Bug Bugged drop rate in Azar's pit.

Discussion in 'Technical Support' started by KOSTALAKIS, Dec 4, 2023.

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    KOSTALAKIS Forum Greenhorn

    I've been farming Azar's pit in Ellonidos for the past week only to realise that the boss does not drop any uniques. I have been told it's some sort of 'luck' but I don't believe thats the case. The boss in Land of Immortals is dropping uniques normally on every difficulty, but the Maze of Blaze boss did not drop a single unique - not even legendary on difficulty Bloodshed for the past week and around 100 runs later. The set is already too hard to get because of the errors and the bugs (sometimes Lava Path leads you to normal mode), sometimes you get Error 36 while transitings maps, sometimes in Azar's pit you get stuck under the big staircase as soon as you enter and all of the above just so you can spend Infernal fragment passages on a broken boss.
  2. Hokori

    Hokori Moderator Team Drakensang Online

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    KOSTALAKIS Forum Greenhorn


    My runs were purely on Merciless-Bloodshed difficulties. The pictures above are from Normal mode. Can you also confirm drop rate in these modes?
  4. Hokori

    Hokori Moderator Team Drakensang Online

    Here's a fresh drop from merciless: [​IMG]

    I won't try in bloodshed or other modes because now it should be clear that the drop exists.
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  5. SimbaTheBully

    SimbaTheBully Someday Author

    personally, in the past week I lost count of the laps done in blood mode... the frustration is having to go through three maps of which 50% of them send you to normal mode.
    I managed to drop these

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    FAALHAAS Board Analyst

    Grats to you, but not everyone is lucky. As you point out you need to spend quite some time to even get to the boss map and hope its not buggin out to lvl100 (can fix that by disconnecting internet i think, but still...)
    Since its such a struggle to get to the corresponding level of boss you pick the map, i think the droprate should be allot higher. I personaly did 100s of runs, maybe over 1000 and only had 1x drop that i got in bugged lvl100 map.

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    KOSTALAKIS Forum Greenhorn

    Alright, just checking in if others have the same problem as I do. But apparently I need to do more runs. To be honest 100 runs and no unique drop is kind of sad, especially for a set which isn't even top tier for the game. At least a crafting recipe would do the job, instead of having to go through all these just to get thrown in another level map 40% of the time.
  8. Mr.Poitin

    Mr.Poitin Forum Apprentice

    Confirm drop from Bear in Winter event.
  9. Hokori

    Hokori Moderator Team Drakensang Online


    Even if it's off topic now, here we go (haven't found the cloak because I don't farm after finishing the event). You can also craft them so don't rush your farm until the very end! ;)
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  10. Mr.Poitin

    Mr.Poitin Forum Apprentice

    Great job! I have for ceaft its not point. I want drop. My friend and me 150kils 0 drop. Imagine lvl 50 who must kill 100 times to get craft. Someone say up, this items are useless, i dont know why dropnis so rare?
  11. StayinFrosty

    StayinFrosty Someday Author

    Why would a lvl50 try to get this weapon? Anyways, as you said this item is pretty useless since q4 is better. If you really want it for transmog or such then craft it, 100 runs isn't really the end of the world and you'll get it while doing the main event.
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