Bonuscode Competition [World Soccer Championship]

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  1. Dear Heroes of Dracania,

    In honor to the World Soccer Championship, we would like to present you our community soccer event. We will give out a bonus code during every final round, but only under certain conditions (read the details below). You can vote for your top players (the ones that you want to see in the game) in advance. Each game requires a different amount of participants. We will stream the games live on without a cut, so that you can see that we only had 1 try.

    Here are the details:


    Eight final (28th of June – 1st of July)

    Bonus Code package: Arrival Package - Fan with body and soul!
    Game: Dribble Competition
    Required players: 3
    Description: The bonus code will be presented if one of the 3 Drakensang Online team members can dribble a ball 15 times. Every DSO team member has 2 tries.

    Quarter final (4th – 5th of July)

    Bonus Code package: Tournament Package - Keep it up!
    Game: Team Push-Up Competition
    Required players: 6 (3 couples)
    Description: The couples need to do 60 push-ups (each 30) together at the same time). If one couple makes it, the bonus code will be presented.

    Semi-final (8th – 9th of July)

    Bonus Code package: Tactics Package – The key to success!
    Game: Kicker competition
    Required players: 4 (2 couples)
    Description: The game involves 4 players. 2 of them are blindfolded (the front players). Their teammates are allowed to talk to them. You will be able to vote for your team – Team A (DSO)! If team A wins this game, the bonus code will be presented.

    Final (13th of July)

    Bonus Code package: Victory Package – Have a blast!


    Time Overview:



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