Bring back old female armor appearance!

Discussion in 'Creative Corner' started by silverseas, Sep 11, 2020.

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  1. silverseas

    silverseas Count Count

    Once upon a time, female characters in DSO had equipment that actually resembled armor. That is to say, it wasn't ridiculously low-cut and following the typical videogame trope of having scantily clad female armor. Now that there is a skin functionality, why not bring back the old artwork for female equipment and make it a set of skins?
  2. Night-Elemental

    Night-Elemental Forum Apprentice

    I agree. It's kinda degrading too. They should altogether remove the sexualising content on normal armour and just leave it on the costumes where it's intended to be.
    Whoever wants to look at half-naked female warriors can play any asia MMO.

    I mean just look at it... How are you supposed to be a strong fighter when you die of the first arrow into your chest? :rolleyes:
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    This looks kinda funny tbh... No wonder they are staring at her booty
    Well I'm gonna leave it JUST LIKE THAT XD
  3. silverseas

    silverseas Count Count

    Funnily enough, most of the whining I saw for the lower cut female outfits were from actual female players in this game. Welp, I'm happy to settle for a compromise - give both types of armor available as skins and you take your pick which one you like.
  4. JohnWick

    JohnWick Advanced

    The same could apply to you, if you don't like it because it looks like other mmo you can go freely, bp doesn't care, it has been expelling players for years based on its sad updates.

    Regarding sexualizing the characters, I think that they should start from 0, that we should be able to choose the clothes they start with, more hairstyles, tattoos ... with this it would depend on each player if they want a character that generously shows their breasts or go covered from head to toe.
  5. Night-Elemental

    Night-Elemental Forum Apprentice

    It's not a matter of what I don't like. It's a matter of respect to not depict women as a sex object in every armour they wear. Yes maybe my oppinion is a bit extreme but it's the subtlety that this theme occurs that harms the general image of women. I don't consider myself a feminist but I hate being put in boxes because of certain impressions people have of women.

    If I want to play a strong fighter who knows their craft and she just so happens to be a woman - I don't want to look like the damsel in distress or, well, whatever having this little clothes on implies.

    Yes, because it's humiliating.
  6. silverseas

    silverseas Count Count

    Ah no, I wasn't too clear on my post. It was mostly female players campaigning for the low cut dresses. Ugh. Anyways, it just reminded me of a couple of episodes by the VLDL group lol.
  7. JohnWick

    JohnWick Advanced

    Neither feminist nor non-feminist, each one likes that their character is seen in one way or another, it seems good or bad to you, we do not have the same tastes.

    And I don't know how much you complain about your clothes, this game has detail 0, it looks like an 8bit game, you don't see anything, if it were in other games where I can even see the color of my character's eyes and freckles. would understand, but in this? seriously?

    And I return to the same, if you do not like how you saw the characters there is more mmo or arpg or whatever you like the most apart from this one.
  8. Night-Elemental

    Night-Elemental Forum Apprentice

    Yes, i know. But it's the fact that DSO felt the need to do that that bothers me. Look at Emilia for example. The "offerings" you get from her are more than vague.
    Why do you have to sexualise characters in a low graphic game such as DSO?
    But you do understand my point i hope?

    Oh i didn't know the second one yet haha :D thats ridiculous
  9. JohnWick

    JohnWick Advanced

    Yes, I understand you, that they sexualize women that if they objectify them, that if bla bla bla ...

    It is what it sells, don't give it more lapses, I also wish there was competition with windows and here we are, windows-mac-linux, without market competition and screw us.


    Accept that there are things that do not change even if we like the opposite (that in the case of playing with a female character and that wears a tiny armor or that a warrior is showing muscles and with the minimum armor that covers them since that is part of the character charm on my part will not change)