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Discussion in 'Discussions on Current Topics' started by Mal3ficent, Apr 17, 2018.

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  1. Mal3ficent

    Mal3ficent Guest

    Dear Heroes of Dracania

    Please tell us the skills of the Ranger which in your opinion still needs to be reworked.
    A short description why and how you would change it would be very helpful.
    Please try to keep it short and precise.

    If you are unsure what sort of feedback is being asked for, please read this thread.
    Any off-topic posts/pointless rants will be deleted.

    Thank you for your support.

    Your Drakensang Online Team
  2. piteris2

    piteris2 Regular

    Please bring back old blade dance talent 5 - we need it for cooldown reduction.
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    Dive - Talent 5
    We don't need another skill/talent that helps us marking. Please rework this to some sort of a character buff, for example +x% travel/def/resource buff (wouldnt suggest any offensive buff here though) for x seconds.

    Blade Dance - Talent 5
    As stated in the general rebalancing topic, this new talent is quite useless and way too expensive for the little extra damage you get. What's even worse, this rework leaves the ranger class as the only class that has no cooldown reduction ability in its exp skill tree. Cooldown reduction is a crucial stat in endgame and highly needed in order to keep up with other classes. Yes, there is a wisdom talent too, but thats only for 2h users plus it's not useable in let's say a boss fight or when you are in a group and don't get the kills.
    The current talent for blade dance was a very original way for the ranger to get versatility, especially since it's assigned to a skill that almost nobody would use anyway. It's a talent that made this skill worth using. Without that talent, the ranger has another skill in his skill tree that doesn't find its way into the skillbar for 99.9% of lvl 55 rangers.

    Thorn thicket
    Decreased AOE for poison explosion. Unnecessary nerf. By nerfing this you force rangers even more to rely solely on q7 + explo arrows to deal sufficient aoe dmg.

    Scatter shot - Talent 5
    I really like the idea, it makes that skill finally worth using again in pve. But since it's limited to armor only it will have a rather low impact since many skills deal elemental dmg nowadays, especially in group play when different classes play together. I suggest you change that talent to -20%armor AND resistances.

    On a sidenote:
    I am a little bit disappointed that you didnt change anything for prec shot. Precision shot used to be THE signature skill for rangers for a very long time. Since the introduction of q7 and explosive arrow buffs you rendered this skill more or less useless for lvl 55 rangers. I'd like to see more love for that skill. There have been many good suggestions to imporve Prec shot and make it worth using again (especially outside of q7. Being forced to use q7 set really sucks, but that's the case for almost every class except mages maybe)
    The suggestion I liked most was something like:
    talent 2 - x conc per enemy hit
    talent 3 - current runspeed talent
    talent 3 - some sort of stack mechanic (+1 stack per prec shot used within x seconds, each stack grants +x dmg)
    Something like that. It rewards you for marking as many mobs as possible and fire in a well positioned line. The more you hit the more conc you will be able to restore to use prec more often and therefore get a boost for that. This will never make it in current release or in our current skill setup. But if you ever plan to release a new set or overhaul ranger skills/talents, please keep in mind these kind of ideas and that rangers have other skills than EA too :)
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  4. Jhinstalock

    Jhinstalock Active Author

    I'm aware that this asks for skill changes, but I suggest changing 1 handed bows as well skill changes. They should have an essence reduction per shot, and I think this goes for all classes. More shots with less damage is a pain where essence is concerned.

    5 Point talent for hunting arrow could be a narrow cone shape where you shoot 2 arrows instead. The cone could be 10 degrees wide or so.
    I don't think there should be a debuff as 5 point skill for death sweep. I personally want enemies hit to mark nearby targets when they die as the 5 point skill.
    Scatter shot's first 2 upgrades are good, and the 5 point is weird. If the change I suggested for death sweep isn't implemented, I'd want this 5 point talent to make scatter shot mark targets.
    Dive could perhaps increase armor and resistances as a 5 point talent, instead of the marking ability that's on the test server.
    I like the net the way it is, but I find recycling to be ineffective. However, people with Q7 set would get much stronger from any buffs to that... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    The movement speed of the tree in wolf pack is very very slow, and the wolves sometimes struggle too. If the 5 point talent could instead let them teleport or dash to targets you net or trap, that would be cool.

