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Discussion in 'Speakers‘ Corner' started by WrPink, Feb 14, 2019.

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  1. WrPink

    WrPink Forum Apprentice

    you're probably gonna answer me like ...
    many people before you suggested this idea and that is not possible or things like that :/
    but just hold on a sec .
    i think there should be a class changing option for each character ...
    and each character can use that option only once !
    in my case i really wanna play as a EDIT ranger and i can't :(
    you're gonna say you can just create a new character and play with that :D
    but there is a problem in here. Redoing all Quests !? that's not fun :confused:
    that's too boring and trust me i tried :(
    So please just think about it .
    Thank You.
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  2. MikeyMetro

    MikeyMetro Forum Overlooker

    Nah, you really haven't tried. I am currently leveling 3 more alts to 55 in between my regular play. It is not hard at all. I am sensing a desire for instant gratification here ;) btw, imho, I think it's hella fun 'cause it's relaxing and easy :D
    OK, thought about it... nope :p
    You're welcome
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  3. Rhysingstar

    Rhysingstar Forum Ambassador

    Should players be able to switch classes? I can understand the argument.

    Will players be able to switch classes? Nope. That would require entirely too much effort on part of the dev's and would make some players happy.

    I have to disagree that it is easy, relaxing or fun.

    Start with the new crafting quests that limit your development. Then consider the sheer lack of events and rewards. Then add in the amount of time it takes to farm materi frags to buy the gear that doesn't drop, the cores needed to upgrade them. Now add in all the gold and gops needed to build an end game character.

    Let's not forget how long it takes to build wisdom.

    I used to love building alts. I would get them up to max level, delete them and start over again just for the fun of it. Now, you could not pay me to build a character from scratch.
  4. TwiliShadow

    TwiliShadow Count Count

    I could support this under the following conditions:

    • currency bag - keep what you have in there
    • collectors bag - keep what you have in there
    • locker - keep what spaces you've opened
    • inventory - keep what spaces you've opened
    • gems - keep what you have
    • runes - keep what you have
    • experience - dropped by 5 levels
    • wisdom - keep 1/2 of what you've collected
    • group - gone
    • honor - gone
    • leaderboards - gone
    • equipment - gone
    . . • what your wearing, in your inventory, in locker
    . . • naked as a featherless jay bird
    . . • better put on i costume
    . . • gold lines - gone
    . . • platinum lines - gone
    • event items - gone

    Are you really, really sure you want to do this?
    Cause there's no going back!

    For those who say "the price is to high", I says "as it should be".
  5. ΣMiwel

    ΣMiwel Forum Ambassador

    The price is high (as it should be), and so it's not worth the effort. It's really, really, really way better to start a character from scratch, and, of course, it should be that way.

    I fully support what Mikey said.
  6. ghostmagicus

    ghostmagicus Forum Pro

    Considering that bugpoint destroyed mage class, and is highly uncertain to be fixed soon, i will be happy if bugpoint will allow to transfer gems, runes and glyphs between 55 level toons of same accout.

    I guess this is easy to develop, and fastest way to add some balance to this highly unbalanced game.
  7. ΣMiwel

    ΣMiwel Forum Ambassador

    How about... no!

    That would bring even more crap and imbalance, and exploits.
    No, just no!
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  8. ghostmagicus

    ghostmagicus Forum Pro

    Ok, thats just an opinion but not arguments yet.

    Ps. Maybe u are concerned that some char may become super op, but if transfer is allowed only to toons created by a month or too ago this problem will not appear.

    I really think that bp shoud offer players a fresh fair chance to start new class, more, bp should be morally somehow obliged to do this considering how much imbalance they created between classes.
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  9. WrPink

    WrPink Forum Apprentice

    Disagree, No change !
    Disagree, No change !
    i didn't really get that ! but if you mean points that collected in a LB season yes Agree
    Disagree, this is what i think ...
    all of crafted items must change to not crafted version.
    and then not crafted items should replace with new ones ( Ex: sword > bow) with totally random states !
    that's it !
    what do u think?
  10. ghostmagicus

    ghostmagicus Forum Pro

    This ideea of almost 100% fair transforming, considering to keep almost all what you have, have one major problem, is too good to be true and will pass years before to be implemented.

    Lets be realistic, they need months just too fix some bugs.
  11. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Idea that is not even idea ... and will never be implemented.
    I will be the first one to exploit it otherwise.
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  12. deliburan78

    deliburan78 Advanced

    I agree with you , will you tell the rest of the nobbies how exactly you will do the exploit or let them think of themselves;)
  13. ghostmagicus

    ghostmagicus Forum Pro

    Yeah, some arguments will be nice, i didnt saw too much arguments yet.

    Fact is that many players played for years spending many time and money in this game. They really deserve a chance to start a new class with some of benefits accumulated of the other account/s they played for years, accounts which are not statisfyiing them anymore.

    This is possible in other games, so why not here too?

    Enough chit chat come with real opinions/arguments.

    I play since nov 2011 with some break of maybe a year. I also deleted 2 mage accounts and started this one about 4.7 years ago, so obviously i liked to play this class, but because BP kind of destoyed it i really think to start with other class or quit game.

    Since i started this account i played almost every day few hours (3-4-5) and most of time in weekends, except few times when i couldnt. I also spended maybe few thousands euros in game.

