[Bug] Counter Espionage uncompletable

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by Obliviouz, Feb 6, 2014.

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  1. Obliviouz

    Obliviouz Forum Greenhorn

    I can't search the hanged prisioner? Is that quest glitched or something?
  2. Multi-Sev

    Multi-Sev Forum Overlooker

    Yes, it is a known issue included in the last official announcement post.
  3. deaththrol

    deaththrol Forum Apprentice

    yeah i have same problem i find it but nothing when i clik on it
  4. Biztart

    Biztart Exceptional Talent

    It is currently a known problem that occurred with R118. At this time, please contact Support to help you complete this quest.
  5. Bait

    Bait Forum Greenhorn

    I have tried this twice, Both times i am unable to search the cultist as i am unable to get close enough. I click on cultist, get a clicking sound and that's about it.

    I have an image, let me see if i can figure out how to post it.
  6. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    It is bugged quest. Skip it for now. Check this link.
  7. Superme

    Superme Forum Pro

    That is a known bug, that has been reported several times. The best advice is to skip that quest for now.
  8. dannyandmatty

    dannyandmatty Forum Greenhorn

    upon trying to search the dead nefertari cultist for a letter, we realise that there was a glitch in the dungeon map and could not get to the dead cultist in order to receive the letter. upon inspection of the map, i realised that the "?" icon was slightly off the side of the map. please fix this.
    kindest regards, danny...and matty :p
  9. Superme

    Superme Forum Pro

    That is a known issue and there are several threads about it already. It should be fixed in the next update.
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