    Explosive arrow on test server says that it only breaks armor on marked targets, while live server breaks armor on all targets if the main one is marked. Please keep this the way it is, I hope the test server just has a typo of sorts.
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  5. piteris2

    piteris2 Regular

    Yes, Dive should definitely have an armour/resistance increasing buff, after all isn't a ranger meant to be a hybrid tank?

    Right now, the 5 point talent for hunting arrow (+10% poison damage) is too weak and certainly not worth the 5 points, it would be nice if this was improved although I'm not sure exactly how.

    Precision shot needs to be reworked as Wigger said, perhaps change the 3 point talent to +20% attack speed as well as the current increase in movement speed?

    Please keep explosive arrow as it is, it's enough that the q7 set buff was already nerfed from 3 to 2 seconds. It would be nice if the other PW sets for ranger would incorporate other skills than just the explosive arrow, perhaps give thicket of thorns some sort of buff in some of the q- sets, seeing as its already been nerfed.

    That's all from me for now ;)
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  6. Paavelsons

    Paavelsons Regular

    you mean on testserver feedback of ranger skills or live server current skills ? i cant give feedback wich is not cretain about wich server we talk about.

    thank you
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  7. KingsGambit

    KingsGambit Forum Expert

    It's about test server. Topic should be in other section like it's on other language forums (i'm from Polish forum).

    Thorn actually got bossted not nerfed. Yes, the area effect is decreased to 3,8m radius but it last twice as long now. That means any poisoned by it enemy is going to get extra 165% base dmg in 3 seconds. Plus of course you have twice s much time to kill enemy for activation of explosion. Decreasing radius by 2,2m isn't worth it. It's buff not nerf.

    As for scatter shot i totally agree and indeed that would be very nice change. Especially that lots of ranger skills is dealing dmg by poison or fire with EA. Good point.
  8. Jhinstalock

    Jhinstalock Active Author

    You misunderstand. Only the debuff that causes them to explode on death was increased. The actual thorns are still there for 6 seconds. Nerf overall.
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  9. HellenicMacedonian

    HellenicMacedonian Active Author

    Keep the explosive arrow as it is.

    "Marking" should be related only to the extra damage and not to the way other skills work.

    Thicket of Thorns is just fine.

    Why do you limit the radius impact of the explosion, I doubt if you yourself have understood the reason you are doing it.
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  10. Paavelsons

    Paavelsons Regular

    Content removed. devs dont listen us anyway. they do as they plase.
    they dont listen players who played this game 5-6 years..
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  11. xmasholo

    xmasholo Forum Apprentice

    changes that I like

    Blade dance.
    Finally we have poison damage as a real hunter, useful mainly to pvp

    Scatter Shot. 20% armor broken is a nice bonus to a skill that consumes few resources

    Hunting arrow. Moar poison damage, nice one!

    Death sweep. resource regeneration per hit, it was something that we needed from always

    changes that I don't like

    I did not like that there were no changes, the talent of 5 points is quite poor

    Wild pack. nowadays useless for infernal levels and pvp, i would like a change for the talent of 5 points, maybe more resistances .

    Deadly blow. all fine except for the talent of 3 points, i'm sure nobody with some experience uses it. Cause the game have speed breakpoints, and 15% of bonus speed is not enough to get the next breakpoint

    Overall, pretty good changes. sorry for the bad english...
    keep it up! GoodLUCK
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  12. JamesFDelaney

    JamesFDelaney Forum Apprentice

    Mixed whishes + changes of the changes in the TS :))
    I hope it is written in an understandable way:

    EA - has nerfed enough, leave it like its in the live server

    Precision Shot - make it Fire dmg for 5 tp

    Net - make it to be thrown forward/directly to enemies and with little large radius, not above them

    Hunting Arrow - 100% dmg instead of 66% + remove the "chance" and make it directly to poison enemies for 5 tp.

    Scatter Shot - reduce 20% armor + resists AND the old 50% chance for stun.

    Hunting Trap - Radius - enough to activate it when enemy is closest to the player.

