Bug Bug of event quest "Hostile Acquisition" (Riot of the Rocketmen)

Discussion in 'General Forum' started by ManaThief, Jan 1, 2021.

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  1. ManaThief

    ManaThief Someday Author


    the event quest Hostile Acquisition is bugged, the "Defeat 2500 Rocketmen in Professor Jullov's Laboratory" cannot be completed, defeating the mobs is ignored.

    How did they manage to break a quest that is completely the same as in last year is beyond me, I am starting to have a suspicion of internal sabotage of some kind.

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  2. Akirosh

    Akirosh Forum Greenhorn

    I sent a message to give me the quest... i killed more than 2500 and zero progress.
    This game is like a roller coaster.
    Please fix this thing..
  3. badoo1

    badoo1 Forum Greenhorn

    hello the quest of the event Hostile and baggy takeover that is not counting the kill of the rocket men as saying new year bag new.
  4. cornelia35

    cornelia35 Forum Greenhorn

    I have to kill 2500 rocketmen but progress stays at 0 is this a bug or am i doing something wrong?
  5. SupremeBeing

    SupremeBeing Forum Apprentice

    i got same problem 4 runs and 0 kills :( GJ DSO. last year everything worked.
  6. CaballoLoco

    CaballoLoco Forum Apprentice

    Counter of defeated enemies does not work?
    Gentlemen of BP ... let's see if you stop making fun of the people who faithfully follow this game ...... I do not ask you, I DEMAND YOU, to provide an explanation and immediate apologies. And if this is not considered appropriate, then lower the blinds and close permanently ........ or are you going to blame this on the rush to offer new content?
    This game has become insufferable, and you have to be too upset to keep trying to play it.
    For all that has been said, I urge you at this time to give us an explanation, the respective apologies, and compensate us for the very valuable time that they have lost us ... now and for years.
    Or as always they will be ignorant and they will pass the weight of the answers to some poor moderator ........ I would like to see Jesse's puppet explaining live all the ridiculous shortcomings that this agonizing game has ..... ....
  7. BeatTheSoundCZ

    BeatTheSoundCZ Forum Greenhorn

    I agree. Grinding whole day for nothing. Bought premium to enjoy more this event. Nothing from it. What a great gaming day with event.
  8. ViktorG75

    ViktorG75 Junior Expert

    Easy, dear colleagues, the weekend has just begun after the first of January. In one day after Sunday we will receive a fix.
    Probably... :rolleyes:
  9. BeatTheSoundCZ

    BeatTheSoundCZ Forum Greenhorn

    Great job. After my premium is out and in that time i will be at work. Are they giving away something as apology?
  10. chiuseer

    chiuseer Advanced

    Apology? I think the drop rate is 0.00000000001%
  11. ManaThief

    ManaThief Someday Author

    I honestly don't care about some apologies, I'm not into that, but an explanation would truly interest me.
  12. CaballoLoco

    CaballoLoco Forum Apprentice

    I posted a comment, but it has been deleted .... it seems I edited it wrong.
    I repeat it because it seems interesting to me:
    The response of a moderator (Board Administrator). on the Polish forum:
    In English : The bug related to not counting rocket fighters in the laboratory was known a month ago. My position does not allow me to freely write what I think about it, but probably the same as the other players

    Otra respuesta:
    In English : I moved the post to the topic related to the event. Yes, we know about the error. Yes, the Producer knew too. A month ago. It remains to count on a quick hotfix next week.
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  13. BeatTheSoundCZ

    BeatTheSoundCZ Forum Greenhorn

    Im more interested in rewards from the event. But they are cutting time ...
  14. DeNVerRO

    DeNVerRO Forum Greenhorn

    So you knew about this error for a month and you haven't done anything,
    worse, you let the event begin, and I see no response from the great staff,
    but it's no problem, In all these years I have seen too much to believe
    that our opinion matters. In my country there is a word that suits you,
    let it go so it works anyway.
  15. ViktorG75

    ViktorG75 Junior Expert

    So, a cloak and a hundred bottles will be a fair replacement for thousands of royal fireworks until they correct the mistake?
    Тhere are endless levels of misunderstanding of reality...
  16. Nalucitura

    Nalucitura Forum Apprentice

    What's funny is that even with the cloak (basically something you PAY for with real money to make it easier to finish the event), the mixtures are dropping quite rarely, if I we're to compare it to the drop of Sugar Beets from Winter Event that dropped very frequent, on every map, and in stacks of +10 or even +50 and you only needed 10 to enter the winter event map.

    So even if you pay, it's still bad.

    They should just give out the jewel with a bonus code to make up for this bug, they did that before with Dragan when they failed, and they really EDIT up with this one.
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  17. Danoony

    Danoony Forum Greenhorn

    Well, as a "new" player i can say that the support and development of this game is EDIT one month playing and already saw so many bugs, problems like no response and stuff... i think the game community treats this game too kindly, any other game where the staff presumably knew of a "bug" like this one for a month and did nothing to fix it, would make the game to be higly ostracized... just like when they did the game change that i see everyone rage about (i didnt played it then so...) but despite all that people still fill cash in the game, so yeah you should act acordingly with your statement, if you think the staff is EDIT dont put your money in this until you see a change, that would be a effective way to make some changes, the best way would be a massive amount of players stop playing, even if temporarily and not wasting money in a game/staff that dont give a damn about you....
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