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Discussion in 'Creative Corner' started by Night-Elemental, Sep 28, 2020.

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  1. Night-Elemental

    Night-Elemental Forum Apprentice

    This idea is brought to you by my farming frustrations.

    I have a fairly good dwarf character and an okay ranger/dk.
    Farming resources on the dwarf is easy and goes fast.
    On the ranger or dk it's just frustrating.

    I would like to see an extension to the mentor system in the future and possibly shared resources among all lv55 characters on one account (to avoid low lvl PvP twinks).

    My ideas would include shared currencies like draken, materi, spheres and glyphs,
    shared materials and entry keys (hero keys and Infernal keys) and shared event keys (like red pearls, newmoon scrolls etc.)
    Also a mentor bonus on event progress: If you complete the progress bar on one char, other chars get +200% on all progress drops. (doesn't have to be all events, maybe just the moon events)
    Discount on inventory expansions would also be an idea.​

    If these were features in DSO already I probably wouldn't have stopped playing on multiple occasions.
    I'm saying that I think this change wouldn't loose Bigpoint money but rather encourage players to play (and pay) more.

    What are your ideas, do you see problems with this?
    And of course, people who want to play another class than their main will just ask their OP friends to carry them, but not everyone has powerful friends to turn to.
  2. Nostalgiac

    Nostalgiac Advanced

    I agree with the idea, a shared pool of stuff. The whole ingredient bag should be shared. Are there any items that could be abused? I don't think so, except maybe cores.

    Inventory is also a good idea, but I don't think BP would make any discount here.
  3. Night-Elemental

    Night-Elemental Forum Apprentice

    Why cores? That's actually the thing i'm having most problems with atm :/
    I mean as long as the shared stuff is only accessible for lv55 chars it should be alright.
    Yeah, i guess they won't
  4. JohnWick

    JohnWick Advanced

    I suppose that the problem would be fixed with a shared chest between the characters, it exists in other games and I do not see why it could not be implemented here, well yes, that making a set of gems and runes would be enough for all the characters, you would get the cores and materials with the highest level character quickly and you would have 4 op characters in a short time, and that is money that would lose bp, and as we know, they do not like that, in all the updates they have made everything more difficult so that you have to spend more often by the cashier and leave you more money to play in this "ftp" game
  5. Night-Elemental

    Night-Elemental Forum Apprentice

    @JohnWick You named the reason why the chest wouldn't be a good idea. Besides it would be annoying to have to resocket the gems/runes every time i want to change characters.
    Regarding money investment I think the newmoon and fullmoon cloaks are a good way to invest money if one wants to. They should bring more stuff like that instead. Besides, cores aren't buyable for money anyway so I can only see a willingness for players to spend money for characters they wouldn't have considered it for earlier.
  6. TwiliShadow

    TwiliShadow Count Count

    I don't go for shared chest at all.

    However, a shared Andermant / currency bag / gold (all the top left items) with all characters that are level cap on A server.... I can go for that.

    Note: I've only ONE character at level CAP. So what is being proposed doesn't help me in any way. My DK has been at level 46 since Nov of 2016 and I doubt he'll ever get to 55. And my other 2 have been at level 15 for over a year and they aren't progressing either.
  7. silverseas

    silverseas Count Count

    The only issue I can see is that while it makes it easier to raise a new character, it also makes it much easier to make a new batch of twinks. After all, they both benefit off the same mechanisms.

    Ah well, I s'pose PvP is dead anyways. Can't kill what's already dead.
  8. JohnWick

    JohnWick Advanced

    I think you have not understood me with the chest, I think it is a very good option, you have a maximum level character, full of everything, and 3 that are sad, you could use the gems, runes, etc so that others can level and Get your own gear and jewelry.

    I didn't mean to be swapping gems and runes all the time between characters (no one forces you to do it, it's just an option), even I know it would be overwhelming apart from being tremendously expensive in gold for low-level characters.

    Regarding sharing a purse, it also seems like a good idea, we would go back to the same thing, I could use my more advanced character and help others who have less possibilities to do missions, events...

    I play with my dwarf, but I also have a character from the other classes, although nowhere near as advanced as the dwarf, either of the 2 options would be good for me, the chest, the purse or both (which would already be the most more), you could make up for a character not having decent gear and/or enough wisdom by putting on the jewels of the most op character you have.
  9. raider

    raider Forum Pro

    Share items via Locker, like in many other such games, problem solved!

    Of course "Equipment" should be Class-bound..
    Wisdom bonus should be limited to %50 max or so. (Assuming you can move over the Wisdom runes)

    Could, of course, put a limit on taking items from the Locker (from 1 character to other that is) too..

    Craft items? Not so sure.
    I mean.. Cores are pain in the ass but maybe new expansion will change it (doubtful but hey)

    "What's in it for BP?!"
    Well people will continue to play the game instead of quitting it because of a boring/slow/weak [EDIT] Class.. (like DKs nowadays)

    Will need more Anders for Inventory spaces and all that.
    Last edited by moderator: Oct 1, 2020
  10. Night-Elemental

    Night-Elemental Forum Apprentice

    That's why it should only become available on lv55. That way you cannot access the goodies your main farmed on twinks.

    Wait, you don't mean trading between accounts, but just between characters on the same acc right?
    If you could share items (like gems/runes) i think that would inevitably end in having to resocket every gem/rune if you want to play another char and i think its a bad idea. You should give all chars access to resources (and the resources could be farmed faster on the main) but players should still decide where to spend the resources.

    Like i said, i think that would be too much.
    It would certainly help my alts too, but it'd be too tempting to move all the runes/gems from my main to my alts all the time and back again. And BP would have to decrease gem drop rates because we'd suddenly have four times as much gems available for one char.
    Nooo, thats no fun! I want to use my dwarf's gun on my ranger :D
  11. raider

    raider Forum Pro

    Yea I know.. that's why I suggest some kind of a "transfer limit" somehow..
    Imo that's worse than sharing Runes, Gems etc..

    Those won't make you instant OP without OP sets..

    Crafting will hopefully be "easier" with the next (Revamp) "Expansion" anyhow
  12. Night-Elemental

    Night-Elemental Forum Apprentice

    That seems inelegant.
    Yes, because it was a joke : P
  13. JohnWick

    JohnWick Advanced

    Exactly, what I propose is only for the 4 characters that you can create with your account.

    I already know very well that they are not going to put trade between accounts although it may be one of the things that gave the most life to this game no matter how much they say, or you put trade between players or you put merchants into play to buy things

    And don't tell me that it would be the end, that bp would go bankrupt, which is a lot of work, blah blah blah ... the other games have it, they encourage it and there they are, they do not go bankrupt, they do not have NASA computer engineers or use supercomputers .
    Last edited: Oct 1, 2020

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