    Adrenaline - Make it finally to remove negative effects for real + 1 second protection from second instant stun!

    Bird of Prey - fix it to go after the target, now (live server) 70/100 this is ridicolous, 1v1 battle this thing goes for fishing in the lake 2 towns away))

    Wild Pack - like in the other threats - make the def ability of the Knight from dragan ring
    - Wood Wrath - same def /Knight d ring/ + agro skill and (pvp feature) increase movement/hit speed / or add teleportation near the enemy.
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  13. Arr

    Arr Forum Expert

    deadly blow

    --2nd talent is useles if you dont hit next attack speed breakpoint.
    --3rd talent, 30% heal is too much for a concentration free skill, you could fully heal yourself in 2 or 3 seconds with this.
    --group talent, remove the green circles and change effect to 5% health restore to group members.

    death swep
    --3rd talent should give +1 concentration for every enemy hit.

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  14. Shiro

    Shiro Padavan

    There is just one skill (talent tbh) that I totally don't like on TS, and is the 5pts on Blade Dance... As others said, it was (is) the only skill that allow us to reduce cooldowns and since every other class has one, it is kinda unbalanced. Also, it is the most dangerous to use among cooldown reducing skills (Rage Attack, Singoularuty and Mechanical Turret), so I don't get why it was removed
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  15. Mal3ficent

    Mal3ficent Guest

    What we need in this feedback thread:
    What we do not need:
    Please just name the skills you think should be reworked and tell us how would you like to be changed.
    Avoid quoting other posts and getting into debate. This thread is not for debate, you can do that in almost any other forum thread.
    Do not get into conversation with other players even if you think their proposal is not acceptable or unreasonable. Just because you cannot point out the flaws of someone's proposal, that does not mean their proposal would be accepted and implemented in the game.
    Let other players express their thoughts and opinions.

  16. thouvou000

    thouvou000 Forum Expert

    So, lets see what you have done here lads. After reading todays DSO Production Team's letter i can say im really dissapointed. I guess you think ranger hasnt been nerfed enough and is really op or i cannot find another reason for those nerfs.

    So, until 1 hour ago i was aware of the changes to the 5 talent on dive,which is totally crap, the 5 talent on blade dance, which is so-so, the nerf on EA that does not explode after the armor/res break but before it, which is a big nerf, hunting trap's nerf(not that big one still a nerf), the unnecessary nerf on thicket of thorns, which i admit it made me really mad, but after reading about the nets nerf from 5meters to 2.75 im soooooo pissed. What the hell is this ?How is net broken really? In pvp we barely hit anyone with it because its so hard to aim at crazily fast targets and in pve its our go to skill, since we use q7 set.

    So, to you both thicket of thorns and net are broken skills right? How is thicket broken when its a skill that has 12 sec cd and works only after killing the mobs to do the damage, so vs bosses useless, let alone noone uses it in pvp for obvious reasons and the same goes for the net. Net and thicket are 2 of the 3 skills we rangers use to farm along with EA. So, what you have done is nerf all 3 of these skills. And lets say EA needed nerf because its a super strong skill in both pve and pvp. However, net is either never used by rangers in pvp or really hard to hit and thicket is 99% of time never used in pvp as well.

    Whats the reason of nerfing the top 3 pve tools of rangers, while all 3 other classes got more damage in their skills that use in pve. Steam mechanicus got buffed overall, both pve and pvp, since now all turrets can criticial. Many of mages primary farming skills got buffed and only fireballs burn damage got serious nerf and thats not a pve skill. As for dks, those crybabies dks that cry about the banner of war still have smash untouched, so dks with q7 set are equally strong, not to mention that its not that huge of a nerf since they now gain 25% attack speed from rage jump. I really dont know what you are thinking by nerfing rangers pve when in terms of farming speed they come 3rd behind dks and dwarves. I dont get you at all guys
  17. HellenicMacedonian

    HellenicMacedonian Active Author

    Dive: the 5 point talent is a crap. It is so bad to destroy other useful skills, --even by "clipping" them-- to give some value to the most useless talent.
    I prefer giving more armor and resistances values, with the same logic that one would get wearing a 5/5 darkness set.