    My patience is almost gone hoping they will add some balance to classes (i am aware that will be no perfect at any time), but now, really is too much imbalance/crap.

    I currently have all items with one or 2 base gold line and crafted, and almost all that could be upgraded to T8. So i am not some lazy player asking for mercy, i am just asking for fair.

    My id is 1709121, i think this may tell you something about how long i played.
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  14. Rhysingstar

    Rhysingstar Forum Ambassador

    It is far easier to simply claim that exploits are possible, than it is to come up with a plan that would work for those who wish to switch characters and stop the potential exploits.

    Then you have the players who chose a character that they like, worked it to near perfection and don't want to see anyone else get one easier.

    Then you have some players who simply don't care about the players who are bored or frustrated with the game. You can spot them easily as they are often the ones begging for more nerfs.

    Could it work, yes. As you pointed out, there are other games that have a system to allow it. However, the games that DSO chooses to poorly copy don't do it, so the dev's are unlikely to see it.

    There are safe guards in those other games to stop the exploits. It isn't that complicated to see the potential exploits and stop them from happening if the developers choose to see it.

    It is no different than how other games guard against cheating on a constant basis. If a game wants to stop or at least slow down the cheaters and exploiters, they work to do so. Of course they also have to listen to the players who point out the exploits. These things are not a strong point within DSO.

    For all those who simply say "no" to character swapping, what are your ideas to keep the current players from leaving in frustration or boredom?

    Maybe the question should be, do you care that players are quitting out of boredom and frustration?
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  15. deliburan78

    deliburan78 Advanced

    This is impossible for this game.Economics is missing, the only economy is the economy of BP, and they are monopolists. You can not buy / sell / take items for any class other than yours.
    I guess what Traki was thinking : make dwarf & easy lvl up the char & farm PW maps- step one,
    step two - change to DK :)
  16. Rhysingstar

    Rhysingstar Forum Ambassador

    You don't believe that this would be easy to fix?

    The classes are not now, nor have they ever been equal. We all know this. Add to that fact that some classes have been nerfed and others boosted and it has only gotten worse.

    For years the nerf talk was limited to pvp which was nice, except the nerf hammer wasn't limited to only pvp. Now, people complain about pve over which top character in a specific boss map can kill the fastest.

    It is easy to go onto youtube and find some uber character that kills a boss in 8 seconds. The idiocy begins when the entire class is labeled as OP.

    However, let's get back to the main problem. Players get bored or frustrated with a specific class.

    Right now the only solution is to begin fresh.

    This has several problems.

    1. There are simply too many pointless quests that do nothing to improve character development.
    2. There are simply too many pointless maps that do nothing to improve character development.
    3. It takes entirely too long to open up inventory/locker space (unless you wish to buy it).
    4. It takes entirely too long to build wisdom.
    5. It takes entirely too long to build up your gems.
    6. It takes entirely too much gold to craft good gear to transfer.
    7. It takes entirely too long to get the necessary gear from the barely offered events.
    8. It takes entirely too long to get the necessary draken cores to transfer enchantments into your gear.

    Etc, etc, etc.

    For too many years now, all the advice has been the same. Start a character, race as fast as possible to end game, get someone to carry you until you have decent gear, and then grind the same boring maps until you find a new game to play.

    Granted, they have made getting to max level easier over the last couple of years. With casual play you can reach level 55 in a matter of weeks. No fuss, no muss.

    At the same time, they have made it harder to gain the necessary wisdom, the necessary gems, the necessary cores, the necessary inf keys, the necessary events, the necessary event cores, and lowered drop rates so that you need special frags/draken to buy everything, and upgrade it.

    Earlier today I read a fascinating article about the incredibly popular battle game. The author of the article brought up an amazing point.

    "Free-to-play video games tend to keep their players engaged through content updates or in-game events in order to retain their user base, making money through the sale of in-game items."

    Think about that.

    In the last couple of big content updates, the dev's spent many months building maps that players will only see for a few days before never having any desire to see them again.

    We have lost more real events that we currently have right now.

    Back before the great nerf of R155 I used to play DSO for hours every day. Last week I put in right around 2 hours. Not per day, but for the whole week.

    If they were to offer a class swap, I would not feel the need to do it but that doesn't mean I do not see the need for it.

    Anything to boost player moral is a good thing in my opinion. Anything that keeps the players from getting bored or frustrated is a good thing.

    Continuing to nerf players or make it harder to progress isn't going to help the game.

    Players have exited this game in mass for a reason and I don't see any sign from the proposed developments that will curb that.
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  17. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    Do you think that BP will actually try to fix exploits?I don't
  18. ghostmagicus

    ghostmagicus Forum Pro

    Ok, so all should become exploiters, as trakilaki says would do? I joked on previos sentence about this, i have much respect for trakilaki work on wiki ,and i am sure he joked about this, but i expect some fair answer from him onto this subject.
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  19. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    no, i don't trust BP enough to think that would implement such a thing and fix any possible exploit
    That's why i am not for it

    and I believe that's what trakilaki means when he says that

    Considering bp's history with exploits, it's better to be safe than sorry
  20. ghostmagicus

    ghostmagicus Forum Pro

    Well, i am not really sure if i understanded what you sayid, but it sounds to me like "stay to ice age because BP is not able to do better"

    Is this correct?

    Even BP is able or not, for sure i will not stay in "ice age", unless they would really change some to matter. Whats enough, is enough.
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