Bless removed? Good, next step.

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by hohiti, Apr 1, 2014.

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  1. hohiti

    hohiti Forum Apprentice

    You already removed bless from the game, so please reconsider removing the following stuff ONLY in PvP.

    Pots - Buffs, blue, pink and red essence.

    Pots - You can't enter one goddamn PvP match without players drinking potions, that is quite annoying.

    Buffs - Why is buffs even allowed in PvP lol? No need to make any argument why to remove that from PvP.

    Blue, pink and red essence - Why do I ask you to remove those 3 stuff from PvP and ONLY PvP. You see... Since Witch Hunters set got released, some mages and rangers have 1500-2000+ max damage.

    When you PvP against them they of course only run and hit, but that's not the point, the point is that even only blue essence 10% of 2000 damage is 200+ damage. Pink essence 400+ damage. Red essence 600+ damage.

    You begin to understand where this is heading?

    Yes I understand people with much money gotta have fun too, using their money to show themselves off with the big essence in PvP, but you want FAIR PvP right?...

    I'm not asking you to remove green essence from PvP, cause it can be bought with silver and isn't really that much of a boost, compared to buffs.

    Take the next step and remove those stuff in next patch from PvP and ONLY PvP, just do it and ask no questions. No FAIR players would disagree with this suggestion.
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