few here who've been playing since 2013 together, so if you are a good person and you like this game, this may be the perfect place for you.
    BlackFurry is a ROMANIAN guild, but we have some foreigners. Just because you're not Romanian doesn't mean you're not gonna find a place in our groups or in our Discord channel.
    You can PM any of us if you are interested.
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    Who leave Guild never return !

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