CE test server when?

Discussion in 'Test Server' started by EmilyRose, Nov 13, 2020.

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  1. Ginaja1

    Ginaja1 Forum Greenhorn

    Traki what happened to the DSO Fandom Wiki and all your good work?


    • All chats removed
    • Chat disabled (was working for one day after update)
    • Pictures missing from guides, i only see empty frames
    • Some links not working
    • :(

    And then there is CE on the testserver, all so excited, many days delayed and now Server FULL msg just Loving IT...... =(
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  2. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Yeah ... I gave my keyboard a hard fingering in the past 2 hours :D
    I mean pressing refresh with my fingers :)


    Nothing from my side :)
    All Wiki's are transferred (or will be transferred until the end of next month) on the new "revolutionary" UCP software ... so everything is broken as duck :) (quack quack)
    BTW what pages are not working (message me on wiki) ... it is all working for me ... not as I would like but still working XD
    If you think players in DSO are not satisfied with the changes ... just wait and see the Fandom community :)
    There is a riot going on in the last few weeks and the admins and contributors are going against the changes in full power. And of course the devs' response (Fandom devs) is like "just because you all dislike it and just because the software is broken and not working ... it doesn't mean we should not implement it and do our corporate crap. the tip of the iceberg is that software is open-source and they are making $i$hkebabs with it ... on the back of the contributors and content creators.
    Trust me, the world is ready for the "Great Reset" which is already happening anyway :)
  3. EmilyRose

    EmilyRose Forum Great Master

    I smile....
    I'm trying, but I'm not lucky...sometimes it seems ok..but i's only an illusion
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  4. TwiliShadow

    TwiliShadow Count Count

    trak... That is the perfect "emote" for this.

    I remember that episode... they were trying to get tickets to Comicon when the "ticket booth" opened for sales. Very funny. The whole thing sells out in like 5 minutes.

    Personally, I've never tried to go or really desired to go. But I do get it. And I think that when you buy the tickets you should have to assign your name to the ticket and it should be _non-transferable_! That would stop the dishonest (scalpers, aka twinks) from over charging those with a slow connection speed.
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  5. Javah

    Javah Forum Duke

    Hopefully, before we destroy it at a whole. It's a race against time.
  6. Akageshi

    Akageshi Forum Duke

    You know, honestly, the only one we need on the test server is @trakilaki because he would ATUALLY test stuff and share all the info with the community. If he could actually get on, which he can't because of others blocking the 30 slots that there are probably, who have no reason to be there in the first place.
  7. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    I will share what I know (and I know nothing) but testing ... i don't think so.
    I was short time there 30 minutes ago until the game crashed ... as usual (out of memory when changing maps) ... I was about to try the gameplay on some of the maps but i ran out of luck.
    Honestly I can't test there ... i can't stand staying there more than few minutes ... my heart hurts so much. I haven't thought they could actually screw the game so much ... until 30 minutes ago.
    From what i could see for that short time:
    1. everything is a mess.
    2. This is the most user unfriendly environment i have ever seen in any of the games I have been playing in the past few decades. There is no difference between any icon and color ... one word - disaster.
    3. The decline in quality and design is obvious
    4. All items are having new stats and bonuses ... most of them are not in sets anymore.
    sets destroyed and the unique values replaced with crap

    5. Well well well ... what I have found

    6. Useful way of spending MFs
    7. Crit damage is no more ... but what the people said earlier in the other threads is not true ... hen you land a crit hit iyou are not dealing double damage (100% more damage) ... it is much less
    8. 2000%? Really?
    9. The new Experience tree is a joke.
    But take aside the skills and the mechanics ... they made it like the Wisdom and Group tree ... you can't take points out, you can only put (increase) points in. The only way to reset is the "scam reset" where you can only reset all of the skills ... for ... hmmm GOLD
    ... a lot of gold.
    10. Duria dungeons around KH have more difficulties.
    I don't know why I was not allowed to enter when I could enter on PW on same difficulty (it doesn't say level restriction - maybe regional quests not solved)

    11. The game crashed at this point ....

    I forgot ... there is no chat anymore. They removed it completely XD
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  8. Akageshi

    Akageshi Forum Duke

    I saw some screens of the inventory before and at the first glance I thought it looked rather pretty. But I get you're mainly saying it's not particularly practical, is it?

