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Discussion in 'Creative Corner' started by kavekanis, Aug 10, 2018.

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will help save this game?

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  1. kavekanis

    kavekanis Forum Apprentice

    that is precisely what I ask: players or moderators who can say and contribute something real about the game that is heard by the developers since the developers are obviously totally unaware of how to delude and satisfy the players

    I believe totally in his words but I also see in them the impossibility that they have to do something real I see that their impressions do not count for the decisions of the developers, that is a big mistake on the part of the development team I appreciate your efforts your volunteer work I'm sure many things would change if they were heard but obviously it's not like that and that's what has to be changed I also think if we knew more of what happens as you say behind the scenes we would see that someone is fighting for us I understand they are voluntary they do not have any decision power and they do what they can without us knowing it but something fails in this logic What is wrong is that it must be frustrating to volunteer something that does not please a great majority, although I appreciate everything they do, I could not do it

    look ... this is untenable ... the pvp .. the events, the workbench, I can not believe the developers are limited and live in an ivory tower, although they have benefits of the game why not do more? Why can not players influse in their decisions? Perhaps this could make the discontent worse now? making an attractive and satisfying game they do not need to give anything for it, NOTHING, instead of monotonous irritating and frustrating, to win more money and players have to give us nothing just listen to good ideas and improve the game and its benefits

    this response is more directed to your exposure to the development team than to you moderators so I do not expect your response. It has been clear to me your responsibilities and limitations but you have to find a way that you or the players or a small group of players can really influence on the game. break this mechanics of developers in one world and players in another the consequences of this are clear in the opinions of the last events, pvp, workbench, farm once and again the same maps is not the problem system of drop of unics either, what kills the game is the lack of complicity between those who do it and those who play it, how can developers not see it?

    the development team will simply improve with their ideas if they are listened to. I am sure so I ask you to expose and defend this idea, although few have voted to be 90% agreed on it.
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  2. MademoiselleCaramel

    MademoiselleCaramel Junior Expert

    It has always interested me how the communication between mods and devs is going. Like, mods must tell them that the feedback for something is 100% negative, and the devs say what to that? "Whatever, who cares?" I mean, they are losing their customers, they are not attracting new ones, should not they be concerned about that as a business ppl? Just shut the game down for good if you do not care about it. My brain seriously cannot comprehend their actions.
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