    Death Sweep: I like the new 2 point talent but I'm not sure it's enough. About 5point talent, I like it as an idea, but I will not waste points on this talent

    Bird of prey: I don't like 3 points talent. I never use it... it would be better if break armor & resistance values instead of marking.

    Scatter Shot: About 2point talent, I prefer more concentration per hit.
  18. ImmortalDeath

    ImmortalDeath Junior Expert

    EA doesn't explode when it doesn't hit or when it hits an unmarked enemy. This was a big nerf for RAs. I agree with it though, that was a good move. Too bad other classes weren't nerfed for similarly pvp-breaking skills.

    In exchange, I think either

    1. Hunting arrow should be buffed (it has been, a little tiny bit) but it should also have either better stacking effect or some special other than the small elemental poison dmg.


    2. A new idea, RAs should get a (completely new or added to something like dive) crowd control skill that, say, leaves behind a poison pot that explodes after a short timer and gets decent range. The purpose of the pot wouldn't be another large diameter low dmg cc effect but rather something comparable to wizard's lighting or previous EA > it would finally get RAs a high dmg CC skill, though it could be made less powerful by reducing range or increasing timer before exploding.

    This is in response to the currently proposed (useless) addition to dive skill.
  19. zynickal02

    zynickal02 Forum Greenhorn

    Duration times for marking of 3 skills in PvP are too long and should be reverted:
    - Net "magically braided net" 6.0 sec (3 exp talent points; is 3.0 sec in R207)
    - Blade dance "sense your enemy" 6.0 sec (2 exp talent points; is 3.0 sec in R207)
    - Dive "jumping focus" 8.0 sec (5 exp talent points; there's no discrimination stated in the description - if it'll be 8.0 sec in PvP, it should be reduced either to 3.0 marking)
  20. Dodgerski

    Dodgerski Forum Greenhorn

    Hunting Arrow- everything same but hiting two targets as a standard. 2pts. talent no concetration cost, 3pts. some poison dmg, 5pts. everyhit bring back 0,5 or 1 point of concentration.
    Hunting trap- i would change 5 points talent on Witche's Ring trap ( it change hunting trap on new type of trap) which left trap after every using jump or adrenalina which is invisible for enemys and deal 10% of your dmg plus mark enamys and slow down them in radius of 2,5m
    Scatter Shot- i would only change a range of this skill on litttle shorter ( on pvp is sometime OP)
    Blade Dance - i perfect on live servers nothing to change
    Thick of thorns- every proposition would be intresting now this skill is good on pve.
    Precision Shot - your proposition on TS can be good but even on 207r is good nothing to change
    Deadly blow - i would change here 80% dmg on 100% dmg plus change 3 points talent (which is useless) on some buff ( % of dmg or armor, or crit dmg) by killing enamy/monster
    Adrenaline- every talent is good now on live servers but animation is little to long of starting skill ( just make for it some new animation instead of this up heand)
    Dive- same as Adrenalina to slow animation of starting and landing what make ranger easie target when want run away 5 points talent could give some short shiled from stun and dmg same 5 points adrenalina talent could do some shiled on stun/ buff to survivality.
    EA which i call Pircing Shot- is good now but if u want take blade dance cooldown reducing skills than bring back 3 sec. of q7 buff
    Death sweep - just change this skill, now is totaly useless. Maybe some new alternative for Hunting Arrow.
    Net - talents are good but animation is to slow on pvp imposible to catch someone if he fight with us. Just make new animation of shooting straight net with normal speed of arrow and with same radius as is now. Same or maybe little longer range as is on Frost wind in mag skill.
    Birb of prey- i would change it on some Hunting birds which atack monsters on area 2m and all skills do same marking stuning dmg hit and 5 point talent would be same.
    wild pack- this skill need rapair bugs by changing what atack this pack would be good to change it on marked enamy not closes, and ofc stronger survivality for them wolfs and tree are on one hit for everything, thats why tree is useless totaly. 5 point talent ofc should be agro for strong survivality tree man!

    Sry for my no native English, i hope u will undestand what i think about my idea on rebalanicng skills.
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