Can 1h be viable?

Discussion in 'Rangers' started by Újkari, Nov 14, 2019.

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  1. Újkari

    Újkari Forum Greenhorn

    Guys I am really starting ti get curious wether there might be a o e hand build in the near future (probably after q7 nerf)that might work just as well for solo as for group play? I was thinking about something like gwenfara bow q3 q9 q8 set q5 shoulders cube ring + dmg draken ring (tearholder) stacik prem belt herald cape (or don't know)
    And for gloves I have no clue .
    Or another interesting option might be with the q6 set and gwenfara bow and for eg cube buckler.
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  2. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Q6 set sucks .
    Can 1H be viable option? Yes it can ... but ATM there is very few items available for it.
    On top of it, it is only option for veterans. New players need to go long way before they can make 1H build usable.
    I am playing on 1H, ATM my base damage is something like 45K with mostly old items without platinum enchantments.
    I am playing with longbow, Gwenfara's bow is not an option for me. With that bow the damage would be much more higher but it is a shortbow which means concentration would be an issue.
    Last night I was testing Gwenfara's quiver with 3x Magic jewels ... with the buff of 160% increased damage I am getting something like 60K base damage.
    In my estimation ... when done right, with all platinum enchantments, I am aiming at around 55K+ base damage on longbow plus the 160% increased damage buff. That would be probably around 80K base damage.
    With Gwenfara's shortbow the base damage could easily get up to 100K.
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  3. Újkari

    Újkari Forum Greenhorn

    First of all thank you so much for your kind reply. But I am only getting more and more interested :p . My next question would be how is it harder to make a one hand build "work" like a q7. Because I mean the crafting method is the same. There are uniques that have to be used to have it optimalized then you have to put good enchantments on these items. I am collecting some viable items that can be crafted on a one hand build. About the concentration issues you were mentioning I just wanna ask tonics and 5 upgraded winter jewels and for eg a chuculain battle coat and maxed dtu runes are not good enough? I am really waiting for a meta shift rn (even tho I am near to completing my full plat siegebow :D ) or at least a good improvements to ALL the other sets other than q7 cuz ye I'ts just straight out busted :D.
  4. navelko

    navelko Forum Apprentice

    55k boost dmg Gwenfara Set ;)
  5. Újkari

    Újkari Forum Greenhorn

    Nice one ^^ and btw why are you using the quiver?
  6. Phyrix

    Phyrix Count Count

    It is because the quiver is the item that gives the ghost buff on main attack and considering it boosts the damage combined with the gems from this halloween event, its an essential.
    However, there are other options, apart from his current build for example replacing witch helmet with dragan helmet and using 2x uncrafted rerolled mortis rings.
    Dare I even say the rediculous mortis set is another option?
    If a player has enough critical damage runes for a buckler they can then craft as much as possible hp in rings and amulet as they can afford, then of course also craft the buckler with 100% hp.
    Last but not least another option would be 5x poison buster pieces combined with gwenfara set and gems, 2x tear holders or mortis rings and belt of zeal, herald cloak and q9 amulet.
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