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Discussion in 'Questions about Getting Started in the Game' started by Charbel_Younes, Jun 21, 2022.

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  1. Charbel_Younes

    Charbel_Younes Forum Greenhorn

    hi people ^^, so i've been lost on what class i should play and need some guidance.
    1) what's the class with good aoe
    2) what's the class that can play solo no matter the content
    3) what's the class that doesn't need an eternity to get going
    4) what's the class that got good map clear as well as good boss clear
    5) what's the class that can progress fast in content and stats
    6) what would u recommend me to play

    thanks a lot for the help in advance ^^
  2. DimkaZM

    DimkaZM Someday Author

    1) mage
    2) anyone
    3) no one
    4) mage/dwarf
    5) no one, or anyane with friends
    6) counter
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  3. BarbaroSelvagem

    BarbaroSelvagem Forum Apprentice

    I think dwarf is the most difficult class to play, Ranger have decent health and you make a eternal wolf with a huge damage, warriors, can tank and deal damage, but. at early game you need to focus on a thing or another. Mages can almost one shot bosses. but die very quickly in early game. Since most of players lack life, in a party you will be welcome like a warrior. cause the 21% hp buff. But rangers are really cool. I play as a warrior, and I think ranger is really cool. If you can survive at bosses on bloodshed, you can with your charge buff from the eletrict build help anyone do 2.5x damage plus your critical buff coming from the group. whatever you choose, all classes are really fun to play, but I definitely choose warrior always, but i really like rangers