    I was hoping they would make big changes to Uniques so they feel really unique. I thought a unique enchantment of +x value to a stat was pretty boring. Well, apparently they've decided to dull the uniques down even more :/

    A tool for harvesting. I think it wouldn't hurt if you needed one, but these seem to be working the same way as lockpicks pretty much = consumable :eek: ...and purchasable for andermant. Geez.
    Perhaps if you could have one with varying durability like a minecraft pick made of different materials like copper, iron, etc. and purchsable for some reasonable amount of non-andermant.... Hmm.

    Remarkable. Also, seems like MFs will be less valuable overall?

    I don't quite understand the whole crit value thing.
    In the character chart there's only one number, so does that mean that we can only increase that one value as opposed to increasing 2 independent values of Crit hit rate and Crit damage?

    This means that whenever you use the HT, it gets used 19 more times in random spots around you at the very same time!

    So instead of letting people remove points one by one as was requested many times, they decided to mae the whole thing even harder. Marvelous.
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  9. oOKellueHazeOo

    oOKellueHazeOo Padavan

    i like the level 100 and the difficulty and how the q7 set is finally gone, but they could've made each set more unique instead of giving x amount on x skill lol, set bonuses are fine as long as its not way better than the rest *cough* Q7
  10. EmilyRose

    EmilyRose Forum Great Master

    some item ....
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  11. ΣMiwel

    ΣMiwel Forum Overlooker

    The funny thing is, even Jesse was visibly annoyed by that mechanic on the stream.

    Would love that lol.

    This. I can't believe they made something that dumb. 500 andermants for 1 herb or ore? They're out of their mind.
  12. filomahos

    filomahos Forum Greenhorn

    Can someone tell this morons who streaming how to play event in Ts. We cant enter all ******* game cuz of them.. Why ppl must be so retardeddddd?! All day was in TS...
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  13. winowicz83

    winowicz83 Forum Apprentice

    filomahos is right I can't enter the test server since yesterday why don't you increase the number of people or block those who sit for days on the test and people after work can't test it is a SCANDAL, I appeal to Admins do something to be able to enter the test server !!!
  14. ΣMiwel

    ΣMiwel Forum Overlooker

    They have increased the amount of people today already. It's got consumed in no time.
  15. czarodziejedward

    czarodziejedward Forum Apprentice

    the gui and icons are the pinnacle of ugly

    you can call it subjective but you're wrong - its nearly impossible to distinguish items between each other
    on top of that the hp/resource/skill bars look ... so bad i actually dont have any words that would not be moderated here

    this is such a downgrade its insane and as somebody who praised art team i have to say - the last bastion has fallen LOL

    im not going to comment on the new experience tree and reducing skill to 3 + mouse :D

    have fun in the new crap expansion :D

    EDIT: i wonder how do you test harder stuff when majority of the gems and runes vanished from characters

    ready to ship in 2 weeks hahaha
  16. Goldd

    Goldd Forum Apprentice

    rip dso
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  17. Evilsheldock

    Evilsheldock Forum Apprentice

    Notable changes:

    SW Skill fireball is without resource cost now (spammable). Frozen Sphere has 5sec cooldown - no way to reduce this in skill tree(s)
    New SW skills Frozen Charge (only de-buffs enemy with Frost) and Ball Lightning (only electrify de-buff on this) are not as viable IMO without being able to allocate other de-buffs ( Freeze / Frost .. Electrify / Stun ) etc.
    Cannot now add talents to skills like before, so skill choices for varying buff/de-buff/stun is far too limiting.
    In fact i can not find the Stun enemy effect anywhere in Lightning skills / synergies ( appears to be removed )
    Fireball also seemed to be the only viable spammable skill with piercing talent avalable, cannot find it for other spammables.

    Got to assume these changes are pretty much final now, eeeeeeek
  18. Krugslayer

    Krugslayer Forum Apprentice

    Wait, what? But there is a Bloodmage passive for SW right? "Your skills cost you no mana" or something like that. But Fireball already cost you no mana and Frozen Sphere has cooldown so what for is this passive at all? Makes no sense to me.
  19. Bundin

    Bundin Advanced

    I only hope that the mining tools would not be only for ander....
  20. Heheszek

    Heheszek Forum Greenhorn

    They definitely destroy this game . People spend a lot of time to get their sets on the highest mode and tier . In some situations a hundrets bosses must be kill to get it. Rangers and Dwarfs can do nothing without q7 .Now all changes havent sense . And all changes are made with mages in mind :( A lot of old players quit the game after new release . No respect for players who collected thier equipment . Think wisely not just what's taking your mane and what's not . Don't be blind consider other profession .
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