Boss Pets And Unique Values

Discussion in 'Creative Corner' started by rance_1983, Feb 22, 2020.

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  1. rance_1983

    rance_1983 Someday Author

    Boss pets need to be stronger than random animal pets and premium pets need to have something worth the money.

    Boss Deity Pets

    The Dragon: 1. Your skill-stats are increased by 25%.
    2. Skill effects last 2 seconds longer.
    3. Enemy effects against you are lowered by 2 seconds.
    These effects last 40 minutes, 15-hour cool-down.

    Son Of The Dragon: 30% increase to all your stats for 40 minutes 15-hour cool-down.

    Lord Of The Dead: Boss-monsters lose 18% hp, you lose 50%.

    Frost Claw: Decrease boss-monsters critical-chance by 25%.

    Gorga: Regenerate 1500 extra health-points per second but if a potion is used there will be a 2-hour cool-down.

    Artaya: Increase your health-points by 50,000.

    Oceanos: Boss-monsters lose 15% of all their resistance.

    Boss/Event Boss/Mini Boss Pets

    Dragan: Decrease boss-monsters impact-damage by 18%. Increase your attack-speed and damage by 16%.

    Sargon: Decrease nearby event-enemies block-rate and andermagic resistance by 20%.

    Black Knight Leader: 6% less damage to you.

    Dragan Jr: 40% more damage with a one-hand weapon.

    Destructor: Boss-monsters lose 18% block-rate, none boss-monsters lose 5% armor.

    Ancestral Kid-Wolf: For 2-hours a day monsters are not invulnerable to you. Increase movement-speed and attack-speed by 10%

    The Herald: Your resistance increases by 8000 points.

    Khalys: Decrease boss-monsters attack-speed by 16%.

    Grimmag: 80% critical-chance on all difficulties against boss-monsters.

    Bearach: 300 damage (level dependent) against mobs
    24% increased damage against boss-monsters

    M'Edusa: 60 rage, mana, steam, consentration

    Gloomy harpys

    1. Defence Gloomy harpy: 10% movement-speed, 3% less damage from monsters

    2. Power Gloomy harpy: 10% movement-speed, 3% to your buffs

    3. Speed Gloomy harpy: 10% movement-speed, 6% more movement-speed to your skills

    4. Time Gloomy harpy: 10% movement-speed, lower all skill cool-downs by 1 second.

    5. Craft Gloomy harpy: 10% movement-speed, gain 1 gold after crafting at the workbench.

    6. Helper Gloomy harpy: 10% movement-speed, regenerate 200 more health-points

    7. Resource Gloomy harpy: 10% movement-speed, skills cost 2 less points

    8. Warrior Gloomy harpy: 10% movement-speed, 3% damage, 3% critical-damage

    9. Sheild Gloomy harpy: 10% movement-speed, 10% block-strength

    10. Health Gloomy harpy: 10% movement-speed, 3,000 health-points

    11. Essence Gloomy harpy: 10% movement-speed, every essence drop is 50 points higher

    12. Elixir Gloomy harpy: 10% movement-speed, elixirs last 10 seconds longer

    13. Enhance Gloomy harpy: 10% movement-speed, 1 extra stack for your unique value effect

    Premium pet effect examples

    10% more honor

    5% more gold drop

    200 more essence drop

    10 more realm fragment drop

    Unique Values

    Cloak Wrath: 30 rage
    30% increase damage to rage skills.
    30% increase critical damage

    Star Light: 40 mana
    40% increase damage to mana skills.
    40% increase critical damage

    Predator: 20 consentration
    20% increase damage to consentration skills.
    20% increase critical damage

    Avenger: 40 steam
    40% increase damage to steam skills.
    40% increase critical damage

    End Of Time Axe: 60% increase damage
    25% attack speed

    End Of Time Staff: 60% increase damage
    25% attack speed

    End Of Time Gun: 60% increase damage
    25% attack speed

    End Of Time Bow: 60% increase damage
    25% attack speed
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  2. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    that's right, let's put even more overpowered trash in the game, leading to a massive powercreep in the players and leading to even more powerful and boring bosses, what could possibly go wrong?
  3. rance_1983

    rance_1983 Someday Author

    First you can stop acting silly and second things can be given restrictions like long cool-downs and you can't use this without that to make it balanced. You know when you do something bad it can come back on you and worse right?
  4. ΣMiwel

    ΣMiwel Forum Ambassador

    He's not. He's actually right. What you are suggesting is OP in the current game state and would break the nonexistent balance even more. If this made it to game (maybe except for Black Knight Leader pet - or rather Black Warlord - which could work, and for Sargon pet, which has a laughable bonus), they would give a huge boost to the players and we're pretty sure that they would buff mobs and bosses soon after.

    I don't see how you could restrict those things with cooldowns, they're not special skills: they're straight OP buffs.

    This one to you: Be careful what you wish for, because you might just get it.
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  5. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    Also why should premium pets have something that players used to have for free?Like big essence drops and more realm frags drop:
    Gold drops should be buffed without pets.

    And how can the 10% more honor work when pets do not work in pvp?
    yeah, it may work in the maps, but who would go there?
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  6. rance_1983

    rance_1983 Someday Author

    These numbers are examples but the effects I guess can work. I'm clearly trying to make new effects that would be better than making new items with the same effect but greater.

    Be careful what you read because you can read it wrong. If I said he should get ran over than that would be wishing.


    Close this please
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  7. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    No, they can't, like the 10% more honor thing.
    Also, they break the balance in the game even more.
  8. Sunlight

    Sunlight User

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